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To all ET First Contact mailing list members ! I have created the new email, nancytreegold@gmail.com from which I will post both the new ET First Contact mailing list and the Golden Light mailing list. The membership is building back up through members re-subscribing, and probably new ones subscribing. You can scroll down to the Membership to the ET First Contact Mailing List  on the Subscribe Page and re-subscribe, or newly subscribe to his list. If you have already subscribed in the past few days since this hacking happened, then you will not have to re-subscribe. Mike will be continuing to do the messages, as he has been, beginning again on April 14th, and I will continue to post his messages on his Channeled Messages page. I will also Post his messages through my Golden Light list if needed for a little while till his new membership builds back up.  Also, the membership for the Golden Light list is continuing to build up.


In Love and Light. Mike Quinsey