Three Coins in a Roadway



I, Nancy, want to share something with you that happened a couple days ago, October 07, 2017 when Bob and I walked home from the post office. As we approached the next to the last turn onto a road before reaching home, we were going to take one certain road, and as we turned to get on it, I instantly felt to instead go to the next one because it might have more shade; so we did. As we walked about halfway through the road, which is sort of solid gravel pebbles, I saw a dime, and I felt to pick it up, feeling real good about it.

Within a few steps I saw that the parked car we approached on the side of the road had it's window down a bit, so I tossed the dime in onto the seat, smiling and feeling it was symbolic of a gift. Then as we walked a few more steps, I saw another coin on the road that looked like it was copper. After I picked it up and took a few more steps, there was another one. They were both pennies, and had soil sort of lightly 'frosting' them. I felt that they were special, and were meant for us to see, and take home with us. As we turned onto our road, I felt that the 3 coins were special to us, which also included our dear friend who is sharing the house with us.


As I was writing about this to a friend online I was reminded of the song ‘Three Coins in a Fountain’.  I immediately felt even more so that they are symbolic of what is coming for us, in fact all of us. I feel that there are all kinds of seemingly little things that happen for us that sing and speak of what is coming for us in the times to come, whether it be the funds we are awaiting, the new free energy devices, and more, they are the symbols of how it can be for us, as it was before we began this journey on this planet earth.


What have we learned while here in so many lifetimes, experiences, etc? What is it that is coming to us in ways that give us the feelings to pay attention to? We are readying ourselves for the gifts we have set into place for all of us since we began this journey. It is for us to relax and send out unconditional Love to all of life.


You may be wondering why I titled this 'Three Coins in a Roadway'. As many of you have seen, I enjoy changing some of the words of many of the songs that symbolize different things that come up for me, and others. I have done that with the song ‘Three Coins in a Fountain’ which symbolizes what it meant to me to find the three coins on the roadway Saturday. I have recorded my version of the song, and included the words to it here for you to listen to and sing along with, if you desire.


Love to you all! Enjoy the fun as I have!


Click Here for the Recorded Song


My thanks to for the means by which to do it.


Here Are the Lyrics


    Three Coins in a Roadway


Three coins in a roadway
Each one seeking happiness
Found by three hopeful loved ones
Wonder when will the roadway bless?

Three hearts in a roadway
Each heart longing for its home
There they lie in the roadway
Knowing they wouldn’t have to roam

Which one will the roadway bless?
Which one will the roadway bless?

Three coins in a roadway
On the pebbles, how they shine
Each one’s wish will be granted
Each heart will wear a Valentine

Make it mine
Make it mine
Make it mine



Nancy Tate