With Our Hands of Light and Hearts of Love We Are Creating Our

Lives of Light and Love


NEW! 09-09-20: A School Lunch in Italy , Video

02-04-20: Shopping Into Our Coming Abundance

05-13-19: News of The Rock of Morocco

02-10-19: Changes I've Made with My Email Addresses, and A Song For You

01-21-19: Super Blood Wolf Moon Lunar Eclipse

01-02-19: A New Year's Day of Snow in Patagonia Arizona

12-25-18: New Dog, Sarah! Christmas Gift Bob and I Gave to Each Other

 12-25-17: Merry Christmas Greeting, With Song, Feliz Navidad

11-24-17: The Effect That Aluminum Has On Our Bodies

11-14-17: Message Associated With the Song 'Blowing in The Wind' Lyrics

10-09-17: Three Coins in a Roadway, Story and Song  

03-18-17: News and Video of Happiness Day, Celebrated Around the World on March 20

Poem Nancy was Inspired to Write in Celebration of Happiness Day

02-18-17: MAKE THIS VIRAL! ETHERIC LIBERATION 2017-2-26. A Friend Sent Me This Information; Thank You Nina!

01-10-17: Spirit Blessing, January 10, 2017; "I felt the connection."

12-10-16: On Dec 06, Standing Rock Vets Do what US Govt Never Had the Courage to Do — Apologize to Native Americans

12-05-16: Victory for Standing Rock: DAPL Easement Not Granted

12-04-16: Standing Rock: A Change of Heart, by Charles Eisenstein
Author and Speaker

12-02-16:  New Worldwide Conscious News Network, The Conscious Media Coalition

10-16-16: A Beautiful Story About the Loving Harmony Of Humanity and Nature

07-20-16: Police in Thailand Put Down Weapons and Join Protestors
 Plus Another Heartwarming Video to Watch

04-27-16: In Bob's and my Conversation last Night with Dear Friends Susan and Steve, Came the Inspiration to Bring Forth Occasional Pebbles in the Pond Sharings

04-19-16: Sending out Healing Love Energy to a Beautiful Lady, Suzy Star

01-29-16: Pebbles in The Pond Energy Workflow

01-25-16: Join With James Twyman to Perform Peace Concert in ISIS Controlled Syria

01-07-16: 'Opening Pandora's Suitcase', Leading to a Message From Hatonn

12-31-15: Two Blind Sisters See for the First Time, Plus Message From Kryon

12-14-15: Will Ferrell Returns As George W. Bush, on 'SNL'! Be Ready for a Good Laugh!

10-07-15: 'Billions in Change' is a Movement to Save the World by Creating and Implementing Solutions to the Most Basic Global Problems – Water, Energy and Health.

07-14-15: QEG (Quantum Energy Generator) Phase 3 Complete Public Service Announcement

 07-14-15: Tom’s Of Maine Products Are Not So Natural

Also: Click Here for 3 Natural Ways to Make Your Own Toothpaste

07-01-15: The Silent $21Trillion Jubilee That No One Even Noticed~The Ambassador To Red Dragon Family, from the Kev Baker Show 


06-14/15-15: Keshe Foundation  "A MOVEMENT FOR PEACE ON EARTH", with Responses from one of our Readers and Avenda

06-13-15: Cancer Cured in 3 Minutes! Awesome Presentation by Gregg Braden

06-12-15: "60 News Flash" Video! World Debt Paid Off

 05-12-15: What has Been/is Happening in Hawai'i (on The Big Island)

02-11-15: From Dr. Joseph Mercola; Bad News for US McDonald's French Fries Lovers

12-18-14: Read What I Knew was Coming After Watching the Video our Dear Friend, Peter Shared With Us

12-04-14: The Slideshow of Our Trip in Spain and Morocco is Here to Watch

11-27-14: Our Trip to Spain and Morocco and the Audio of Nancy's Channeling  

11-07-14: Our Upcoming Trip to Spain and Morocco

11-06-14: Read about Our Connection with Mother Earth and how it Relates to the Power of Russ Michael's 'GOOD FEELING PLEDGE'  

08-23-14: Pass It On! Enjoy Life, and Read what Nancy is Sharing as an Example

08-02-14: The Truth about Canola Oil. This Needs to Get Out to So Many Places

07-25-14: Angel Caught Singing on Tape! From Starship Earth: The Big Picture. Prepare to be Serenaded by an Angel

07-08-14: Elluza, from the Mushaba Energy, also one of the Star Elders, Speaks Through Anakhanda Mushaba.

07-07-14: A New Crop Circle in the UK and News of the Quantum Energy Generator Project

 04-17-14: Download Your Q.E.G Free Energy Generator Plans Now Here, And Build Your Own: QUANTUM ENERGY GENERATOR: Brought to you by “Fix the World” and The Hope Girl Family: And by Dave Stewart of LightWorkerSXM and the 3D Printer Free Energy Network. Go to http://xi4.com/2014/04/17/mission-9/

02-17-14: Watch this Youtube video that tells of the future paradigm for humanity being created in the NOW with consciousness and Love. Sacha Stone Interview with Boris Petrović, from Tesla Magazine.