QEG Phase 3 Complete Public Service Announcement


This past fall Bob went to the UK to visit with a group of people who were sharing his interest in, and working with their free energy projects. Then a few weeks later we both were invited, and gifted with the funds, to go to Spain and Morocco to visit with some of those people. These wonderful people are dedicated to helping to bring to the world free energy devices that will help us all bring forth a healthier more harmonious world in tune with this loving planet Gaia.

We received word a few days ago from James and Hope Robitaille, from this group of people, that on July 12 they would be releasing their news of a QEG, Quantum Energy Generator, that they have been successful in completing and making available for free to the world. Bob and I were away for a couple days and now I am bringing you this information, along with the url to view the video with Hope explaining about the QEG project and how anyone can now access the information about it on their website:  http://www.fixtheworldproject.net

Here below is some of the information that they have on the youtube page of the video. You may go to https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KbTn2EUDDPo to see the video I speak of and others as well.


Here is Part of What They Published on July 12, 2015

We are happy to announce, that we have cleared the last major hurdle to making the QEG self-sustain while providing additional power. After months of intensive work, under very difficult conditions, we have just now open sourced the final piece of information that QEG builders around the world will need to finish the machine. This information is found on our website and on the be-do.com website under the title:

“QEG Tuning & Technical Update Parts 1,2 and 3, and QEG Theory of Operation”

This is to be used in conjunction with the third addition manual which can also be found on our website.

On the Youtube Video Page About James and Hope's Announcement you will see Information about the video. Click on Show More to access Related Links for more information, such as:

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