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10-29-18: Yesterday morning Bob and I participated in the ZORRA OF HOLLOW EARTH "ZORRA Call". I spoke a little of how I got started in this journey, of how I've learned to be in harmony with the insect world, and then I brought a message from Horus through. Bob also spoke of some things that he was involved with in free energy and being able to help keep a healthy body. The whole call was very wonderful and you can listen to all that Billie/Zaraya, Jane, Zorra and Bob and I had to contribute in the total call. You can listen to the Horus message Here. Also you can hear the whole call, and any Replays, by going to the Website:  

11-14-16: Bob and I went out, here in Patagonia AZ, up a hill last night to get photos of the Supermoon. As he was getting the photos, I was receiving a message from the Supermoon. To see the photos and listen to the message Click Here

11-02-16: St. Germain speaks through me about how the energy is with us all right now, and in the times to come. At the end of the message Cassie barks in tune with what he has shared with us. Click Here

02-06-16: How the Crossroads 2013 Concert affected me, and how I shared it with Bob and our dear friend, Anakhanda Mushaba. To read more and listen Click Here

12-19-15: Another Santa Message, Through Nancy, from the Hollow Earth Network Call of Dec 19, as well as new information from Zorra. Listen to Complete Call, along with Questions to Santa and Answers Here

12-11-15: Last night at 9 minutes to 10:00,  I got the feeling to go to my songs and listen to one that was recorded in 2011 and see if there was one from December 10. Read more and Listen Here

11-27-15: On Thanksgiving Day, we Here in our Home Shared Our Thoughts and Words of the Day. Read More and Listen Here

12-27-14: Horus and Gaia Speak and Sing through Nancy in an Excerpt of the Hollow Earth Network Saturday Call. Listen Here. Also You May Listen to the Complete Call Here

12-24-14: Santa Message, Through Nancy, Excerpt from Hollow Earth Network Call of Dec 23. Listen Here . Listen to Complete Call, along with Questions to Santa and Answers Here

03-11-14: Text Update from St Germain about RV & GCR. St Germain speaks through Nancy about the RVs, Mr. Keshe, etc on March 09, with guests at home in Hereford AZ , Click Here. For Text, Click Here

09-23-13: Red Jacket Speaks Through Nancy on Sept 22, in Parker Canyon in the Huachuca Mtns: Click Here

09-19-13: Nancy's Full Moon Opening & Message of September 18, Outside her Hereford Home. "I was sitting outside enjoying the evening air after the sunset and as I looked to the sky, I saw the moon peeking above a cloud. Immediately these words came to me:"

There you are in all your splendor

Peeking above the cloud that would render

You not as complete as you truly are.

 To Listen Click Here

"I hurried to get my recorder, repeating the words so as not to forget them. After recording them, then the rest of the story came to me and I realized that the words I heard were the opening of the message, Full Moon Splendor. Click Here

05-03-12, Metatron & Others Speak Through Nancy at the Mt Shasta Family Gathering Click Here  

03-08-12, Adama Speaks Through Nancy in her Home at the Mt. Shasta Family Gathering. Audio   Text

12-21-11, Horus Speaks Through Nancy in her Home at Mt. Shasta.  For Audio Click Here ,   For Text Click Here

Pre-Emergence Celebration at Lake Siskiyou CA, near Mt Shasta - 11-07-11 channelings by Nancy and Sophia OnRa. To Read about the Celebration Click Here

 Message from Horus through Nancy the day Before the Pre-Emergence Celebration, 11-6-11

Horus, from Inner Earth,5-13-11



 Leaves on the Tree of the Golden Light 

Nancy's Sunset Messages

 08-12-17: Tonight while watching some music that I brought up on our network of music video choices, I began to feel that there was something coming that I needed to pay attention to. I needed to find music that was soft and full of Love, so I tuned in to a Yanni concert. Then I immediately got the feeling to go out on the porch and receive a message that was coming.

I bring you tonight a message I received from Kryon, a wonderful being whom I have not received messages from for several years. The first messages I received from Kryon were back in 2002. Tonight it was totally unexpected, but when he announced who was bringing the message, I felt the familiarity of his Love. In a way I feel that he was here to announce to me that I will be taking a new route in my work; he said that was what would be happening. What that will be is yet to come, and I will not try to guess what it is. I know that it will be full of Love and sharing for all of us.

One more thing I want to say before you tune in to the message is that our dog Cassie was outside and she began barking at people going by. You will hear that about halfway through the message. She loves to express herself in her own way.  Click Here

04-17-17: This is Nancy's second Sunset Message from her outside porch in Patagonia AZ. 'After listening to and watching a music concert in the house, I suddenly got the feeling to do a sunset message. You'll hear some birds and crickets singing to the message. So here it is for you all to enjoy.' Click Here

09-02-16: Nancy's sunset Message of Sept 01, outside her Patagonia AZ home. I know it's been a while since I did a sunset message. We are so surrounded by trees that we have to leave the yard to see the sunset. Last evening I just had to relay what I was hearing from Ohmnipure, so I sat out on the porch with the music of the crickets, as you'll hear in the background, and did a sunset message. Click Here

06-13-14: Nancy's Sunset Message of June 13, outside her Hereford AZ home. Click Here

04-16-14: Nancy's Sunset Message of April 15, outside her Hereford AZ home. Click Here

09-12-13: Nancy's Sunset Message, of September 10, Outside at her  Hereford AZ Home, Click Here

 09-12-13: Nancy's Sunset Message, of August 01, on the Back Patio at her El Dorado Home, Click Here

07-18-13: Nancy's Sunset Message, July 18 on the Back Patio at her El Dorado Home, Click Here

06-12-13: Nancy's Sunset Message, June 3 on the Back Patio at her El Dorado Home, Click Here

05-25-13, Nancy's Sunset Pre-Wesak, May 23 Message on the Back Patio at her El Dorado Home, Click Here

12-22-12, Nancy's Sunset Message on the 19th in her Home in El Dorado NM,  Click Here

Nancy's Sunset Message, Plus Sunset Serenade  - 6-10-11 (Nancy's Rendition of the Neil Diamond Song, Longfellow Serenade) Click for Message Text & Espanol, Click for Serenade Text

Nancy at Sunset, 12-11-10  Read Text Here

Nancy At Sunset Speaking as 'Alpaca' As She Listens to Native American Music, 07-19-10 

Nancy Enjoying Another Arizona Sunset,  06-25-10

Nancy Again Enjoying an Arizona Sunset, 07-05-09

Nancy Enjoying an Arizona Sunset, 09-25-08