May your hands serve,
May your heart love,
May your light shine on and on!



Dear Hearts of Light,

I humbly invite you to join me in offering this decree to the Sacred Fire aloud at least one time every day. Say it at least three times and it will aid in the balancing of your own Threefold Flame within your heart. Build a mighty momentum of Violet Flame energies and they will follow you wherever you go touching all whom you meet.

I assure you that the more negative energies we are able to requalify, transmute, at inner levels, the less we will have to deal with in the material realm - at outer levels.

In as much as you don't have to know how an engine works to drive your car, neither do you have to know how the Violet Flame works to be able to rid the Earth of dark energies. Just say the decree and we all will benefit from the higher energies as they permeate the planet.
This is a radical departure from the politically oriented posts offered in this forum. However, with this decree you add to your armaments in our struggle against the negative forces in the world.

Yes, tell your friends, neighbors and relatives about the secret government's efforts to undermine our Freedoms, then take time to ask God to engage Angels of the Sacred Fire to help us at inner levels as well.

Beloved Mighty I AM Presence, beloved Alpha and Omega in the heart of God in our Great Central Sun; beloved Saint Germain; beloved Portia; beloved Archangel Zadkiel; beloved Holy Amethyst; beloved Arcturus and Victoria; beloved Kuan Yin, Goddess of Mercy; beloved Mother Mary and beloved Jesus, beloved Great Karmic Board, the entire Spirit of the Great White Brotherhood and the World Mother; Elemental life: fire, air, water and earth: In the name, power and authority of my own Holy Christ Self, and on behalf of all Lightbearers of this world, I demand that there be a great swelling of the Violet Transmuting Flame in, through and around my four lower bodies and the planetary body.

Double it each hour and fill the interior of the earth and Virgo and Pelleurís kingdom with a powerful, roaring action of the Violet Flame, creating such a pressure that it is forced out in every direction through the substance and structure of the planet.

See that it pours through all caves, caverns and subterranean passages, dissolving all the old records, density and carnal creations. See that it forces out all misqualified energies and opposition to the Divine Plan for myself and all mankind coming from any and all sources including all devils, discarnates, negative entities, psychic and astral fources, black magicians, witches, warlocks and demons, all false hierarchy imposters of the Holy Spirit and of the Ascended Masters, and all that is NOT of the Light, of the Christ, of the Holy Spirit, of the Ascended Master Consciousness and of the Almighty I AM Presence of God, and then see that they are all seized, bound, and removed from this planet forever and disposed of according to Godís will.

See that this great blowtorch action of the Violet Flame fills the atmosphere up to 10,000 feet, and that not one atom escapes its purging power. Let the Elementals, gnomes and nature spirits be stripped of their density, discord, and pollution that has been imposed upon them by mankind through this transmutative action of the Violet Flame, and see that all mankind bathes in this great sea of Violet Fire until their four lower bodies are completely cleansed and purified forever.
See that all purified energy is taken by angels and used for the freedom of the Elemental kingdom and all Lightbearers. And let all spaces that are vacant after this purging now be filled with an ever-increasing Light until the freedom and ascension of all.

Establish a mighty tidal wave of Violet Fire in the atmosphere of earth and see that it rolls around the planet with ever-increasing power, force, and action, rolling back and reversing the tide of all that cannot go into the Golden Age. Let it burn through all misqualification of Godís pure energy, back through the cause and core of every spiral of degeneration of the seed of evil in the brains, minds, and consciousness of all upon this planet, consuming it forever.

And we thank thee and accept that it is done according to Godís Will!


Thank you Mr. A and Kristen