'Worldwide Intent Declaration'


Response of Wisdom  from 'Signaturee's' Below



12-03-18: My husband and I were in Austin Texas when you channeled Hatton while
there, and shared with us a history of Maldek and Earth.
Please add our names to this list as a Peaceful Loving Planet is our intent and goal. We also are supporting the energy of "Q" which we feel is the USA Alliance Team (think Space Force and Disclosure!), as well as
Cobra (The Portal 2012),the Earth Alliance with the Pleiadians toward a peaceful resolution for all countries of Earth. We always appreciate Mike Quinsey's messages and Corey and David Wilcock's messages on the
Law of One, also.

We are learning to support efforts closer to home, good causes in which we can trust. As beekeepers, Mack and I serve on a committee which is sending two of our group in January to further aid beekeepers in some of the poorest nations in western Africa. in becoming self sufficient through beekeeping. Past efforts helped teenage beekeepers in Uganda, a church school, develop honey markets, and a young entrepreneur in Guinea develop his honey outlet. Not much money but big hearts and a desire to help. At home in Oklahoma, over 20 years, we have developed a strain of bees which do not need chemical treatments to survive, sharing "our girls" with those struggling to remain in beekeeping.

For us, bees get us outside to enjoy our love of nature as we continue planting forage to aid our goal in helping all pollinators. We enjoyed our time with you years ago and hope you two are doing well after your move to another location. Arizona was a "hot" spot due to migrants and politicians we hear, yet we know there are many who join you in holding the intent for rising above the lower vibrations while cleansing all areas of darkness and nepharious acts which combine to hold Earth back. One strong "intent" we are holding is to help replace judges who WILL help prosecute the many crimes against especially children. (See QMAP.PUB and click on "indictment tab" to see the now 63,000 sealed indictments in the last year alone, many waiting to be prosecuted.) We appreciate this specific request being added to this Worldwide Intent Declaration. Human trafficking occurs worldwide as well doing damage to the Earth and her peoples through human greed and negligence. Thank you for all that you do.

Peace, Love, and Light to you and family. Mack and Helen Hickey.