Worldwide Intent Declaration

"I am IN FAVOR OF peace and harmony in the world; IN FAVOR OF a clean, healthy environment; IN FAVOR OF protecting and caring for earth's animals; IN FAVOR OF financial abundance and health for all the world's people."

I received this statement from Jamie, one of our SSN members, and saw the brilliance and simplicity of truth come forward. In the petitions that have circulated the Internet we have seen what people are against. As the Law of Attraction teaches, anything that we focus on, we create. Let's focus on what we do want and intend for our lives and for our planet. In that way we hold an energy that brings about that which we have declared that we intend.

Please send this out to your lists, family and friends asking them to sign if they choose a better life for themselves and the planet. Please copy and paste the email, adding your name, state (opt.), and country of residence before you paste it back into an email to send on.

The Worldwide Intent Declaration is not a petition, nor one of the usual prayer chains. It is not going to be sent to any governmental or societal office; it is not making any claims as to what it will do for you or not do. It is what it states it is. It builds an energy of intent that is powerful.

I understand that some of you may not wish to participate through the email. What I propose in that case is that you take a moment of dedicated silence declaring your intent for what the Declaration represents. In doing so, you can create your position in the building of the energetic message to The Source as surely as if you had sent your signature to me to post on our site. We are all One, and in that unity we shall prevail.

If you are the twenty-fifth (25) signature on this list, then please email it back to me, Nancy Tate at .  You can also email me directly with your name and other info if you prefer, and I will post it to the list on the site. We will post the page on our site on the Hands of Light section. You can go to our site to view the page of signatures that we already have, , and any others as we receive them.

We will build an energy that represents our collective ability to create that which we intend for our lives and our dear Mother Gaia.

Love, Nancy Tate