Personalized Soul Portraits:




Each painting is created for the purpose of raising your vibration. 

It helps to uplift and awaken your full potential. 

Allow your inner knowledge to awaken as you use the template for relaxation and meditation. 

Please send recent photo for energy connection (will be returned).

Each Template is 8 1/2 x 11 & laminated.


Statement of Purpose

 In order to fulfill The Creator's Divine Plan for my life, I AM creating artwork:

*  To Accelerate

* To Inspire

* To Awaken

* To Stimulate

* To Connect

* To Delight

*  To Share

I intend that the artwork created through me is of highest intention, pure of heart, and devoted to the highest details.




Created by Visionary Artist

Barbara Besser

Albuquerque NM, USA


 In the Albuquerque area, call for appointment..

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Each Ascension  Activation Template: $75.00, incld. Shppng. and hndlng.

(Additional fee of $5.00 for International orders)








This Ascension Activation Template was done for Nancy Tate.



This Ascension Activation Template was done for Bob T.





In memory of Your Loved Ones




 Essence Memorials in Shadow Box Frames (May vary in size): $175.00, shpng & hndlng incld.

 (Additional fee of $5.00  for International orders)

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Ascension Activation Templates


Essence Memorials



Ascension Activations Templates


.Essence Memorials


Created for the family members of those who have passed. 

Each piece is unique and especially created from the energy of a photograph. 

You may add special personal items.



Essence Memorials

About Barbara





About Barbara

  Barbara Besser is a professional artist and licensed art instructor. She has facilitated many workshops, and has been featured in several publications, shows, and galleries as well as television appearances.

Barbara received a B.S. in art education in 1972 from S.C.S.U. in New Haven CT. 

Artistic clairvoyant inspiration was revealed at an early age, as her father Leonard Besser, a professional artist, was her mentor and inspiration. 

Barbara developed the art form presented here in the mid 1980s as her gift to humanity in loving service for the upliftment of all beings.