Mr. Sun Smiles




"Daddy, when there's a double rainbow, is there a pot of gold at the end of each one?" Felicity cuddled next to her father on the cushions of the settee. Beyond the roof of the porch the rain fell softly to the ground. It was early evening, and the clouds had scurried in from the west, shedding gentle drops of water to clean the heavy, hot air.


Earlier Mr. Sun had beamed fondly down on Felicity and her father. He sensed it was time for another lesson about the wonderful world of God's creations. He smiled secretly from his perch halfway down the curve of the sky. "I have a surprise for them, and for everyone!" He winked as a wispy cloud trailed by. "I'll send them a smile; no, I'll send them a double smile. Then they'll see that I'm happy that the rain came."


Mr. Sun yawned a great big yawn as another cloud slipped by. "I was getting bored sitting up here all day with nothing to do but make my circuit around the sky. I do that everyday, week after week, month after month, year after year."


Mr. Sun enjoyed watching all the people down below as they went about their lives. But sometimes he wished more would happen up there where he lived. He knew that everything that happened up there affected the people down below. He watched them as they got up in the morning and went to work and to school. He watched them as they ate their lunches in restaurants, or at picnics outside where he could shine down and warm their backs. He watched them when they returned home to relax, or to play. And finally, he watched them prepare for a long night's sleep, as he made his journey toward the horizon. There he would tuck himself in and get his rest before it was time to do it all again.


So Mr. Sun filled himself up with all the love he felt for the people down below. When he thought that he might burst from the fullness of that love, he sent it forth in not one, but two great big, beautiful rainbows! They were glorious! Even the clouds clapped a few times. They approved of the wonderful creations Mr. Sun had made.  Except for one dark cloud that laughed and made fun of the rainbows. As the dark cloud's heavy belly shook, it dropped more rain on the ground below. Mr. Sun was puzzled, "Why are you laughing? Those rainbows are full of love."


"Because," giggled the dark cloud, "They are upside down smiles. You put them upside down! Ha-ha-ha!" He laughed so hard he dropped more rain, harder this time.


Mr. Sun was indignant. "They aren't upside down to me. They're just right." He turned his head away from the dark cloud, and refused to let him cover his glow.


"Well, maybe they're right to you, but to those people down there they're upside down!" The dark cloud dropped the rest of his rain in one torrent and scurried off out of range of Mr. Sun's shine. He knew that without his load of water he'd be a gonner if Mr. Sun shone on him for too long.


Mr. Sun didn't know what to think. Was it true; was his gift of love a joke after all? What was he to do? The horizon was getting closer; he must find an answer for his dilemma soon, or he'd be the laughing stock of the heavens tomorrow, and all the tomorrows to come.


A few clouds hung around above the horizon, ready to play their part in Mr. Sun's bedtime farewell. They knew he liked to express his gratitude to all the people down there who provided him with his day's entertainment. They often stayed to be a part of his farewell. Mr. Sun put on a great show, especially when the clouds were there to help.


As Mr. Sun began to sink below the horizon, he forgot that he was sad about the rainbows. He cast out bits and pieces of himself in great waves of color. There were shades of yellow that landed on the tips of the clouds. There were reds, and oranges, that mixed with violets and gold. They all set against the blue of the sky. The colors transformed the white clouds to every color of the rainbows!


Suddenly Mr. Sun caught his breath in a huge gasp. "That's it! That's the answer! I won't be laughed at ever again for my upside down smiles!" He gathered all his remaining daylight for strength, and transformed into four black pots the four remaining dark clouds that were trying to hide themselves from him. Then he gathered all the clouds that were drenched in gold, turned them into sparkling pieces, and filled the pots till they were heaped and glistening. Just before he slipped past the horizon, Mr. Sun set each pot at the ends of the double rainbows that still radiated his love from the sky. 


The glow from the pots of gold intermingled with the glorious sunset. The people below who watched from all corners let out a great cry of appreciation. They had never seen such a wonderful sunset in all their lives! They knew they had been doubly blessed that day. Not only had they been given the most beautiful sunset ever; but God had smiled down on them and given them riches like they'd never known. They knew that someday, if they searched far enough, they would find their pot of gold. All they had to do was follow their rainbow.


Felicity knew that God had heard her question. She had seen the answer in her Daddy's loving eyes before he said the words, "If you search long enough, and believe in the pots of gold, you will find the ends of the rainbows, and you will have your answer.




The End




Copyright, 2010

Nancy Tate