Daddy, if there really is a man in the moon, why do we only see his face?" Felicity grasped her father's hand as they stood gazing at the silver-gold face that smiled down at them from the heavens.

She'd tried squinting her eyes real tight, to see if there were any legs, or arms, or a body that belonged to Mr. Moon. But try as she may, she'd not been able to find any. She'd even tried imagining them in the stars around the moon; but it just didn't work. 

Mr. Moon loved Felicity and the way she always looked up at him with that curious, innocent expression. So many children throughout the thousands of centuries had gazed upon him in the same manner. He had decided many, many years ago that only under very special circumstances would he reveal his secret. He was a very wise and loving being. He knew that young people brought with them into every lifetime a desire to keep the magic alive. That magic was a part of the truth of who they really were. It was the part that never changed.

He knew about that because his creator had given him the same magic; he shared that with all the beings that God created. God had told him, "I have created you because I love everything and everyone that is and ever will be. Indeed, I created it all because I am love, and to feel that love I decided to create expressions of that love, which is I.  

I then decided to give every soul free will to make it's own choices; for I would not be love if I wanted to control everything I created. I would be fear if I wanted everything to go as I decided. Besides, think how boring life would be if there was only one person making all the decisions? 

Mr. Moon understood what God was saying, and he agreed. He remembered when there was another moon up there in the sky to keep him company. He had enjoyed playing and talking with Miss Moon. Together they came up with some wonderful ideas. They were able to use their imaginations in games of creation. They kept changing the way they looked, and the places they hung in the sky. They even found ways to effect the earth down below; the waters, the people, everything there went through changes at different times because of what the moons did. The two moons had so much fun playing their games! It seemed there was no end to what they could do.

Then one day long, long ago, some of the people down below decided to use the other moon for a game they wanted to play. They asked the moon, "Would you like to play a very important part in a game for us? We want to change the way some people do things here, and we need your help." Miss Moon was always ready for a new adventure, so she said, "Oh, that sounds like fun! I'll be right there." So she said, "So long," to Mr. Moon and started down towards the earth, with the people's help.

They brought Miss Moon closer and closer to earth. But suddenly she began to shake. She shook so hard that she started to break into many, many pieces. As she shook apart she called out to Mr. Moon, "Oh, oh! I guess I should have thought this through more. Maybe I wouldn't have agreed to this game.

Then just before her smile broke apart, she exclaimed, "Even though I won't be there with you in the same way I have been, I will still exist, just in a different form. You'll be able to see me in a million places. All those pieces of me will become other things, but I'll never forget you and all the wonderful times we had. 

Mr. Moon was sad at first. He hid his face, and created a dark side of himself. But soon, seeing, and feeling how happy all the pieces of his friend were, he decided that there was no reason to be unhappy. He remembered what God had told him about his free will. He thought of a plan that would help him to feel closer to his friend.

On the next night that he turned himself fully toward the earth, he gathered up all the strength and love he had, and separated his head from his body. Then, with the will God gave him, he sent the part of him that was his body down toward the earth. When it got as far as the other moon had, it broke up into many, many pieces, just as Miss Moon had.  Then he cheered and laughed as all the pieces scattered in different directions to take new places in the universe.  

As he watched from his place in orbit around the earth, he saw all the pieces of the other moon blink in joyful welcome as the pieces of his body floated into their new places near those of their friend.

Then a most extra-ordinary thing happened! All the stars for as far as he could see blinked and danced in jubilant applause for the wonderful show the two moons had performed.

Then God spoke directly to the moon's hearts so that all creation could hear, "Congratulations, you have created a beautiful destiny for yourselves. From here on in, until you decide to make another choice for your evolvement, you will be gazed fondly upon in the heavens by the beings on earth. You will be lovingly and respectably known as The Man in the Moon. And Miss Moon and your body will become new heavenly creations with a purpose of their own. You have discovered the ability you have, which is to create, as do I. I have given you that ability, in giving you myself. For you are me, and I am you; and you have just demonstrated how you and I are everything, as well."

"Huh?" Mr. Moon was confused. "How are we everything? 

God smiled, and his warmth flowed over Mr. Moon. Then he explained, "You and your friend changed yourselves into many other things. Since you each were really I, as well as yourselves, you did what I can do; you created from yourselves. Each part of you became a complete whole. It was still a part of you, and a part of me, as well as being itself. Now do you see how you can be all things at once?"

Mr. Moon was awed by what God said. He understood. He was very, very happy. He was so happy that he always wears a smile. He knows that God is love, and that is very good indeed.

Mr. Moon smiled down on Felicity and her father. He told himself that perhaps this would be the night that Felicity would find the answer among the stars, the answer about the face of the Man in the Moon. 


The End


Copyright, 2010

Nancy Tate  

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