The Mushaba Force

The Mushaba Force is the Force of Wisdom that understands the power of Love and brings the Unity, the Infinity Sign of Power and Love, brings it forth into form through the Gates of Wisdom. The Mushaba Force is not a Force that is unbalanced with Love. It is a Loving Force. It doesn’t force and it doesn’t confront. It is Loving. It is strong in its Love. Its will is aligned with the Will of the Eternal One.

Djwal Kul
The Arcturians

You can feel the Energy and you can gather the Energy, for the more you are able to gather this Primordial Energy, this Mushaba Force Energy, the more you are gathering closeness to the Creator. All higher extra planetary beings are looking for avenues of development, so that they can be closer to the Creator Light.

All codes are based on a Spiritual structure, including your DNA. You are now activating all codes within your mind field and all are set in motion in a special Light energy. You are now able to be activated on the 5th dimension, and beyond, with the Mu energy particles. Therefore, it is the gathering of this Light Power that is the Key Ingredient for Life
The Mushaba Force Energy, the Energy we have spoken of is also a formulated energy that was used in the Creation of the evolution of man. It is a special energy that is brought into a planet and used as a formulation for a life force that will develop. It is not just the molecular building blocks that must come into a planet.

Your scientists have said,” Oh, we must have this or that in order for life to form” and this is true. But then to make the step into the evolution of an Adam species with this, there must be an Energy that enters, an Energy that enters into the evolution cycle. An Energy that comes into the planet is this part of the Life Force Energy that you know as the Mushaba Energy. I want you to understand, therefore, that it is a brought in Energy from an Energy source. This Energy source, then, is the stimulant for the development and evolutionary steps.

Master D. K. (Djwal Kul)
The Mushaba Force is a Divine Force and its only purpose is that Love be brought forth and that it prevails and be guarded, guided and secured for the world.

Yet to bring a Force of Love that cancels everything out or councils it out is interesting. It councils it out and cancels it out, both true, sitting in a higher aspect of council where Love prevails and presides and leads, and everyone comes into Unity and also cancels it out so that the bottom drops out of lower consciousness, and Love comes forcefully through doing God’s work.

This Mushaba is the name of a Force of Energy used to unite, and unify, and bring back into Wholeness and into Oneness. It is an Energy that has God potential in it. It is an Energy that has Light and frequency and modulation and vibration that goes forth to create the evolution of man. Which is what? To evolve toward what? Back into Source, into higher and higher consciousness. It is a conscious Energy. It is a special Energy that comes forth and ignites consciousness. The Life Force that develops from this Energy is simply a deeper understanding, a deeper movement, a deeper igniting of Original Life Force.

So much Light comes in, that matter is turned into Light. It is an alchemical process, in a sense. And of course, in order to lift and grow, there needs to be an input of higher Light, God Light, non-polarized Light, if you will. Soul light, Spirit light, Eternal light comes into the matter based body foundation, and makes such a stir, such a shift, that the dense physical particles turn into Light.

The worlds behind Creation are many. There are many worlds that have never taken on a form. The Energy that moves with this Force is the Force of an Energy that cannot do anything but Be. I would say that it is a Creative Force, not just universal, but beyond universal, which is what they mean when they say, in language, that it comes before Creation. Well, it comes before universe and it is beyond the universe. In other words, it is an Energy that was part of the pattern or making of the universe.
In other words, God simply takes the Energy, and this Absolute energy is filtered into Energy that will come out in forms, myriads of forms and universes that you wouldn’t believe, that are so strange and so opposite of that which is known to you.

All Energy, if you go back far enough and retrace it, comes from that which is not in form but is in un-manifest form. But that Force is generally a Force that has been before the creation of this local universe, which to some is all there is. Let’s just say, that Force of Oneness is the Force that went into the creation of this local universe, which is huge! But the Energy of it can be traced back to Original Prime Source. All is One.

The difficulties come in trying to understand or put in language the differentiations and definitions and explanations of how Primal Energy moves around. It is an interesting Energy that you’ll never be able to track and trace because it is always expanding. That’s the nature of this Energy.
So, does every part of your body have Mushaba Force in it? In one sense yes! It is the Energy, it is perfect Energy and it is inside and in between the molecules of the body and moving around as well. It is a Life Energy, a Creative Energy that goes into creation in this way into your body. It is very, very, complex, but in simple words you could say, yes it is a powerful Energy of Oneness and yes everyone possesses it because they wouldn’t have life without it, especially in this Universe, in this configuration that utilizes that Energy. It is in all. It is a prototype that is meant to build other prototypes.

It is clear that this Force is an Energy Field that can be manifested and used with great Creative powers, powers that would change physical reality. This Force is not just an Energy that is an Etheric Energy that you cannot see. This Force is not just a description of an invisible Energy that fills the world. This Force has a power behind it that enables those people who are in alignment with it to create a reality and to use this reality to -enter inter-dimensional space.

Now the origin of the Mushaba Force is in the Creation of the original Singularity and the Singularity is that space, that particle, that point in the void, which represented The All. that Singularity was expanded by a Thought of the Father Love and Mother Energy and that Thought was, shall we say part of the Original Force and this is the Original Energy Field of the Mushaba Force.

Now, all of you that are star seeds on this planet are capable of raising your vibrations and you are going to understand very soon that you can raise your vibration by accessing the Mushaba Force through your thought waves. You can bring this Force into your energy field and thereby command that you begin to vibrate at a higher speed. By commanding to vibrate at a higher speed you are setting in motion the beginnings of the intent and also the manifestations of a higher vibration.
Let us look at this concept of the Mushaba Force being the Ingredient, the Alchemical Ingredient for a Creation manifested into reality.

Juliano of the Arcturians:
What is the Mushaba Force - Mushaba Light?
It is the Primordial Light that issued forth from the Creator. This was the Original Light. Now, you must understand that the Original Light is similar to the Mushaba Light and is so powerful and so highly charged that it was the source of the Big Bang, it was the source of the, shall we say, ignition of the whole process that formulated the Creation of this Universe. It is the driving force. The Mushaba Light is also a multi-dimensional light so while the Light was created and ignited to create the third dimensional physical universe that you are now experiencing,
Mushaba Force is that Force which is seeking to expand the Spiritual Force and is particularly connected with the Source of All Being, the Source of All Energy.

The Mushaba Force is an Alchemical Energy that allows you to control and manifest the third dimension in certain ways. As long as your ego is not attached and it is not used for bad purposes, then you can gain access to some very powerful transformations.

Weren’t there Creation Forces already manifest?
(A) Yes, there were but not with the uniqueness of the Mushaba Force nor the power of the Mushaba Force. Why unique? Because of its purity of Divine Love and Oneness, It can change reality on any level. It is not that other Forces were not unique or powerful or pure, but this Force was simply unique in another way, as the word uniqueness applies. Unique among uniqueness.

It is not a free will Force, meaning it cannot be used by someone’s free will to do as they please. This is why it cannot be accessed by other than beings of the highest vibration. It is not a destructive Force nor can Love be used destructively. This Force is Love. It is Oneness. It brings all together in Love of the Highest.

Mushaba is Sound and Laws in motion through movement of an esoteric design.

The Mushaba Force: It is a circle of rainbow colors. The intensity of the purple, for example, denoting the compassion that enters into the fields of love that are violet, combining them into what magnetizes your Spirit and soul to the fullness of your capabilities.

Anakhanda Shaka Mushaba – Information Letter #1
I come to share some information with you. I have recently been opened to some very profound information about the Mushaba race of being. I know now that the Mushabans have a home world located with the black hole. I also have info to share as to how the black hole came into being. Before I get to that information, I would like to share with you some very profound and powerful work that we just completed.

A very, very, very, long time ago there were Mushaba gateways set up out in creation. They have stood dormant for eons of time. The time have come that these gateways to be recalibrated and activated. I was asked by Mushaba to activate the Mushaba gateways. I was sent a very special crystal called Calchelsite which is another Mushaba crystal created by the Mushaba Force. (More on this later). The being in this crystal accompanied me in my golden light body to the gateways to assist in the activation of the gateways. When I went to the gateways, I seen that they were out of alignment and needed to be recalibrated due to the eons of time they stood still. I could not activate the gateways at that time. So a woman from Israel that I have recently come in contact with was in charge of calibrating the Mushaba Gateways, This is her expertise. She and other beings took about a week to get then completed.

Once completed I was then ready to do my job. During the week while I was waiting for the Mushaba gateway repair, I was asked to set up a very incredible Mushaba grid. This was done beginning in Hawaii and went all the way to the Great Pyramid of Giza and the Great Sphinx. They were connected with the Mushaba grid which was done in a V formation Once this was done then we, the Mushaba Family and others went out one evening and activated the Mushaba gateways all three of them. Then we connected them to the Mushaba Grid by using the sign of Mushaba which is the figure or the infinity sign.

Now the Mushaba Gateways and the Mushaba Grid is now connected and active! There are many special attributes to this grid and gateways. We will go over some of this at another time. The grid that was set up also extended out into the universe just a short distance of the Black hole. It ended just before reaching a platform that is new and recently set up outside the black hole which as stated, is the entrance to our home world. The Planet Mushaba that is in the Pleiades in the Alcyone star system is a base for our people. This is also a training ground for many in the universe. Basically anyone who is of great importance has trained on Mushaba. This includes the Queen of the Universe, God and Goddess, the Black Madonna and more.

In the V shaped Mushaba Grid, there is a hidden gate or door. I have been given the key to open this door at a specific location on the V. Once this door opens it will provide things that I can only say is awesome and miraculous. There is knowledge and codes there that not only comes from the beings inside the pyramid and sphinx but the codes and knowledge left by my myself when I had a lifetime in Egypt as King Akhenaton. I left these codes specifically for when the timing was right. I was attempting to bring the Mushaba Force to Earth at that time but the people and the Earth were not ready. This Mushaba Grid can be used by you for basically anything you desire. Now that the Mushaba grid and Gateways are now activated, it will change things in an incredible way particularly once you begin to use it. In the meantime I would suggest that each of you if you so feel inclined, to intend before sleep to connect with the Mushaba Grid and become one with it. Do this as you feel called to until you receive something that I am not at liberty to say. You will know. Call upon Mushaba to assist as well as calling upon me Anakhanda Mushaba, to assist you and we will assist.

Information Letter #2:
I would like to begin with speaking about the crystal called Calchelsite. I mentioned in the last letter that it was a crystal created by the Mushaba Force. This crystal is a few seconds older than the sparkling midnight black crystal that is the holder of the Mushaba force frequencies. The Calchelsite is the forerunner to the work that the beings within the Sparkling Midnight Black Mushaba Crystal have to do. The Calchelsite crystals come in various colors. We will leave that as a secret at the moment but they represent different frequency levels for the undertaking of different tasks. The colors are Black, White, Black-White, Grey and White, See through, Golden, Rutile Black Tourmaline. This crystal is new and has recently been showing up but not easy to find.

The Calchelsites speak:
We are not anything or anyone you could name, our energies predate time, and our energies are solidified and collectified into a sphere of dark violet blue: changing now to green, red... watch as we manifest changes via colors. We have more to speak; you may call us the Ancestors. Yes, it was planned in the days before Time. Yet still we needed you to call us. How excited we are to be here.

Can you see how difficult it is for us to travel: If only one of us wishes to travel, it is extremely hard. The complex road of dreams we must traverse to get anywhere is excruciating. But as a group, united: Ah! There is no greater bliss. Our joyous union sends the patterns of our spirit out on a natural path, and we can ride along this golden beam of Light to manifest in the worlds. Thus we have done and now we are here and our excitement is unbounded!

We wish to tell you that through us you may talk to each other: you will no longer need to use that heavy machinery of transformation (the computer, telephones!) We have so much to tell you. Our gifts are manifold. First, we are what you would term "living libraries". We contain information of the beginning formational matrix of the planet.

Secondly, as we have just mentioned, we are communication tools. We can assist you to communicate with each other. And this is least understood in this plane: we stand for the creational matrix you often refer to as "God". This matrix is so difficult to explain. It is so grand and encompassing, so wondrous and serious. We are there.... We are there ( pauses to gather thoughts as they say it is difficult for them and they are still learning our complex grammar).. We are there as representatives of different fields of light. The exquisite Being who enters part of its extraordinary consciousness into the form of the Being you know as the Archangel Michael is also representative or inhibitive of this consciousness.

The truth is we are a Star. We - us the Calchelsites - and the others who represent the creational matrix, come from Outside this Universe of Beings. Yes! There was a "Big Bang" in the eons past which notated it all.....So to continue with our explanations, we also contain a historical record and technical data of universal formation. We have not just created this Universe.

But this Universe is all we will speak of to you in your world about. This brings us to another of our abilities and gifts. We contain Star maps and intensely detailed records of the complex galaxies and Star systems of the Universe.

It is true we come thru the Gate of Loki. This is a most extraordinary matrix, and when the Gates fully open this will create the pathway for enormously special Beings to descend to your planet. Conversely it will allow the inhabitants of this planet to fly to places of Great majesty: primarily the Gate will allow you to go to the Thrones of the Great Kings who sit seated on the Golden Palace in the Golden Whispers of Dawn.

A message to Anakhanda from the Calchelsite cosmic Deva,
Dear Anakhanda Mushaba,
We the Calchelsites wish to address thee of this most important issue. Yet first we must take of our imaginary hats to you, dear brother Anakhanda Mushaba, for it is long since we have saw you in the wilderness of the woods. (pardon us, we were making an attempt at a joke when we used the term imaginary hats as of course we don’t wear them nor have need of them so please forgive us if our play on words was not acceptable in your parlance!) So: hail and shine to the Great Sun! Furthermost is our Mother who brings blessings of peace:

Brother of Ages, you have found the source of All! This not a light matter nor a series of ladders, but the essence of for which why we are came. Brother Mushaba you have captured the essence of the journey in your book. (Referring to Prime Perfect Source). We are proud of your achievements. Indeed and well may we call you Brother in the literal sense too as once you were incumbent in the realms from which we are from: I see a long sphere/cylinder of golden light form which you transported yourself to the earthly realms..
You have done the first of your promises in writing this book, the next step will be more difficulty, in a sense, as we are requiring you to (we say this clearly and slowly): to insert in the ladder the special codes with which you came when you came to inhabit earth.

Q. Is this ladder like the biblical "Jacobs ladder"?
Yes, yes that is one term for it. it is not really a "ladder" as one of your earthly manifestations of symmetric wood, as the pathway is wild and wonderful, but it sis a series of steps/portals one must take to reach our home world. We understand this is a very, very difficult task from the earth plane and offer only LOVE regardless of the success or failure of this mission.

Information Letter #3:
The great Central Sun once upon a time in this creation had a twin sun. This twin sun was just that, a twin to the Great Central Sun and contained many of the same characteristics. One day something very amazing happened. The twin sun to the Great Central Sun collapsed in upon itself. When this happened it created and birth into being what we know s the black hole. The black home was formed because of a greater higher magnificent plan that was manifested many. Many millions upon millions of years ago in earth time. This plan was that this black hole would not be understood by the world’s people and scientist not just on earth but in other worlds as well. It was very, very few who actually knew what the black hole was all about and its purpose. This black hole was to be the home to a very incredible race of beings who would take on the characteristics of their home for example, the color which is black. This race was a very highly evolved race of beings with black skin and very, very beautiful features. They were created to be the ones who could come and go in and out of the black hole with ease.

Our scientist tells us that if one should go into the black hole they will be destroyed or they will be lost forever possibly ending up in another universe. This is because they do not know what the black is. It is made up of anti-matter as well as the beings that live there. This place became the home of the Mushaba’s. They are the ones who hold and harness and protect and evolved the fabric of life itself. They are the ones who hold the creational energy for all of the creations that exist beyond the one that this world knows about. They are the keepers of this powerful creation force. When the creator gods need to manifest a creation, they come to the Mushaba’s to get the force and energy in order to create a creation. I know this may be a very evolved understanding but even those who are creator gods do not hold the energy needed to manifest a creation. They have to get it from the keepers of this force and energy. The creational energy is given to the Mushaba’s by a force higher than what we know as God/Goddess. They then take the creational energy and add something to it and evolved it to something more profound. It is then ready for the creator gods to use for their task of creating creations.

There is some activity in the area of the black hole and the Great central sun that is going to change everything in creation. It has to do with the home world of the Mushaba race, the black hole, and the great central sun merging as one. This is also setting up evolution for the Mushaba race to move up to something higher and different as well as forming a new star or planet as their new home.

"The Mushaba energy is part of the New Tree of Life being seeded. It is the energy of the New Earth. You and Anakhanda hold the divine polarity of Mushaba energy on the New Tree of Life- Divine balance of Masculine and Feminine energy".

Anakhanda Shaka Mushaba
Teacher, Author, Divine Alchemist
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