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 The True Power

 Anakhanda Shaka Mushaba                      01, 06, 2016



I come today to share with you something of importance that will be a life changing event if you choose to understand the principles and apply them to your lives.


For the past many years, many of us have been doing all that we know to manifest in our lives what we desire to have. We have been doing all that we can to change our lives to match that which is in our hearts. However, we have experienced hits and misses. There is a certain state of being that is necessary in order to send out our desires and have them to return to us as intended or even better then we intended. We could have 100% hits and zero misses. The problem when we have those misses is that we were not in attunement with the divine matrix. We were not using our creatorship abilities as we should have been simply because we didn’t realize how we were sabotaging ourselves. Of course we don’t do this purposely or consciously. I mean, who in their right state of mind would purposefully sabotage their own greatness.


When we have the successes, it is because we are in a certain state of being that allows for our creations to happen and happen in a reasonable amount of time, sometime almost instantly! The thing is we again, were not aware of our state at that time. I want to talk about that “state of being” because that is the “KEY” to being able to change our lives in the way that we truly desire.


We send out our prayers, our affirmations, our chantings and tonings and yet we wonder why are they not working the way that they are suppose to work. We become greatly affected by this so much so, that we begin to blame ourselves for not having the abilities to be successful. We begin to think that something is wrong with us. “We ask why isn’t it working like it is supposed to? Why does it seem to work for others and not me? Am I not worthy of having success, and am I supposed to struggle through life?”

I want you to know that it isn’t your fault and that you have done nothing wrong. This is truth and nothing more. Then you ask the question, then why isn’t it working? The answer was already given above; it is about your state of being and creating that state of being. We create and manifest every single moment of every single day whether we are aware of it or not.


All that we are experiencing right now, this moment in our lives is because of what we called to us, because of what we created and manifested in our lives. I know that this could be tough to accept and take responsibility for it. However, this taking of responsibility is important in order to move forward. What this does is allow us to see that it isn’t anyone, or anything that is doing this to you. There is no cosmic conspiracy against you. It’s the fact that we were in the incorrect state of being and we need to make a choice to choose a different state of being in order to create a new reality. The difference here, which is awesomely powerful, is that you create this state of being consciously so at every moment you are fully aware of what you are doing, how you are doing it, and why you are doing it.


This state of being is vital, necessary to not sending out empty prayers, affirmations, chantings and tonings. We focus far too much on the outer instead of the inner. I know that you have heard this many times. You wonder what do you mean or how can I do this. What I mean is that we put so much thought and focus on creating our desires in the outer material world and give no credence to our inner world. Usually we give instructions as to how we want to see our creations delivered. We may say, “ok I want to have a certain amount of money and I want it by this time.” Then you think to yourself that it can only happen if someone helps me. Or I get a huge contract, or I get a great job, or I win the lottery or I have the RV. You feel that it has to be someone or something in the outer world that will happen that will bring it to you. The problem is when we send out these prayers and affirmations and such in this way, we are not sending out any energetics or magnetism at all. Our efforts become fruitless. The reason is because all of our focus is on the outer world, as well as we get in the way when we tell the universe, or God or whatever we are using, how to deliver it to us.


What we do in the outer worlds is also important to the process but it is not the meat and potatoes of the process or the Tofu and vegetables of the process. That’s not really where the rubber meets the road. It plays a role but only to assist in creating that inner state of being. Your process or ritual or whatever you use in your outer world to create what you desire has to play its role of helping you create the “Feeling” inside your heart. It is the feeling that is vital and important. Without the feeling being created in your heart, your manifestations cannot become a reality.


You see, it is always this feeling that we use but are mostly unconscious of it, to create all that we are experiencing in our lives right now. We cannot manifest what we truly desire from the emotion and the feelings of need, and fears. We can create from fear but only failure and more fear. We cannot create from desperation because it only gives us failures and more desperation. In order to bring in the manifestations of your dreams, in order to bring positive and successful change into your lives is by the emotion, the feeling of “Love”. With that feeling of love, you create using the magnetics and the language that the divine matrix understands.


When you pray or use affirmations, it isn’t the prayer or affirmation that the divine matrix hears and understands. It does not understand your words or your outer motions or rituals. It understands the feeling that is created in your heart from doing these things! What I am saying is that “your feeling is the prayer!” “Your feeling is the affirmation!” It is the feelings that these things create that are what the divine matrix, the universe, the substance that you use to create anything you want, it is this feeling that speaks to it and that it understands and that is what makes it deliver it to you!


When you create this feeling in your heart, it sends out magnetic waves and these magnetic waves are accepted and understood by the universe, the divine matrix, the substance of creation, and it will embrace your creation and give it all the creative forces needed to see it come and manifest into your life! This is creating on the inner and then what happens on the outer is because of what happens on the inner. You do this without judgment or conditions as to what you are presently experiencing, or how you want it to come, or when you want it to come. Let me explain more clearly.


The outer actions of prayer and affirmation, is only to assist you in creating the “feeling” inside you; to create this feeling in your heart, because when you speak from the heart the universe understand this clearly! The divine matrix understands this clearly! It is the feeling that is important because it is this feeling that sends out the magnetics that speaks the language of the universe of the divine matrix!


You cannot say to the universe that I want this or that in one day or three hours. It does not understand time. Time does not exist on that level of creation. It will deliver it to you in divine timing. You also don’t tell the universe how to deliver it to you. You limit its capability when you do that. The universe, this divine matrix has more ways to deliver to you what you want then you could ever think of. It’s unlimited in how it can do its job. Stay out of its way and simply make your order and sit back knowing that it will be delivered to you! It’s not your place or job to tell it how to do it or to worry about how it’s going to come. Just know that it will come as long as you do not do something to stop it or change it into something else; and this happens far too often when many of us are in the process of creating and manifesting our desires.


We live in a multi-reality creation. We live simultaneous realities all at the same time. We are focused on any one reality at any given time. If you were to shift your focus to another reality then that reality would manifest as your life. What I am saying about not judging your present reality is that you do not judge what you are experiencing by calling it good, bad, or you hate it etc. You just have to confirm that this is my present reality that I have chosen. However, I am now choosing another reality. And you need to do this without using any judgment as to why you are changing your reality to something different. You don’t say, “I’m changing this realty because I don’t like it.” Your reasons for changing your reality may be because you want to bring something different or something new to your life. You may want to shift your focus to a different way of being. So keep out the judgment and recognize your current reality and then go about changing it.


Now here is where the rubber meets the road! Here is where it gets a little tricky if you are not totally aware of this.


It’s very important to remember that you have been sending out your creations as they continue to manifest in your lives. You have to be aware that what you already sent out will come back to you. So if you are sending out new creations, realize that you may have a period where the old creations continue to manifest until they have run their course. So do not allow yourself to become discouraged thinking that what you are doing now is not working. This gets almost everyone who is attempting to consciously manifest. They think it’s not working or “I have been doing this for awhile and have no results”. Be patient and allow time for all of what you already put out there prior, to manifest and be done with. If you get upset, angry, discouraged and start to feel it isn’t working or “no matter what I do nothing has changed” etc. It will interfere and could stop your new creations from manifesting in your life. I know it’s difficult to continue to “hold the feeling as if you already have received what your manifesting” while at the same time maybe struggling with debt and lack of enough.


You’re thinking and saying to your-self, “I am Abundantly Wealthy and Healthy”. Then you get this feeling inside that disagrees with this statement because it finds it difficult to accept that is your present truth and reality when you are suffering from ill health or financial lack. But as I said, that is the trick; this is where the rubber meets the road. You have to live that feeling inside in your heart regardless to what is going on outside of you. You have to know and feel inside that what you are sending out to the universe will return as surely as anything that is happening in your lives right now; let that be your inspiration to stay focused and not fall back into the old ways of feeling and thinking.


In closing, when you are speaking to yourself, you are speaking to that part of you that is divine and knows how to deliver to you what you want. It is the part that is connected to the divine matrix, to the universe, to the realm of manifestation. Remember that there is not any other way that is more powerful to manifest than to do it from the “FEELING that you create in your heart that sends out the waves of magnetism to the universal matrix for that is the only language that it accepts, feels and understands. Couple that “feeling with your “emotions and you have something very powerful!


Be vigilant in watching your thoughts and feelings at any given moment. Take a little time everyday and sit and really go deeply into that Feeling of having it already! Savor it and walk away from that moment with that feeling in your heart. Don’t let it die. Do what you have to do to keep it feeling real! Trust in your own ability to do this and do it exceedingly well!

You can visualize yourself spending money on anything your heart desires. You can see yourself doing many humanitarian projects to help people. You can actually feel what it is like to already have, and are doing what you desire! And remember that these principles apply to every aspect of what you desire to create in your life. Don’t just focus on money, but on all that is important to you and your evolvement!


Manifesting really is simply bringing into view what is already there. Shifting your focus to what you desire to have and to see.


Many Thanks and Financial and Spiritual Blessings!

Anakhanda Shaka Mushaba