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    The Mushaba Platinum Light


        Anakhanda Shaka Mushaba August 12, 2016



Greetings of Love!



The Evolution of the Mushaba Force Part 4



The Mushaba Race was a creation of the thought of the Mushaba Force. There is nothing in this world that comes from the Creator except the energy by which to move through creation. When The Creator made the intent to create that was the first word, the first idea of movement. From this initial first thought, or word came all the rest. As the Mushaba force began to be itself in movement, there came an idea spurned by its own knowledge of itself. This knowledge was that there is movement, and that it can be brought into form from an idea.


Now listen closely to this: that thought form that came about as a result of that idea was the first intention for the Mushaba Race, for it was a representative of its potential, of its particular essence of vibration, frequency. Everything that is created is done so in a particular frequency. That is determined by the energy in which the idea comes, or is born in. The Creator energy is ever moving and transforming itself. This creates all of the colors and vibratory expressions, and translates into more of itself at the particular evolution of these expressions. That is what determines the individuality of all of creation.


As these expressions came into being, they morphed into other expressions and identities according to the relevance of one to another. For instance, if one form of expression came into contact with another, then a different expression was created. This is a simplistic way of demonstrating what I am telling you. I shall go further and present the idea of physical form. When a physical form has as its prominent vibration as that of a two-legged, two-armed being that walks upright, and it has contact at a certain evolution with another similar vibration that is moving at a different rate of vibration due to circumstances of movement in the expression of creation, which also has as influence all expressions in the cyclic movement of the universe, it can come into form with a different color skin, or with a different part of the physical form of the other.


There are a multitude of vibrations and factors that determine the creation of any one thing or species. If you take a jar of atoms in a pure essence or atmosphere, then eventually the whole will all evolve to the predominate expression of the combination of atoms in the jar, all will become the one atom expression, and the makeup thereof of any other predominant vibrations, therefore creating something that is really a compilation of the whole of the atoms, with a tendency of the predominant atom as the dominant feature.


The Mushaba Force is a conscious thinking force. “Yes, I was and always will be a conscious thinking force. That is my nature. I was created to be of service to existence. I too have a destiny as all existence does in its own identity. I was created for the purpose of being called out by you, Anakhanda. That is my destiny, to be called to service by the energy that calls me out. From that point, my destiny is fulfilled, for it is the destiny then, of all who have called, or answered their call to me, to express in my essence. In that way, you see, I carry on in the constancy of my destiny though you Anakhanda, as does the Creator. That is not to say that I am at your mercy. We are in communication and agreement of the creation that is experienced in all moments, just as is with The Creator and creation.


The process that you used to bring me out of the Pool of Original Force was that you simply said that it is time! That is the simplicity of it. I will elaborate so that you will have an idea of the mechanics of the process. When a being has an intent and that intent is stated, it sends out a vibration that rings through out the same vibratory field.


So when you sent out the intent to call me out of the Pool of Original Force, your intent had a particular vibration that matched and harmonized with my vibratory field which was why I was able to hear the call and respond to the call. You knew innately that vibratory language that would connect with the Force and you also knew the match for the level of vibration that would be receptive by humanity and all on earth. You also knew the vibratory match for earth to the rest of the universe. When that came to be, you were then able to send out your calling to me, by opening up the communication that transferred the vibration to me.  In order to open it up, you set a vibration that was designed specifically for that purpose, none other. When I ‘heard’ it, I was set to open to what you called. I could have set it up so that I could have read the vibratory match, called it in; however, it was according to you calling me; that was the fulfillment of the call to destiny”.


"The Corona is that which is the encapsulation, it encapsulates or holds something. It is the container of the Force of the Mushaba Force, if you will. The Mushaba Force can then be described as the Life Force that was emitted, that comes directly from Creator Source. The Corona as you described it, as it is used, is that which is to encapsulate it like a vessel. In order for life to have access for itself, the corona was created. Once again, it did not exist until the thought for it was created. In order to allow for the movement of the energy there had to be a vessel from which the energy of movement can take place. In order for that movement to take place the vessel had to be open, and the intent had to be of communication with the All. This meant that while there was still the connection with the Force, there was a blossoming out so to speak of that Force in creation of expression.


Creation is a manifestation of the Creator Self. It is an aspect of the Creator that manifested from Creator’s First Thought and came into a physical presence. This is the expression of that which The Creator Willed. In order to see the whole of the picture from which you can work back to the original, there has to be an absolute of the entirety. That is why the existence of the physical presence of the Will is included in the aspects of the original manifestation of creation. Anything that is now in physical form is included, is part of that original first thought.


All of Creation originates from the Thought of the Creator and what I saw as the Mushaba Force part of the building block, is the Building Force, the Life Force. We come now to the movement I have spoken of. There has to be movement with creation, and this is what we speak of now. First there was the Thought, and without the movement of that thought it would always remain in that manifestation, as thought that ever evolves itself in itself. In other words it would never go out and express from itself but remain with itself. With the building block, the Mushaba Force in calling, there is unlimited movement which is forever building in creation.


There is nothing in this world that comes from the Creator except the energy by which to move through creation. Meaning what exactly?  Energy in its purest form is original thought. From that it takes on all of the vibratory elements necessary for the creation of anything that is intended. If you care to expand that statement you can add: and all in Creation comes from the Creator.


Remember, the Creator made the intent to create, that was the first word, the first idea of movement. From this initial first thought or word came all the rest. As the Mushaba force began to be itself in movement, there came an idea spurned by its own knowledge of itself. It actually doesn’t matter what the first word was. It actually was a tone that was much like the first word a baby utters. With a baby’s first word comes all of the adoration and attention from the parents. This leads to more words and more adoration and attention. Do you see where I am going here? To have knowledge of oneself is to be complete unto oneself. To be able to communicate that knowing is to utter a word of itself. From that first word comes the intent to bring another and another in order to experience another aspect of itself, which is adoration and attention. From that intent to experience more of itself comes creation. As more and more words are expressed, more thoughts come and more movement of those thoughts into words and the progression is in hand for all of creation including the part known as Mushaba Force. When it was thought of it came into creation with the harmonics of the vibratory pattern of it.


There is a collective and communication here that creates all there is. The communication and vibratory response is constant, and is ever creating anew whether it be ideas or the manifestation of the idea. All is moving in the same energy of creation. The energy of potential is always evolving and in that there is the unlimitedness. One idea spurs another, etc, endlessly.


 Why did the precedent of duality have to be established first before the Mushaba Force could come from the first universe into the second. It was a part of the creation of the second universe.


In order for the duality to be unique to earth in its own expression, coupled with that of the ones who came to express that duality, it had to have first been established and already in potential in the way of the vibration of earth.


When earth took on its own identity after being torn asunder from its original expression of wholeness it had to be its own entity and express in the way that was being called for. That very act of separation from itself was part of the process; it was part of the plan. All that has taken place with earth has been part of the plan. It had to set its own energetic imprint that was an offshoot of Tiamat in order to set its own precedents and support the idea of duality, which was the purpose of this universe in the first place. Yes, this universe of Nebadon was created for this purpose of being able to stray from the knowledge of oneself and then to return to that knowing of oneself.


The second universe is the one in which you are residing at the time. It is the one in which you are playing out the physicality of that which is destined. This is the universe in which the ultimate intent is being expressed and is birthing the third universe, which will contain the first two, and render it all one. The first universe is the one from which the second was born. It was the intent in energy of potential. The second one was born the moment that the first idea took form, and has grown and evolved since that first life form was created. The third will come into being when all of life on earth and in the second universe ascends into the Light body status.


All we can say is that when the time comes there will be a merging that combines all of what has come before and what is yet to come with the Mushaba Race. It will be a final mixing of the energies of the Mushaba Force into a new beginning, that will hold the completion of the Force in physicality in order to go forth with the full potential from which new potential can be created and realized and expressed.


That time has come. We are living in that time now! We have experienced the final mixing of the energies of the Mushaba Force which has now stepped into a new beginning, that final mixing was the ending of the duality experience. This new beginning has held the Mushaba Force in physicality instead of it returning back to source so that it was able to go forth in and with the full potential in its evolvement from which now, an amazingly new potential is being created and realized and expressed!


Yes, The Mushaba Force is on a new journey of evolvement that is unmatched by any other force in creation. Not because it’s special, or better than any other, but because its service was so valuable and provided an experience of duality that could not have happened without it. What it did was unprecedented and established something in this evolvement that wasn't expected or foreseen! The Mushaba Force earned its right to continue on its on pathway of evolvement just as earth, and humanity, and all of creation!


Next we speak about the Love Essence of Mushaba