Mushaba Platinum Light




  The Mushaba Platinum Light


     Anakhanda Shaka Mushaba August 11, 2016



Greetings of Love!



The Evolution of the Mushaba Force Part 3



When the name Mushaba is spoken, All Creation stands still! The name Mushaba, that Energy, that Force, that Light, is respected throughout Creation, for indeed it is because of what it stands for. Saying the name calls the Light. When the name is spoken, not only does all creation stand still as an act of reverence, but also all creation trembles with the joy of delight! It is an acknowledgement of the source of its creation. When Mushaba is spoken, Creation is in great joy and expresses that joy and in this standing still and trembling, it amps up the creation forces and sends this energy throughout everything in creation to have this spiritual orgasmic experience that is stimulating and soothing to all of creation. Creation feels the grace and the love and the joyful blessings of the Mushaba Force and it responds to it in that way as an act of truth, integrity and embracing all that it is.   


“Mushaba is Sound and Laws in motion through movement of an esoteric design”.


“The Mushaba Force is from the Musical Spheres that created the word Mushaba. Mushaba is the Soul in Action of Remembrance. Mushaba Force is Creation and Spiritual Discipline through Movement.


Another reason why when you speak “Mushaba”, every atom in all living things trembles with the fullness of delight is because it is a pathway toward the enlightenment of others. That is why it is in the world and no one can interfere with your own free will. Be in delight and look forward to seeing all the Atoms in action. The number 8 which represents the sign of infinity represents the Mushaba Force. You see, the Mushaba force from its origin billions of years ago, vibrates in the orbital pathway of 8 atomic dimensional frequencies. One of those is what we term the Vishnu aspect, but overall is inclusive of all Creation. The Energy of Vishnu is part of the Hindu Goddess Energy and related to the overseeing of the dimensions and the Creations.


What this is saying is that the Creator issued forth the Thought with the Mushaba Force to create this Reality. The Reality then split into different frequencies and these different frequencies evolved into different dimensions. This is why there are many, many dimensions in creation because of this split. The Original Eight have actually now become eighteen, but the Original Idea, the Original Intent was focused in these subatomic energy fields which are a vibration and the vibration is the basis of the dimensions. Each dimension has a different vibration and as you go up to different dimensions you must vibrate at a faster speed.


The faster speed is based on the electrons in the molecular structures which are the Original Thoughts from the thought patterns and when these thought patterns accelerate to the right point then one can enter into another dimension.                                                                       


“First it was desire, then Mushaba, then the congealing of my Atoms as an Oneness”.       


What this means is that desire, there really are no words to describe the Creator, so when you say desire, meaning that the Creator had the desire to become manifested, that Creator wanted to be known, this is the way that it is understood in earth's language. But understand then, that what I am talking about is not really the full meaning, but is as close as I can approximate in earth language.  So, the Creator wants to be known and was known, through the Force, through the Energy, and also through the

mind. But it is also true that the Creator wants and greatly desires you to know of It, and to be a part of It, by feeling the energy of It, and by knowing and feeling the part of this energy so that one becomes in truth, Enlightened.                                                               

 This is the same force or process that is also called the Mushaba Light.


Please know that this is the same Force Field which some extraterrestrial civilizations are using to beam and anchor the Light within, on, and surrounding Earth, a higher or lighter density force field than the third density out of which Earth is emerging. This could be considered as pure without negative attachments or fractured directional impulses, an accelerated energy movement or direction, a magnification of the planet’s force field that is assisting in the planetary consciousness-rising out of current negativity (dark forces influence) and into the Light of Knowingness that is of the beginning. By whatever name or description, this Highest Energy of the Cosmos, the Undiluted Love Essence of Creator does indeed need to be explained to the still slumbering Souls who do know at Soul level but not at conscious level wherein their Life Force is derived and from which it has never been separated.                                                              


 As you know, this is a universe of intent and holograms. A hologram is an exact replica of energy in manifestation. In order for the hologram to take form it must be a part of the original intent, or as you say, desire. Think of it in human terms: First there is the desire to make a new life; then there is the instrument of creation; then there is the congealing of atoms to form the new life. The main source from the pool of original force had to go somewhere in creation. It needed to be within the creation and not just at a place that is before creation. If this happened then there could not be a creation taking place. The Planet Mushaba is where the main Source went to from the Pool of Original Force. This is where the roots were embedded and this is where it was decided that the genetic codes would evolve from. The atmosphere there was and still is ideal. This is what was decided and all was in accord. The Mushaba as said is unlike any other force that exists.


The Mushaba Force is of a particular essence of vibration of frequency. Everything that is created is created in a particular frequency. This is determined by the energy in which the idea comes or is born in. As these expressions came into being they morphed into other expressions and identities according to the relevance of one to another. For instance if one form of expression came into contact with another, say a yellow vibration came into contact with a red one, then together an orange expression was created. This is a simplistic way of demonstrating what I am telling you about creation.


”The Mushaba Force was created when the First Circle, the Corona of All Creation expanded into Light.”


This means that the circle of intent was complete and with that completion it came into being. The love of intent manifests into Light when the vibratory match is accomplished or reached. It is the same as the Law of Attraction as is known and spoken of so much these days. It is a universe of intention that we live in; it is a holographic universe and one of the tools that is utilized to create the intent is to use the principle of a hologram. That holographic likeness is manifest as soon as the vibratory match is reached. That is what brought about the Corona of All Creation expanded into Light; the light was the expansion of the vibratory intent. One of the components of that intent was that a Force be created that would be utilized to implement that intent of creation. It is the moving force of the light particles into manifestation.        


As you know sound is a vibration. All is made up of frequency and each one has its own meaning or communication with the rest. It is the Divine universal language. Sound and vibration also identifies, that is how it communicates. The Mushaba Force has its own vibration and in order for that identity to spread forth and be created it must first be communicated forth. The sound, vibration, word that identifies Mushaba Force is Absheema. It created that word of communication when it struck upon the breast of creative acts, because that is where the heart is, at the breast. The heart delivers the love vibration, and the breast responds by bringing forth the milk, or sustenance, to the idea of creation rendering it active, or moving.


Absheema is a resonance of the Word. The Word is absolute silence loaded with all sound and expression thereof. You might compare it with the color black which is at the same time the absolute of all color, while at the same time the absence of all color. White is the expression of the Word as it is generated from blackness. It is the Light, come to the Word from the illumination of truth. Before the light of truth there was no need for the idea of truth, for all was nothing, therefore required no thought, nor the idea of truth.