Mushaba Platinum Light





By Anakhanda Shaka Mushaba                                                       February 03, 2015



Below is a message from Porda. Porda was introduced through Nancy Tate's Wake Up Call -Porda January 28, 2015. I will also add a little more information as to who this loving being is.


Porda is the one known as Wali Karriem Mushaba my beloved father who passed away on October 22, 2013. He is located or stationed on the Mother Ship Nexus. The Nexus is a Mother ship to the Mushaba People and Porda is one of the architects of the ship. The ship is guided by Commander Altros. At the time of the creation of the Mother ship Nexus, Porda was known as  Nextra. He is the originator of the Nexus in an energetic pattern of its eventual creation. The ship was created in the Andromeda Galaxy which is where the first Mushaba Beings came when this universe was created with the assistance of the Mushaba Beings and the Mushaba Force Energy from the first universe.  Papa as we so lovingly call him, is one of the strongest originators of the Force. He carried the original energy of the Force as strongly as he did in 'the beginning". I am speaking of the beginning of the beginnings. He is still a fully active member of the Mushaba Power of Five. He serves in his capacity from the higher realms of Light allowing him to serve in a much greater way then when he was in body. He now is able to see the fullness of what is and that makes the power of five even more powerful in the service that they provide.


I have to say that my dad was and still is a great, caring and loving father. I am a proud son to call him my dad, my papa. He is now serving from who he truly is in his original self. He has so much to give, and so much to share, especially the Love Essence of Mushaba. The information that will be coming forward about the Mushaba Force, the Mushaba Energy and the Love Essence of Mushaba will be life changing. It will in the words of spirit, basically astonish the universe.

In fact the Mushaba being Montusa that shared a message through Nancy said:


"It is time for the information in its fullness to come about the Mushaba Love Essence and what it means to all of humanity and the universe. It is something that will astound everyone and everything in the universe as it comes to be known through the various star people and the ones on earth who will be sending the information forth in the coming times. This will be a whole new set of facts, information that was not to be known until the coming times',


What is Mushaba? Here are just a few of the myriad ways of how you can describe Mushaba.“Mushaba is Sound and Laws in motion through movement of an esoteric design”“The Mushaba Force is from the Musical Spheres that created the word Mushaba. Mushaba is the Soul in Action of Remembrance. Mushaba Force is Creation and Spiritual Discipline through Movement".

Another reason why when you speak “Mushaba”, every atom in all living things trembles with the fullness of delight is because it is a pathway toward the enlightenment of others. PordaMushaba Greetings to all of those who read my words! I am Porda father to the one who writes these words on my behalf known as Anakhanda Shaka Mushaba my dear son! I come to you today to share with you just a short message to get the ball rolling a little bit more so to speak. My dear daughter from another lifetime Nancy Tate, got the ball started and now we will simply keep it moving!



You of earth are moving into a time where everything that you thought you knew will be changing. It will be a time of great change and great mysteries and many great and simple truths will unfold. I have always wanted to be of service to humanity through being able to share the truth of the Mushaba Force Information and what it can offer in the way of freedom and empowerment. I have always felt that it was so much more to what I knew but was not able to put my hands on it. Now from my vantage point I can see the fullness of this beautiful force of love and oneness. I can see that its destiny to evolve is being fulfilled and I will soon be able to bring the missing pieces that will fill the gaps that will complete the information. It was simply a matter of those on earth being in the readiness to receive it.


This is a wondrous time for you all, even if you don't realize it. It makes it difficult to see what is right in front of you when you are experiencing the turmoil of letting go all that is of no more service to you. More light is pouring forth from your inner knowing that all that you are experiencing is not for naught. There is a part of you that knows what you are experiencing. You have this deep inner gnawing and I meant to say inner gnawing here, that is in a way eating away at you with the message that is telling you that you are well on your way to stepping into your freedom and your great empowerment. This inner gnawing is what can be called a self accusing spirit. What do I mean by this you may wonder. It is the limiting part of your self that constantly taunts you mentally, that self talk that is doubtful and fearful. However, this self accusing spirit has taken on a very different message. It no longer taunts you with the negative self talk but the self talk that supports you in your own greatness. It is now tuning into the inner self , your inner spirit that speaks to the truth of who you are. This self accusing spirit was a part, a necessary part of your third dimensional growth and evolvement. It too was meant to evolve along with you. It is no longer in the mode of being a self accusing spirit but a self loving spirit of the highest caliber.


You walk a pathway to the newness of yourself that will be showing forth to all of you who are in the position to see and comprehend what this inner spirit is speaking to you. The truth of who and what you are is becoming more and more obvious each day that passes and each day that you listen to what your inner self is speaking to you. You are now to rise above what has been holding you back for so long. Know that the Mushaba Energy is here to support you fully in that effort. Know that once the information is to come forth, you will know that which you have yearn for, for so long. What you have yearned for is the full knowledge of your self which can only happen with the return to yourself and who and what you are! I will return often to my son Anakhanda and to Nancy for I have much to share.


I leave you all with the greatest of  the Love Essence of Mushaba!


I am Porda