Mushaba Platinum Light


Porda & Mushaba



By Anakhanda Shaka Mushaba                                                       May 1, 2015  



I return to add to what I have presented so far. I want to speak of "The Power". The Power is within you. Each and every one of you have The Power. What is The Power? The Power is the essence of what all things are made of. It is the essence of all creation since the beginning, before the beginning. This essence is the Love Essence of Mushaba! The Love Essence is the Power that each has within them. Once anyone can tune into this Love Essence, they have discovered the Power of the All. It is through this Love essence that all things are created. As you know, there is no possible way for anyone to bring into a creation or manifestation unless it is created from Love. Not just love as people of earth know it. It's not a set of feelings and emotions. I speak of the very essence of what Love is. Love and Mushaba are synonymous with each other. They cannot be separated, because when you speak Mushaba you speak Love. When you speak Love you speak Mushaba.


The Love Essence will activate in a more full way in those of you I have been speaking about doing this entire discourse. There always has to be examples for others to see and relate to. Examples show that something is possible and by seeing it happening or manifesting before you, it strengthens your resolve that it can be done. You will learn to manifest whatever you desire from out of the un-manifest energies of creation using the Love Essence of Mushaba. This Love Essence is the fabric of what true creation is. It is the fabric, the foundation, the core power of what all things are. This power is within you, and utilizing this power will bring into being, your reality, all the things that are made of magic and miracles! This is the power you have. You are created with this Love Essence! It is what you are made of. It has not been available before now. It couldn't possibly have been until humanity had evolved enough for it to become possible. It's in the earth, in all of nature. It is what all of earth is made of. It was introduced within the beginning on earth in the IOM.


With this power of the Love Essence of Mushaba everything is possible no matter what. This love essence when introduced to the IOM, was held within that place for a time. After a few thousand years it was slowly and carefully released throughout the earth to saturate the earth itself and all that not only above the earth, but within the earth. It had not been activated in certain places on earth because if it had been certain events could not have taken place. For instance, on the continent of Africa the slavery could not have occurred if the Love Essence of Mushaba was allowed to be released, and I am speaking of the frequency of that vibrational substance. It was in Africa but contained within a vacuum, if you will. However, it is now being released in a more profound way, and this will bring about major change on that continent. It was released in small minute particles, which assisted in certain changes taking place, like Mandela becoming President of South Africa. There were other events that many thought would never happen in Africa. Mandela, by the way, is from Planet Mushaba and is known as Montifika. It means visionary leader, patience, and perseverance.


If you were to be with nature and ask the Love Essence of Mushaba to speak with you, to show itself to you, to be one with you, you would be in for a fantastic experience! I want you to know that in the coming days you will begin to feel this love essence stronger. It will make you react in many different ways. It can be from wanting to burst out in song, hug a tree, speak to a flower, feel a moment of overwhelming love for all things, or simply full of joy and expectations that everything is all right! I suggest that when you feel these emotions let them through and do not suppress them. If you suppress them they can become pretty overwhelming and in a not so good way. Allow the love to pass both ways. When the Love Essence of Mushaba speaks to you, listen to its message. It can speak though nature, through an animal, through a doorknob. It isn't limited by what appears to be animate or inanimate. It is live and conscious. It is still the Mushaba Force Evolved, and you know that the Mushaba Force is a conscious thinking force. So too is the Love Essence because it is what the Force is made of. This is why the Mushaba Force is known as the Force of Love and Oneness, Freedom and Empowerment. Its purpose was to guard love, express love, and present love to all creation. I say to you that each message is encoded for your opening and each to their own time. Read and reread again. It can only strengthen what is in the throes of opening for you. I will return often.