Mushaba Platinum Light


Porda & Mushaba



By Anakhanda Shaka Mushaba                                                       April 26, 2015


Now, to continue from what I shared yesterday, I want to say that you can also look forward to Maldion coming forth and working with a select few of you. I say select, not as in being special but in being those few that have been chosen to carry the knowledge that Maldion carries. One of the things about the Force of Mushaba, the Mushaba Energy that is not known is that The Mushaba Energy being a creation force, in fact a creative, creation force, it can also bring new creations into being. The Mushaba has the potential of accessing what are called "back doors" into creation. Going through back doors is a very quick way of moving through something without all the time it would take to learn it, master it, and perform it. It gets you into the core of it, the substance, which then automatically embraces you and fills you with its knowledge and wisdom and understanding. It would be instant as if you actually put in all of the millions of years to master it and understand it".


This is where Maldion comes in because he used, and still uses back doors into creation for specific purposes. As the forerunners you have a great duty and responsibility to be the examples of what is possible. All this what you may call "down time" has been because your frequencies were being fine tuned, changed as well as your DNA, cellular make up right down to the very core atoms of your being. You see, because things have moved in a way that took longer than originally thought, things have to move very quickly in order to catch up to where it should be. Creation didn't stop, even though it took a pause so to speak. However, this wasn't enough to catch up with creation, and I am speaking about all the events that were to transpire at a given moment in vibration. It was anticipated, but yet there were events that were not anticipated, and there were no vibrational moments assigned to it, as in being able to have an extension of what you call time.


This is why so much is accelerating in this time. This is why all is being expedited to find its conclusion concerning the Cabal, or whatever name you call them. The prosperity is a must to assist in many being able to quickly move through this present time. I will continue with this in the coming days and Nancy, please keep yourself open to receive as well.