Mushaba Platinum Light


Porda & Mushaba



By Anakhanda Shaka Mushaba                                                       April 25, 2015



There is a movement taking place within the force of creation. It is a movement that is going to finally bring in sweeping change for earth and humanity, however it will be more so a focus on those that have dedicated their lives to the spiritual pathway with love, light, Truth and integrity. There are a specific group of light workers that have walked the spiritual pathway in a way that was a total commitment beyond what others did. They paid a price that most are not willing to pay.


These people are directly tied into the force of creation. You see, the force of creation has stood almost stagnant, almost still but not totally. It was moving at a rate of vibration that appeared still. Now this force is moving once again and in that movement comes the movement in the lives of those dedicated people I speak of. That is why those lives seemed to have almost stopped or stood still. It seemed or appeared that their lives weren't going anywhere. Many times they felt that had no clue as to what direction to move in. So they tried various directions but none of them has been totally fulfilling.


Now, being directly tied to the force of creation, which is now beginning to move forward at a different rate of vibration, so too will these people move forward and step fully into their roles as forerunners of what's to come. This is happening now as I speak. It also has to do with the creative creation force of Mushaba. For when the word Mushaba is spoken, all creation stands still and trembles with the joy of delight. And in that delight it basked in its glory by slowing itself, it's rate of vibration to a seemingly stop. However during that moment of delight it evolved quicker and further than anyone could fathom. It will be reflected in the lives of those in which I speak. You are of those of which I speak.


Remember that the Mushaba Force is a creative thinking force. So in that state of delight it decided to become. It decided to become the love essence of Mushaba tempered by the Mushaba Force and the Christ Force, which has its origin within Mushaba. This is what I have to share for now. More will be shared in the coming days.