Mushaba Platinum Light



By Anakhanda Shaka Mushaba                                                       May 24, 2015




I am here today to give you a message of love and peace. This is only possible because of the vibrations that are being emitted to the outer edges of this universe, to the saw tooth edges of creation! It all began with this beautiful loving force called the Mushaba Force.                                                                                                                                                                                                                       


This Mushaba force energy is part of the beginning of this universe and has been since time began, even before the idea of time existed on planet earth. The Mushaba Force has evolved to become "The Love Essence of Mushaba". This Love Essence is now moving throughout all of Creation as it is immersing itself throughout all of the fabric of creation. In a sense, you can say that:


 "Creation is being baptized by the Love Essence of Mushaba".


This is extremely necessary in order to bring forth the next steps in the evolvement of all of life in this universe.


You see, this universe was brought into being to experience that opposite of what was within the first universe. There was and still is nothing but love. There is no duality of expression. In order for this universe and all life within it to evolve to the next level of existence, it is necessary for the Love Essence to be present and available to all life within this universe. It is the core energy that is needed for the total evolvement away from duality and into infinite expression of oneness, but it is "a oneness with individuality".


The Mushaba Force has never been anything other than a force of Love and Oneness. It has always represented and spread the energy of freedom and empowerment. It has always been about transformation and change. This has always been the case. It could and would never allow itself to be used for anything other than Love and Integrity. The Mushaba Force in its form of the "Force" Which by the way means a mechanism for change, has reached a point to where it knew it had to move back into its origin of purpose and form. Remember that the Mushaba Force is a conscious thinking Force. It knows its purpose and reason for being called out of the Pool of Original Force, from the Prime Perfect Source Energy. When it reached its peak of service, it then went into its own inner evolvement and resurfaced as it's original identity from the first universe as the Love Essence of Mushaba.

Once its mission was complete, it originally was going to be returned to source to be re-commissioned to another purpose, however, something extraordinary took place that changed the original agreement with the Mushaba Force, into another agreement with unlimited potential. It has now taken on another reason and purpose for being in the creation. The Mushaba Force that was used in the earth plane of duality, a energetic imprint of the Original Mushaba Force was extracted from the first universe that was used to create a specific Mushaba Force energy for the earth experience. So it isn't the totality of the Force that was used on earth. It in fact only had a maximum of about 3% of the force that could be used. Any more than that the duality could not happen. However, it did maintain its ability to be a conscious, aware energy that knew its journey and knew when it's time has come to an end. However, as I said, something extraordinary happened concerning the Force.

The Mushaba Force kept its conscious awareness and it's intelligence so that it can be in constant communication with the Original Mushaba Force. This is how the Force in duality knew what to do and how to do it so that it would stay on track. It knew it had a destiny and that when it was done with it's service and purpose in the duality experience, it would be fulfilled, and the force would return to Creator, purified and returned to the pool of original force. However, the Mushaba People and the Creator as well as the council of Creation saw what was taking place and decided to make a change in its destiny. The Mushaba Family had a lot to do with this decision. It was decided that the Mushaba Force of 3d design was to evolve and follow its own deserving destiny back to the purity of itself, of its original beginning and continue its evolvement. It has been allowed to continue on its evolvement right along with everything else in this creation! The old contract of the Force has been fulfilled but it did not have to end and the new contract with the Force is now in full effect. So the old destiny blueprint is no more, and the new destiny blueprint is to be honored and recognized! This is the reward for doing such a magnificent and incredible job bringing the people to the point of being able to ascend into the higher dimensions!

Even though this third dimensional version of the original Mushaba Force was created so the duality experiment can take place, it was never created to hold anyone in duality. In fact, what it did was support people into stepping into their freedom, empowerment, creativity and love! It attempted to do the same thing on Maldek. It never held, or dragged anyone down and locked them into duality. It wasn't created for that purpose. It was created to hold the potential for what is taking place now. If it wasn't for the great service of the Mushaba Force and the Mushaba People, we wouldn't be in the throes of something incredible and exciting with unlimited potential! We are at a place to where anything and everything is possible!


Within the Love Essence will always be the presence of the Mushaba Force. They can never been separated as something different. This Love Essence has within its energy field information that will allow those that tune into it, to open up and remember not only who they are, but what they are and what is their purpose of being. This energy is a powerful transformative energy that transform with the "Power of Love!" This Love Essence carries the codes, numerical, and alphabetical frequencies of creation. It can allow one to go God direct; to step into their God self power!


Anakhanda, this is where you can add the other information that Nancy received for you:

All we can say is that when the time comes there will be a merging that combines all of what has come before and what is yet to come with the Mushaba Race. It will be a final mixing of the energies of the Mushaba Force into a new beginning that will hold the completion of the Force in physicality in order to go forth with the full potential from which new potential can be created and realized and expressed.

The Love Essence of Mushaba is what is going to bring so many to the idea of Love in a way that they have not as yet felt it. They will feel the difference in the essence as being that of pure and unconditional love rather than something that has to be earned or can be mistaken for that, or something that is otherwise noted to bring something outside of oneself to total recognition. It is a matter of the Love energy being evolved as well as all that comes from it. As the Love becomes the totality of the journey then people won’t have to consider acting in Love, for it will be their nature.  As they go through the evolvement they will bring to themselves the fullness of the essence and they will know why it is who they are, therefore they will know how to express it in the newness of the freedom, self-empowerment and creativity that they are. The Love Essence of Mushaba will Be, rather than worked for, or used for something that is desired. It will be felt and recognized with all of existence.

One of those pieces of information that will be more thoroughly brought forward is about the Mushaba energy, which is now known as the Love Essence of Mushaba. It is an energy from which the origin of this experience on earth was created by the original idea from The Creator. It is information that you will find is in tune with all of the other information that has been brought forward and lived for so long. As more and more of you have tuned in to your own inner knowing, you have come to realize that there is nothing more powerful than that which is within. Once you go to that inner ground of knowing then there is nothing that can dispute it or take it to a level of forgetfulness again. That idea of non-remembrance has taken its course and now it is time to go on from there in full remembrance and take it to the non-limits forever and always.


I am Mushaba