Mushaba Platinum Light

 Mushaba & Dr Foote



By Anakhanda Shaka Mushaba                                                       May 12, 2015



Anakhanda, May 09, 2015

Greetings once again! We come as a team, a team of energies that supports the Love Essence of Mushaba. A team of creative energies that supports all that is and all that will be. For all there is and all that ever will be is already within the pool of original force which is the origin of the Mushaba Force, the Mushaba Energy, The Love Essence of Mushaba. The name Mushaba Force is to be spoken with reverence. It is forever of the light of Creator. It will never diminish but only expand and aspect itself into infinity. I wish to share this about the Mushaba Force and listen carefully. The Mushaba Force speaks of itself:

The Mushaba Force:

  “I am the electrical, celestial, electron in the heart of all creative purposes within the meanings of Infinity. I am a voice registered upon the solid form of communication, yet I am not a voice, but a Wind of Creation brought forward in what is moving toward the understanding of Mushaba Force. I am not one who understands the languages and the protocols of life. I searched through the memory banks of this body to find words of a language so that you might understand the purposes that draw you to your specific direction of life. So in the fluctuations of the energies moving into this manifestation of solid force of primary substance, remember the difficulties encountered in language, in interpretation of sound and voice." 

Dr. Foote:

“The creative Mushaba Force is that far Celestial Force of Infinity. This creative Mushaba Force is the majesty of Creative Winds that blew through the darkness of all eternity until, in the force of intense desire and light, it was made to perform in that darkness of limitation or low vibrational frequencies. Thus was born the great furnace you know as your sun that gives light and heat, but which in the remembrances of the past, two suns were formed in the millennia of all celestial stars. Because of this, there was no darkness whatsoever, for light manifested in all creation and could not be separated into that of light and darkness. But in the course of humankind’s greed and the course of them becoming alienated to their Spiritual abilities, humankind extinguished one sun that now is the moon of your world. This will become the second sun again as it is relit by the Spiritual renaissance and purpose of life now before all humanity.

I cannot expect, nor do I fully understand the magnitude, the magnificence of what was the beginning of all Creation. I know it has no end. I know it is like the body that moves in spirals at all times. I know that in its endlessness, its very beginning was within the void they call Darkness. I cannot expand on this but I can give you that meaning that gives in your own Self or Spirit credence of understanding of what I am saying, and yet I am not able to place it in the King’s English.” 

Now we move on.

Today in this writing we wish to say that the Mushaba Council has requested to speak with you today. So we stand aside and invite the Mushaba Council to come forth and share with you.

The Mushaba Council: We wish to begin by saying Mushaba Greetings to all that read this energy in the form of words. We use that greetings simply because it is simplistic in its

vibration and purpose. Greeting one with Freedom and Empowerment is a wonderful and powerful greeting. We also wish to thank those that have been sharing with you for allowing us to come forward and do the same. Let me tell you a little bit about the Mushaba Council.

The Mushaba Council is made up of two councils. There is a council of 33 and a council of 12.  The Council of twelve is the overseers. They make decisions and pass the information on to the Thirty-three who make decision also, but not final. They have discussions and they delved into the questions proposed to them as far as what the council of 12 wanted. They would discuss it and come back to the council of 12 with their answers and suggestions and the council of 12 would make the final decision.

The governing body on Mushaba goes like this: There is Mushaba, the Creator/Overseer of the Race, the Council of Twelve, and then the council of Thirty-three, then a senate-like body of people, the Mushaba Masters and the Mushaba Commanders and the Mushaba Warrior’s.

The governing of the planet is set up in such a way that everyone overlaps everyone else so that nothing can get out of hand. We do not expect that to happen on planet Mushaba. It is just an overlaying that makes things stronger. It is like a protection so that what one person is doing would filter into what another person is doing and so forth. There is always what you call a check and balance so nothing gets out of order. Everything must blend together to prevent anything from faltering. We never have problems and the communication lines are always open and the energies are always flowing. We never have breakdowns or one area doing something that the others do not know about. We have offices to oversee and keep the energies clear and moving. It is something like your department of electricity. We have the education department which handles from the little ones up to the university level. We have the office for sanitation and cleaning. Everyone functions the way they should. We work very well together. People are so aware of themselves and others that everything is kept in tip top shape. We are always very busy doing this and that but we love doing it.