Speak to the Very Life within, and it Will Hear You, it Will Respond!

Mushaba Center

Mushaba Platinum Light, August 25, 2012



Commander Altros, Through Anakhanda Shaka Mushaba

I am commander Altros of the Mushaba Galactic Light Fleet. I come to have what you call a fireside chat with all of you that inherently know the truth that you indeed have a galactic family that is with you and have been watching you as you came into the planet earth to fulfill your most important destiny. You have been so valuable to all of us within the galactic realms since you have been on earth to bring balance to the injustice that was wrought on Maldek.

You are so reverend and loved throughout the entire universe for your great service to all of existence. You see, the balancing of what happened on Maldek was vitally important to the evolvement of this universe. This universe would not have been able to evolved and ready itself for the transition to the third universe without the balancing of the Maldek karma. Not only did the Maldek Imbalance have to be brought into balance, but also the time warp and the effects of the time warp had to also be brought into a balance as well. You of earth, many of who are from the planet Maldek as a Maldekian, or one of the many races such as the Mushaba’s that once lived and worked on Maldek, have nearly completed this balancing that is necessary for you to move into your ascension. So much worked has been done to bring that into fruition and for many who do not know it, the Maldek and Time Warp Clearings and those that have and are yet to participate, have played a huge role in the balancing of the Maldek karma.

The one whom I am speaking through was not only on Maldek as a Mushaba Being but he was what you may term a prophet of the caliber of the one you know on earth as Jesus. He also once had a very vital role in the Annunaki where he lived more than one personality simultaneously within the Annunaki and all that transpired. The Annunaki has grown and evolved in the light and love of Creator and is nothing as they were back in the early days of earth. All things evolved they are no exception. Even the Draco’s from Maldek that was party to the destruction of Maldek has also evolved in the light and love of Creator.

Earth has came to the point of where you were on Maldek before the destruction, and you have came through it this time and changed the destiny to be that which you have decided after Maldek that no more will you allow yourself to be tricked, manipulated an fooled again to your own demise. You have been successful at that and now you can look forward to the promise that was made to you on Maldek by the Mushaba Force and Its people. You are well on your way to living that promise that will take you to heights of evolvement that will literally “blow your mind” as the term goes.

Those of you that have experienced the Maldek Clearing and Time Warp closing Sessions do not realize that you have been forming a matrix and a communication grid that has been communicating with the debris of Maldek in the photon belt. You are calling to it to return to its original glory and pristine beauty and beyond! There will be others that will feel the call to undergo the Maldek Clearings and Tine Warp closing for they will be building the final level of the matrix that will bring things back into manifest form on a higher frequency of expression. The way is being prepared for the reunion of Earth and Maldek! This matrix will be able to close the Time warp experience from the human template. What this means is that all of the trauma of the last 8 thousand million years of Maldek will be released from the human template as well as the closing of being in the time warp and the trauma that came with that as well. However all that has been gained will be preserved as a growth factor and evolvement factor for humanity.

The New Earth will be born of completion. The completion we speak of is the Spirit of Mushaba, The Soul of Maldek, and the Body of Earth! All this dear beautiful people of earth, will bring a freedom that you have not known on earth before! It will empower you beyond your greatest dreams! You will then move faster than light speed for no longer will there be this gorilla on your back that has been hanging on and clutching itself you for the last 8 thousand million years! Prepare yourself for what is to come in the weeks and months ahead. It will be something that finally brings a sense of validation to many of you that have been waiting for so long. For others, it will be a shocking awakening!

You are about to herald in the time on earth that has been dreamed about by many of you for a very long time, the time of peace, love and equal prosperity. No more better than or less than, no racial inequality and hatred because of a color of a skin or a difference in beliefs. No more religions to separate you from your oneness and you indelible connection to the All That Is! You will no longer know what it is like to be operating without your fullness. You will know true freedom and empowerment and you will experience the loving power and ability of stepping up and into your own Divine Mastership, your own God and Goddess hood, and your own Creatorship!

Within the next 60 earth days you will see a massive increase in the ships from the Mushaba Galactic Light Fleet from Andromeda! We have already begun! This is from Nancy Tate’s Wake Up Call message dated August 24th, 2012:

“Take the new awareness of the triangle of stars in the southwestern sky that is being seen all over the world. That is a fifth dimensional ship from Andromeda. Many of you are seeing it because it is there to help guide you to the reaches of the outer world that you are seeing reflected from within. The beings on that ship are from all parts of the Andromedan system, including some of the Mushaba beings who stayed behind on the mother ship that was created by the Mushaba beings before their planet was transported to the Pleiades”.

In closing I would like to say to those of you that have made the choice to be way showers or what you call point beings for Mushaba galactic and inner/hollow earth interaction, we haven’t forgotten about you. There was some matters that needed attending to first in preparation for our contact with you. Once this has been squared away there will be a discussion on what is next for you all.

We send our Greetings and Blessings from the Mother ship!

Commander Altros