Mushaba Platinum Light




By Anakhanda Shaka Mushaba                                                       May 06, 2015




Here is another installment of information:

Now I continue from my last message. I come to you today as Anakhanda Higher self known as Abuki. I want to touch a little more upon what was stated at the beginning of this dissertation.


" The Mushaba Force Energy, Spirituality is a science, once mastered a person opens an infinite number of doors to areas that are still mysterious."


Now to take it a little bit further, The Mushaba Energy, The Mushaba Spirituality is a spiritual and mental science. Once mastered, a person opens an infinite number of doors to areas that are still mysterious to most. These doors are access points into various parts/aspects of creation, various dimensional levels and sub levels. There are doors that one can walk thorough, and then there are back doors that represent something that is totally different than your normal door. It takes the Love Essence of Mushaba to accomplish the use and mastery of these back doors. This is a part of what Maldion carries. (I think it is time that Anakhanda release the Maldion Story).


This Love Essence is encompassed in everything that exist. It is even in what is known as the three galaxy world, which is the place where what is called the most evil of evil exists at one time. I say at one time because it has changed and evolved due to the service of the Mushaba People, Maldion and Corin, who had a very direct interaction with the leaders of the three galaxy world. I get a bit off subject here so let me return to my point. What I want all of you to know is that in your very close future as you know it, there will be Mushaba information coming forth that will astound not only humanity, but also many in the universe. I say this not to be boisterous but to say that this information is vital to the future of not only the earth and this universe, but also with what is coming into being as the third universe. The platinum beings is also very vital to this taking place, for in the third universe there will be no light and dark. It will be Platinum where all the dark and light has blended and evolved to that. It will be as in a blending of the dimensions.


The Mushaba Love Essence has within its very fabric of creation the "force" which is a mechanism for change. This is what will allow such unlimited power to be used in the goodness and grandness of all creation. It is what ties you and connects you to the Creator, to the pool of original force all the way back to "THE ALL THAT IS". You want to know what is possible when you fully embrace the Love Essence of Mushaba and allow it it's freedom to be within your being? We will take that up in one of the upcoming transmissions.