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These experiences and images come from our ET First Contact subscribers and are unedited and presented for your enjoyment. If you have an ET experience and/or pictures of ships to share please send an email to .

I have been in contact with my galactic brothers and sisters for a few years now. I currently reside in Las Vegas, NV. We have daily occurrence of ships in the sky from Arcturus, Ashtar Command, Pleiades, Andromeda and others that I have not identified or made contact with as of yet. This is my truth only and while channeling one day I came into contact with a scientist aboard an Ashtar command ship who I call EEEEEEIA (it’s a sound not a name). He is 12 feet tall, stands up right like us and has a head similar to a praying mantis. His arms were thin and bent like an insect, but he had a free flowing uniform on. My mother who is the interviewer (like Barbara Walters) asked many questions about their lifestyle, community living, children, reproduction of the species, why he choose his profession, housing, about living aboard a ship, other species on the ship with him and why the contact. He tells me that the Arcturain ships are of many that put out nano bites (I have no other words for them) in the air where the chemtrails have been. These nano bites floating in the air magnetically attract and absorb the chemicals. Then the ships vacuum them up and store them a holding tank until they self absorb (destruct). On these days we have 50 mile an hour winds and can see these ships which are the size of the city hovering low in the sky. The shapes are un-mistakable. There is a big oval opening at the bottom of the ship that takes on a 3D look when it’s open. These loving beings are protecting us from anymore harm.

There are Ashtar command fleet with the shape of 2 open crab claws in the front, body looks similar to a fish bone with 6 bones on each side tapering down in the back and a scout ship (triangle) at the back. I often see 3-4 scout ships around the larger ship. I have hand drawn some of the ships. I’m not an artist, but staring at it for a long period gives me the opportunity to draw it in detail.

We have the bell shape and long cigar ships as well. They are quite visible when the sun is setting, you see more of the metal and the de-clocking is not on. I understand that they turn it off at night because there is no need.

Courtney C.

Las Vegas, NV

Attached are 2 pictures of the Arcturian ship when the vacuuming of nano bites is going on. I’ll send others in another email.

Below are 2 pictures from January. They also have an oval opening at the bottom. No other clouds in the sky. We don’t get rain, so we don’t see clouds very often.

Bob I am Philippe cocreator of the Gaia Group. I am very interested by UFO stories since I am 18 and I even gave conferences in Normandy: since the night where I had a contact with them. It happened in Toulouse in the south of France. I used to walk at night back home. That time my life was going to change. I never read about UFOs. I was walking as usual singing. I felt quiet and happy. Suddenly, I noticed a man at my right sat on a chair looking up. I did the same. And right on my head, I saw a light very luminous. I never had seen such a thing. So, I was staring at it and suddenly it changed its colour, blue, green and it vanished and I lost the notion of time. When I reincorporated, I noticed that half an hour had passed. My strongest wish would be to know what happened. Then I saw them in Morroco and Mexico I know now that they are coming from the future. I am now in Mexico where we performed the first Gaia Open Heart Operation in 2002 jat the Seven Luminaries. before my brain stroke. I am recovering little by little but I do know that we have to repeat it. Best Regards

Dear Bob: I have never had an ET contact myself but I have met many who have. I spent a lot of time in Sedona, AZ in the early and mid '90's. There, people were taken aboard the ships, went on hikes with ET's and saw the ships land on the roads. I took all of this with a grain of salt, however. While there I went to a weekly meditation group. After one such meditation on a lovely Spring evening we all retreated to the backyard. After a while I had to go in to relieve myself. When I returned outside I was regaled with the story of the spaceship that had briefly landed in the very next yard! Needless to say I was heartbroken at having missed my one opportunity to have a real UFO experience. But several weeks later I was hiking on the trail behind Bell Rock. Suddenly, on the trail in front of me I saw some alien poop. I know that it was alien because it was green and floating about three inches above the ground. It was a close encounter of the turd kind.

Bob I have had contact/sightings and encounters for many years.  I was only 2 &1/2 when they first started in 1949. My parents, older brother and I were all in the car which my dad related was paced by a cigar shaped ufo.  He said that the “ ship” would speed up when he sped up, and it would slow down when he slowed down.  It was very close to the car and traveling about at about 25-50 feet skimming the open field that dad was driving along. We had been at my grandmother’s home.  It was a week day night as my dad had to go to work and my brother to school ( he was in the first grade )

I had heard the story many times.  It was out on S. Commercial the N/S Highway through town.   This would have been about 4 miles from my grandmothers’ house and about 12 miles from our home.  It was just before my dad passed away that I was sitting on the couch with him and asked him again, what happened, to go over it one more time as I wanted the correct information.  My mom was in the kitchen and walked into the living room where dad and I were talking.  I said “ dad was just telling me about the sighting you all had when you left grandmother’s house out on S. Commercial.  She said “ NO! “ I said “ What’ she said “ No it was not on South Commercial it was on Market Street .  My dad turned to look at her so fast you would have thought it would have given him whiplash. He said “ No !”

So I said well what was it?  Dad said it was out South Commercial and Mom said it was on Market NE.   Market NE was within a few blocks of our home. I asked mom if they stopped the car to watch ( dad said NO! ) mom said “ Yes, we stopped and watched”  I said “ Did you get out? “ Again “ dad said No he almost snapped it, and mom said “ Yes we got out and watched it as it was crossing the house ( goose house ) This was a house that they raised pigs and geese and it had a very distinctive odor. She said “ it was so low it almost hit the roof of the goose house as it was crossing it. Dad was very upset by this time.   But then I asked her if she remembered any of it and she said “ I have some marks that were not there before. So she proceeded to tell me and show me that she had 6 small match head size brown spots on her back, where the middle bar strap would hit. It consists of 3 small spots that formed a triangle and there were 2 identical triangles end to end forming a diamond. The size overall would be about 3 -4 inches from top to bottom.  Then she showed me the 2 deep blood red spots above and below her naval. Like blood blisters deep red under the skin.  Again she swears they were not there before the sighting.  Finally I asked about scoop marks, she asked me what they were. I described them and she lifted her walking shorts she was wearing and said “ Like these? “ There at the top, center of each upper thigh was a nicke size scoop mark/dimple looking spot.


It went a bit further and dad said they had come home, called the airport to report the sighting.  Dad said that the man at the airport said “ Yes we saw it come over, it was not making a sound and it was going so fast they would not have been able to track it, even if there had been a plane available to use, which there wasn’t. There was not any entry of this event, entered in the log books of that evening.  If the airport closed at 11:00 PM , and we left my grandparents at 9 PM , that would mean that we were ( somewhere ) for 3 hours for the 12 mile trip. Mom said I did not sleep that night.

I do not recall any of this but something happened to me and it was many years later that I guessed at what it was. When we would go to grandmothers after this event ( again I was less than 3 years old ) but the problems as I can recall them started when I was about 6 years old.  We would pass a auto parts store and I would turn my back from that side of the car and stare out the other window.  I would bite my arm to keep from screaming out.  But I could feel and hear the silent screams inside.  This continued till I was about 11-12 years old and for whatever reason, stopped, ( we moved away from the town )

In checking out the store some years ago to try to figure out what bothered me and what I was afraid of, it was a radiator store and had long dark hallways with rounded tops to the hallways.  When you looked down the hallways, you could see the hoses and tubes all hanging down from where they would hang them to store them before they were sold, or needed in the shop. It struck me that these tubes may have been a memory of something I saw the night the UFO paced our car.

I have had many more.  One of the most recent was July 1998 when I apparently went driving and called a friend at 2:45 AM and told her I was watching a UFO which I was chasing in the car and it was at the football field of the local high chool I had attended and she said I asked her to call the UFO investigator in Seattle Wa and tell them about it and it was not a airplane.  She said the line totally went dead after that.  So I checked, saw that the front and back doors were unlocked and my car was on the opposite side of  the driveway than where I usually park.  I drove over to the school and wondered if I would recall anything.  I knew I needed to find the house with the tan roof, as that is where I had been watching from.  I glanced at the paper where she had written verbatim the words she took off the answering machine from my call.
I was shocked to see there was Nothing on the paper about the tan roof, it was a real memory.


This one I have to share.  I can only tell you that I believe my sons.  They are both married with families now and really did not want to talk about this.

We were living out in the country about 1970 ( this was about 1 mile from the 1949 sighting. ) anyway I was pregnant and we were living on some property that belonged to my grandfather.  We had some small farm animals, chickens, etc. This property was large and deep.  It went way back to a old shed, that I used to love to explore that was filled with all kinds of “ junk “ that grandpa had brought to the barn/shed to store. There were some trees and boys being boys they wanted to build a fort.  I was concerned for them getting hurt and I did not drive as yet.  Unknown to me they had made a tree house.  Pieces of wood formed the ladder going up and then scrap wood formed the floor of the fort. Several years ago we were chatting and the subject turned to UFO’s etc.  Then my oldest son proceeded to tell me a fantastic story. He said “ he and his brother used to play with the neighbor kids in the fort they built.  I asked which kids ?  He said “ the bald headed ones”

I asked what he meant and he said these bald headed kids used to show up and play with them. I asked their names and he did not know. I asked what they Talked about and he said “ They did not talk, but we knew what they were saying “   Then his brother showed up, caught the drift of what I was talking about and said “ did you tell her about the time I cut my hands?  I said “ No, I did not know about that “

So he said they were climbing in the fort and I had come outside and called them in to lunch.  They were fearful they would get in trouble for having the tree house/fort and so the younger of the brothers’ said he slid down the ladder and in doing so, cut his hands very badly on the nails sticking through the wood.  He said he was really scared not from the cuts or pain, but because I would be really upset with them for building a fort after they had been told not to.

He said one of the bald headed kids came over, took his hands and just held them for a few seconds and the bleeding and pain stopped and when he looked, there was no marks where he had been cut by the nails.  Again, both of these men swear they are telling the truth. I would love to get more information from these events.

They really don’t want to talk about it too much, but what a wonderful experience and a real Encounter of the 1st kind. My sons are now 40 and 39 and would have no reason to lie as they had not told me anything before 2003.

More if you are interested.

Charlotte K.

Spaceship Clouds Emerald Bay, Lake Tahoe, Ca. from Lindy M.

Hi Bob T...

I had an amazing UFO sighting about 5 years ago in Idaho...Sun Valley area!  I was at home alone for first time in about 2 years (I think back, now, that this was on purpose!)  I had been watching the video, "Mighty Joe Young"...newer version ...I forgot it was a work week and realized I had to get to bed...turned off the video, climbed upstairs to my loft bedroom about 10:00PM.  (I was living on the outskirts of town at the time!)  As I was getting into bed I caught a flashing, strobing light out of corner of my first thought was...someone got stopped for speeding, I glanced down at the road and it was totally eyes then traveled upward, to the top of the hill across the road!   There, in all it's glory, were brilliant flashing/strobing/incredible lights ...(the craft was hovering on tip of the hilltop...which is not that high, but the highest in the area)....they were in globs ...separate colors of Red, Green, Gold and White, NO Blue! ...which I kept repeating to myself, so I wouldn't forget...and also alternating with, "Oh my God, Oh my God, Oh my God!!"  I didn't want to move, for fear that whatever was happening would go away....which it did, after about 3-4 minutes..seemed like a much longer time!  The craft was shaped in an oval ...about 2 medium sized aircraft wingtip to wingtip....then very slowly the craft got smaller and smaller until it appeared to be gone!  (I have researched since then and feel it was cloaking...just like in Star Trek!)  As this craft was so close (not looking through binoculars)....which we all have done, at one time or another!  This was my "all time" incredible true experience!...  
one more ...
A few years before this, I was driving north through the was dark ...about 9:00 PM...all of a sudden I saw a "gigantic" (as big as a house) neon green hollow globe, gently floating down, like a balloon ...behind one of the hills to the west...It was hollow inside and I could see through had sections like an orange ....a hologram-like globe!  I saw alot of cars on the road that night.... so I called the editor of the local newspaper the next day and asked if anyone else had reported the same thing ..she said yes, but no one could explain it and of course it never made it into the news! 
(I am a Buddhist and one of our 4 RULES is "Do not lie", I take my vows very seriously.)  No, I do not drink (or anything else) I am a health care professional!  This is a simple but true account...but words can not express the experience of seeing, with your own 2 eyes, what your mind can not comprehend!  
Thank you Bob, for asking us to share!   
Namaste, Johnita W.

Dear Bob,

I have some property in a relatively remote rural area in southern Arizona, about 18 miles south of Patagonia.
Many times I have seen clouds there that might be cloaking a spaceship, but  the one caught on the picture I am attaching was the most striking one.
I hope you will enjoy having it in your collection.
With love, blessings and great appreciation for the work you and Nancy do,
Robert  K., MD


I was attending an outdoor concert at the Kentucky State Fair in August 05, I could not see the stage clearly, so naturally I looked up to see if there were any starships above.  There was, and it was blinking along with the beat of the music.  I watched the ships lights until it drifted over the roof, I was watching them for over an hour.  It saddened me that they had left, a few minutes later they were back in view blinking the lights with the music, they stayed in sight until the end of the concert.  I was very grateful!!!  They must like Seether and  Dark New Days.


I have many stories, there is one ship in the sky during the summer, I can view it form the back yard at 11 p.m. looking directly east.  If they are not blinking, I think where is my Ship, and they will start blinking.  My son is a witness.  We saw one huge dark triangular ship, just overhead, it must not have been over 100 feet above the back yard, completely silent.  Now I live in Louisville KY. in the city of St. Matthews, not rural.  It blocked out the entire sky, and the light usually seen form the East with the businesses, a couple of blocks away.


P.S.  My son attended the Stained concert Derby eve, and a ship was blinking along with the music.  This was just on Saturday.


I don't know if this is what you are looking for, but I swear this is entirely truthful.  We have experiences every clear night, it is comforting to have this interaction.  My neighbors will come outside when we are out looking, and have had their own experiences, this is the Bible belt, and they don't know what they are seeing, when 1st contact is announced, they at least have had an introduction to the whole affair.




Lori P.

Louisville Ky.

Good morning,


I received an email requesting ET contact experiences.  I don't know if mine will qualify, but you are

welcome to review it.

My experience involves a dream I experienced, but it was very lucid and I almost feel as if it was not a dream.  I can remember just suddenly standing outside in the country somewhere, and I was intently looking up at a beautiful star-filled night sky.  I seemed to notice that a huge section of the sky was completely devoid of stars.  I became aware of a huge craft, the top and bottom portion black as the night sky, but surrounding the middle section was a row of white lights.  Because of these lights I could vaguely see the outline of the whole craft.  Suddenly the craft began to send symbols to me, which were outlined on the top dark half of the ship.  The first symbol will be meaningless to all but me if I don't provide some further explanation.  What first appeared in white lights was a symbol of a teddy bear.  Immediately with that vision came the remembrance of a past memory where I had had a conversation with someone explaining that I found a certain person quite intimidating.  The person replied to me, "Oh you don't have to be afraid... he's a real teddy bear."  I believe the occupants of the ship were informing me that they were much the same - at first appearing intimidating, but definitely friendly and not out to hurt me.  The second symbol was of a Mayflower moving van.  That symbol, if you really think about it, is pregnant with potential meaning.  In earth history, of course, the Mayflower ship brought people to a new land, to begin a totally new existence.  Are not the implications of this vision intriguing?  At least it is for me.

Then the craft began sending all kinds of symbols in rapid fire succession, overwhelming me with so much information that I could not consciously keep up.  Perhaps at a subconscious level I somehow was able to process all that I was receiving... I don't really know.  The next thing I knew I awoke in my bed, vividly recalling all that I just mentioned.

Anyway, that is what I have to offer.  Thank you for giving me the opportunity to share this with like-minded

individuals as yourselves.

Rebecca B.

Albany, Oregon

Hi Bob,

In 1984 I was traveling to Calgary from Kindersley , Sask. When I saw a green twinkling light falling from the sky, it was falling really funny, sort of around and down. Then all of a sudden it shot up above the clouds and I watched it for a bit before it disappeared. Then 2 years ago when I was on Vision quest I had a bear in spirit come to me the first night and breathe and push on my crown chakra, scared me a little, but I just started to pray to the Creator that I wanted to be able to go home to my little girl and then I seemed to drift off into another vision. When we came down from the mountain and into the sweat my elder told me 3 beings that were blue had joined us in the sweat. His wife does spirit writing and what come from that was the bear was connecting me to Star Nations so information could be downloaded. I realized later that year it was the energy that was being sent to Earth was being grounded through me. I found that information in one of the channels that I read that said this is what was happening to Lightworkers. I am so happy to be apart of all these changes. The spirit world is just the other dimensions that the Star Nations come from, it will be exciting when we are one.

Love and peace,


Hi:  In response to ET First Contact asking for sightings or encounters.

About the end of February this year (2006) at 9 PM on Sunday evening in Lake Montezuma, AZ.  my daughter and I saw a "star" grow in intensity and light and brilliance for several seconds to the size of a quarter (actually "Super Nova" came to mind) and then slowing shrink and dim and then just move on away from us.  It was thrilling and we knew we had witnessed a spacecraft in motion.
I have had UFO/Alien dreams for many years and that is what led me to Dr. J. Allen Hynek and the months I spent as his personal assistant.
I also had a sighting in India in 1983.
Ann E.
Sedona, AZ

Hi Bob,This picture was taken in July 2005, I don't recall the day. A friend called and said' go into your backyard and look up at the cloudship, I immediately called to my brother to bring out his digital camera and take a picture of it. Later I showed the picture to a friend who remarked he had seen it too and just commented how unusual it was. The next day another friend visited and I showed him the picture...he said oh my you got a picture, I was driving on the highway with my grandkids and they spotted it and said" look Grandpa a spaceship" we drove North it kept ahead of us and when I was finally able to pull off the highway to take a picture it disappeared behind a mountain. He took a copy of this picture and was excited to share it with family and friends. This cloudship was close to White Lake Astronomical Observatory in the South Okanagan BC and there was not a wimper of it in the press. Two other interesting sightings are associated with Lee Carroll visits to BC (with Kryon). One was 2 years ago when events happened that caused a freind and myself to walk into the presentation as Lee was packing up his equipment ( I sent that story to Nancy), my car had broken down and 2 days later when I went to pick it up and stopped for gas in Princeton there were cloudships that were smaller than this one and they stayed in view until I returned home safely. The second one was last night when Lee presented in Kelowna, on coming out of the hotel there was a very large cloudship similar to those pictured around Mt. Shasta and my friend and I both looked up and began to laugh at the appropriateness of this presence. Indeed, we are never alone.

Thank You . Blessings Jaynie

So, here goes: Back in 1970 (I was 9 or 10), my Mother was seeing ships in the sky where we lived, in Brielle, New Jersey, USA. She had been telling my Dad, who thought she had been drinking... so one night ~9 PM she woke me up & asked (told) me to come with her to the boat dock behind our house. There I saw ~12 ships making the strangeset movements in the sky. They were "blinking" in red, blue & green, and moved EXTREMELY FAST, making several different formations. When their "show" was over they simply sped off, "In the blink of an eye". Mom said that a few nights later she was out on the dock, and "a white light column" came down and enveloped her. She was very upset because she thought they rejected her! I say she simply doesn't remember what happened - or doesn't want to - as all she remembers is being on the dock (still), not the light leaving... Anyway, ~2 weeks later, we were walking across the bridge (beginning 1 house down from our house) with our Malamute, Cheechako, when a VERY TALL (Mom was 5'10" & he TOWERED OVER HER) MAN appeared at the other end of the bridge. Cheechko started growling (deep from the belly kind of growl) & was hugging Mom's leg, pushing into her. Distracted by this (he walked across the bridge to us), the next thing, HE WAS RIGHT NEXT TO US! This "man" was HUGE (but slender), wearing all black - and his (I'm really assuming it was a he) skin was darker than the night, at least what little was exposed, face & hands... it was as if black iridescence, as there were streetlights on, and I could see my flesh & Mom's flesh as "white". All I really remember, aside from this & Cheechako's growling & his sudden appearence (the bridge was ~1/2 mile long) - was that "his" eyes were sort of like a white beam that crossed over where eyes should have been - I looked at these "eyes", and said, "OK". Meanwhile, Mom tried to run with us (she doesn't remember the "eyes", or my saying "OK"), and in those few seconds, we turned around, and he was gone! We looked all around, and peered over the edge of the bridge. No marsh grass moving, no sound, no movement of any kind... simply GONE! This being the only physical encounter I remember - I've seen ships in the night sky MANY times. In New Jersey, in Pennsylvania, in Florida, and most recently where I live now, in the Smokey Mountains of SW Virginia. Here in Virginia, the lights are red, blue & green....again.... *********************************************

Thus ends my ET tales for sharing with you. Namaste. Carolyn

I had an encounter in the uk in april 1981 one sunday night in the uk - there were 3 of us in the car - driving along the A11 back from Harlow to Bishops Stortford and I made telepathic contact with the ufo - and it followed me home for about 15 miles and settled above my house! it definitely picked up my signal as it disappeared off the horzon as as soon as i sent my telepathic greeting it came all the way back to us, we stopped teh car and it was hovering over our car roof we then panicked and drove home aroudn 100 miles an hour however it still followed us all hte way to my house and i got dead scared and asked it to go, this was over a period from around 12.30 in the morning to about 1. 15 in the morning.... the second time was in Saudi Arabia in about March or April 2003 i had 3 aliens in my bedroom one night, as soon as they arrived i woke up, i was ok at first as they were obviously friendly (and curious as i had been doing light work prior to going to sleep) however one of them ('the baby one') moved from the end of my bed all the way to a few inches from my face and i panicked......... they left immediately as they didnt want to frighten me. it was a kind of de-materialisation it was a kind of telepathic contact. there were 3, 2 'adults' and a 'junior' shimmering white beings with very kind and loving faces who were smiling at me will revert in more detail brilliant idea to invite stories from the general public about their experiences kind regards

Theresa W.

Tripoli Jamahirya Libya:

Hi Bob,

In response to the letter by Mike Quinsey, I think I had an experience about 20 years ago. 
I had been really studying and pondering ETs as part of my unfolding mystical journey that began in the late 60s.  One night at the end of my bed were two beings.  One was short, the other a bit taller and they were of a blue/green phosphorescent type color.  I could not make out any details of the faces.  Within my head, I heard;  "We have light bodies, and communicate telepathically".  There was a great sense of love about them, and I had the feeling that they came simply because I had been asking so much about what ETs were.
I have always cherished that experience, although it was short and sweet.

Marilyn R.   Cedar, MI

Hi Bob,

My friend, Irene, asked me if I had seen the Rainbow Stars.  I said no, what are they?  She said they were twinkling stars that were shooting out light in red, blue, green and yellow colors.  They are all over, haven't you seen them?  I told her no but I would look for them tonight, 5-5-06.  She said to take my binoculars.

That night I let the dogs out and remembered to look up.  Sure enough there were the stars she was talking about.  I didn't see the shooting light from them, but they were excessively twinkly compared to other nights I have looked at them.  I went in and got my binoculars to take a better look.

There was a couple that were pretty good sized so I chose the larger of the two.  It was located in the NW sky.  I looked at it and it was an oval shape and leaning to the right of verticle.  At the top left it looked as if someone had taken scissors and clipped the edge off, so it was flat there.  The center was white light and the outside edge was like lights pulsating around the edge like a movie theater lights.  The lights were changing from red, to green, to red to green. 

I said to myself that sure looks like a space ship but I wish I could be sure it is.  A few moments later, it zoomed way out and got very small.  Then, without touching anything on my binoculars, everything went out of focus and I was seeing double of everything.  I could not get my binoculars to focus after that.

Last night I called my friend, Gordon, and told him of them.  He got his binoculars out and we stood out in the cold high desert night air and looked at them.  He saw them too.  Gordon commented that it was the stars in the Western sky and none in the eastern sky that were twinkling.  I looked and that was what I saw also.

Dana W.
Redmond, Oregon

Ok, this isn't a face to face contact, but it had an effect on me nonetheless, so I wanted to share it with you.  Last summer I went outside to do a short meditation.  I saw a beautiful star in the southwest.  I faced it, admiring it.  I remember telling it that I would come back after my meditation to look at it some more.   All of a sudden I felt this ray of light coming from it, and a beautiful feeling of being  loved came over me.  I also had a sense that this star knew me. My mind freaked, but my heart was ecstatic.  I returned to look at it after my meditation, and, I kid you not, it was gone.  I looked and looked for it, but I knew that part of the sky did not have a lot of stars, so I couldn't be mistaken, and 15 minutes is not a long time for a star to move away....  I believe it was a ship, and that in some way I knew these beings on board. 

The other experience I've had is this:  last fall I started reading the Arcturian Chronicles.  I was curious about the possibility of ships watching over us, so I looked into the sky, and asked a question of whoever was up there.....well, the clouds started forming shapes, very clear shapes....showing an answer in the form of pictures.   After my intial shock and disbelief, I went out about once a week to ask questions.  They always answered, and I was impressed that they knew me so well-some of the questions pertained to emotional issues deep inside that only my closest friend would know...
I returned to cloud questioning this spring, but my messages are changing: more than once I have had the feeling that these beings are not only in the sky, but also are as close as my backyard.  A couple times when I've asked a question, a part of my body hums or warms up...
It’s a bit overwhelming; I'm a very private person, and the possibility of someone being as close as the inside of my skin is  scary, but then again, I"ve never felt any judgement or condenscending  attitude from them
Thanks for letting me share this with you.  It's a bit long, so feel free to edit it if you use it on your website.  Please don't use my name, tho, thanks. 


By the way, these were taken between Boulder and Denver in an area called Westminster/Broomfield, CO

Eric H. M.


The End for Now