A Great "Cloud" Ship
At this time, I live in the Turtle Valley, (just outside of Chase, BC) which is about an hour's drive East of Kamloops, BC.
On about August of last year, a Great "Cloud" Ship was just above and a little left of my home.  It was HUGE, perfectly round (with flat bottom facing down) and absolutely not a normal cloud.  It was a dark peachy pink in the centre surrounded by darker silver colour, swirling together on the outer edges.  Then around the outside of the Silver, were small puffs of white, like cotton, exactly the same distance from the ship, all around it.  The energy being beamed from this ship was so thrilling.  The rest of the sky was totally blue with some other "cloud" ships just a bit in the distance.  These ones were more of a Pleiadian Shape.
Although the sight is permanently stamped in my memory, it was one of those times that I fervently wished that I had a good camera.  (For some reason, still not manifested!)
The sight was so breathtaking, that I actually did phone my sister and her husband, and they saw it too, although 15 minutes away from me over another mountain.
There are hundreds of "cloud" ships sited in this area.
I've been asking for direct contact with the Galactic Forces!  There is plenty of privacy and room in my back yard (80 acres) for them to land in!  :)
Blessings and Namaste,

A Cloud Sip picture, maybe Pleiadian?