Pictures of Cloud Faces

A&A and friends saw these cloud pictures in the skies above Santa Fe NM on April 3, 04. They feel that this is Father saying I'm here and It Is Very Close to Ring The Bell Time. Two distinct faces were the human/paschat faces of Alcyone--morphing from one into the other.


This coming week is spiking very high on the probability vectors. Keep the smiles a-comin'.


There were other symbols that they believe are related to Father as well. JC saw a large cloud-ship coming home last night and they and R/T saw it again early this afternoon. It was definitely a large craft and the same face appeared when they sent it a greeting.


E thought this guy in one of the pictures is peeking over the mountain. J thinks that he is upside down; it was surrounded by thin ship forms. They are both right. One large craft and 3 shuttlecraft.

P.S. The faces are usually over the largest/parent craft. And, they love to be enigmatic and upside down; it is only a slight shift in perspective. {For those who have eyes to see and a playful child spirit.}