SaLuSa  17-October-2008


My Dear One’s I come again, to address the reactions from the “Sighting”, and it is with sadness and surprise at the negative response of a relatively small number of people. Your Lightworkers are dedicated souls who come to Earth to serve others and help them on their evolutionary path. They often sacrifice much in their lives to follow their ordained path, and seek no glory or recompense for what they do in the name of Love and Light. Without their presence and unstinting loyalty to their cause, I can tell you that you would not be as enlightened as you are now. There is joy and satisfaction in the work they do, and nothing that gives them more happiness and joy to feel that they have helped other seeking souls.


It is therefore with surprise that I learn of the vociferous and abusive reaction to Blossom Goodchild and her work. She is a courageous soul with great dignity and Love and Light, and is one who seeks to create laughter and happiness around her that has been a feature of her service. Yet in her disappointment as the messenger of the sighting that did not materialise, has been emotionally upset because she feels for everyone who believed in the “Sighting”. There is a facet of the human psyche that is extremely judgemental and “kicks people when they are down”, and perhaps those who felt such negative emotions against her should look within and question them. Human’s are coded genetically so that they can experience emotions, but it is a two edged sword and you can go through all the extremes of love to hate. Part of your spiritual evolution is to learn how to correctly use such powerful energies, and exercise control over your feelings. Coupled with pride that often comes through egotistical thinking, you sometimes forget that you are inherently Spiritual Beings seeking to bring out Love and Light.


Abuse to the point of threats against the person, is a sad reflection of the violent society you live in, one that your Masters and many others have tried to change through their teachings. We recognise that the challenge to raise up your vibrations in the midst of so much negativity is very difficult, but these are the goals of anyone who aspires to express their Higher Self whilst on Earth. It can be done and a multitude of souls are with you at this time both on and off Earth, who practise and teach self-control. They show you the way to find that quiet spot within where you can contact your Higher Self, your God Self. Therefore if you aspire to experience more of those higher energies through your concentrated efforts, you must seek to live in Love and Light, and lift yourself out of the lower vibrations.


We of the Star Nations are ascended Beings and have long risen above the lower emotions, and we tell you so that you know it is achievable. We highlight the life of Jesus as an example for the reason that it shows you what can be achieved, and is one that most of you are familiar with. You know the words of the Master about loving others as yourself, and of forgiveness and all of those aspects of a soul living in Love and Light. Indeed, in the ultimate living with the ability to express and act with Unconditional Love to all life forms. It seems to us that the lessons you learn about life are very hard, and you tend to forget them in moments of anger. Karma is also a factor, and in these end times can be brought back to you quite quickly. The fact that you are One is often impressed upon you, yet you forget such an important teaching. Would you cut off your feet to spite your legs, because how you treat others is what comes back to you? . Remember, that what you do to you others you do to yourself.


We know that the vast majority of you strive very hard to achieve spiritual progress, and that delights us immensely and we will one day soon welcome you on board our ships. They are alive with the higher vibrations of love, and visitors seldom want to leave the harmony, joy and happiness that they feel all around. Unlike Earth there is no negativity or lower vibrations, as we have moved far beyond them. It is possible to create such conditions on Earth, except that you have forgotten who you truly are, and your creative powers to change the existing vibrations. It is understood by us that you face immense opposition to bringing love fully into being, but as you know there is a Divine Plan of which we are an integral part that will achieve it in readiness for Ascension.


Duality is a fast track cycle that allows for great progress along your spiritual path, but there is of course a down side if you stray away from it. Nevertheless, there is a silver lining to every cloud and that is the lessons that you learn from your experiences. It is human to make mistakes and no one in the higher realms will admonish you for them, but we do try our best to help you understand how to lift yourselves up and progress as a result. You came originally from the higher dimensions as highly evolved souls, and through the fall into the lower vibrations have suffered amnesia and have forgotten it. You have every potential within to regain your higher position, and as your consciousness continues to rise up so you open yourself to even greater possibilities of advancement.


We of the Galactic Federation and other groups of Space Beings, along with advanced souls from even higher realms are with you even if unseen. We are guiding you towards an epic and unique opportunity to leave this cycle of duality for once and for all. It is carried out with Love and Light and great respect for you all, and we do mean “all”, and we see your different vibrations and how low they are in some instances. However we also see that each and everyone carries a Spark of God within, even if its Light is diminished. We love you for what you really are and see beyond your physical body, and know you have the strength to find your way back to the path of Light. It is our mission to help you achieve it, and we ask you to follow our example by helping your fellow souls with love through their torment and troubles.


I am SaLuSa from Sirius and know you can feel from the heart, the home of the soul. Be kindly and loving and start with Self, and you will find that you will lift up out of the lower vibrations. Not only that, but you will also be able to protect yourself against them and become a beacon of Light amidst the darkness. Be of Love and live your lives as you would have others live theirs


Thank you SaLuSa

Mike Quinsey.