Ag-agria  17-October-2007


Prepare for the changes if you have not already given them your attention. They are coming into being and there will be dramatic events taking place. Naturally there will be resistance from some quarters where a different end-time was expected. It is the initial period that will determine how soon we can announce our coming, as we cannot do that if the populations are in disarray. For this reason we have our allies at the ready to be our spokesmen, and they will be backed by us and that support will be there for all to see.


We have been widening our influence for a long time, and many different channels have been covering our activities. We consider that you are largely in readiness for our arrival, but there are important preliminaries that must be carried out. There will be a phase where a major responsibility will lay on the shoulders of our present contacts and representatives. More will rally around those persons once they understand the reason for our presence. We are therefore anticipating a friendly reception to the idea of our coming.


Our gauge of your level of consciousness suggests it is growing at an unprecedented pace, and even in a relatively short period it can exceed our expectations. We have to be sure of our position before we announce our inevitable long planned arrival upon your Earth. You will have noticed that we have made many more appearances in your skies than ever before. We show you quite clearly that we have peaceful intentions, and also your governments and military forces that we cannot be engaged in confrontations. In any event we can deal with the attempts to shoot down our craft, as our technology far outweighs anything that you yet have on Earth.


Our approach to you has always been one of guarded contact, and where we see the potential for trouble we take evasive action. We do not use our superiority to retaliate against your military in a destructive way, unless we are forced into that situation. We have shown on many occasions that we can pinpoint any military installation, regardless of whether it is hidden. Attempts to go deep underground are futile, as it makes no difference to our ability to locate them. There have been many times when we have been forced to back up our claims to protect you by disarming some weaponry. Even so, your dark forces insist on trying to develop even more heinous forms that pose a serious danger to the whole world.


It is the senseless reasoning of those in charge that would rather leave the Earth in a state of disaster, than concede to the peaceful demands repeatedly given to them. We are the authorised ambassadors of the Galactic Federation, that are pledged to represent Humanity in the course of carrying out the changes that have been decreed. You have already been accepted as members of our Federation, and it is our duty and wholehearted intention that you should take your place along side of us. We have a vested interest in you if only because many of our members have taken a physical incarnation on Earth to work with us both. You would in fact be surprised as to how many of you come into this category. In time you will know for certain as to your link with us, and there are already many of you that feel that pull towards us for that reason.


Dear Ones, you are so close to those momentous happenings that will be the start of the cleansing of your leaders and their cohorts. Most countries have very unstable political set ups, which are in some cases absolute dictatorships. These cannot last much longer, as firstly the people have “spoken” and desire change from the continual oppression. Moreover, the Light is permeating the Earth and is weakening the hold of those who use the old ways of the dark that are brutal force and denial of your freedom. As we have often told you, the old energies have had their day and can longer serve the interests of the people. In their own way they have shown mankind the path that he took, when the level of vibrations dropped to such a low point that you forgot your divine inheritance, but that must now change.


You were allowed to drop into the lower levels, because your vibrations no longer held the positive energies that brought peace and contentment to your lives. Man of old has always been very territorial and insular, and it has resulted in continual wars that have gone on consistently throughout your history. It is not easy for those who still think this way but if they cannot change or refuse to do so, they will leave the Earth before Ascension. Is it no wonder that there is much confusion at present, as it can be seen that the old structures are breaking down, but the new are not yet in place.


Soon the way will open for a clear view of what the future holds. You will see all that lacks harmony and balance removed, and an air of peace and great expectancy will fall over the Earth. It is in accordance with your higher desires, and your subconsciousness memories of your time in those dimensions of Light and unparalleled beauty. Your place is not amongst the lower vibrations unless you choose them, but some souls have broken contact with their Higher Selves and are literally in the dark.


So I say once again prepare for the changes, but look to the horizon and see Beings Of Light that come nearer to you. The process of Ascension is well under way and for those last steps they will accompany you. You are revered and loved by all, and what better time for them to appear and take your hand to lead the way home. The Earth as you know is a pale reflection of what it is to be, and you will be here to witness the changes that will prepare it to ascend with you. It is a glorious time to be present and as you love to say “you haven’t seen anything yet”.


I am Ag-agria a Sirian who works with Michael to illuminate your minds and stir your hearts to grasp the momentous time you are in. We say you are quite privileged to be on Earth to participate in the end times. Go with the flow, and it will be an exhilarating and fulfilling experience. Be open and give of your love to your fellow beings, and let the vision unfold for all people.


Thank you Ag-agria.

Mike Quinsey.