SaLuSa  16-November-2007
The atmosphere is electric as the energies are growing in intensity, and something eventually has to give and it will not be the Light. It is eternal and endless, and only limited by your ability to bring it to Earth thus ensuring a continual flow. The result is inevitable and all will be lifted up into the higher dimensions. Go with the flow and be changed, or divert to another path that is your choice. Some feel that they have been thrust into situations against their freewill. However, that is not so as whatever you encounter that has any bearing on your life, is planned for your experience and agreed upon by you.
Many have arrived on Earth specifically to have an input at this time, and have spent much of their earlier years in preparation. The Light is not idle while the dark launch their battle to gain supremacy. We know fully well who is destined to stand up for the Light and what their role is to be. Our part is to accompany such souls and give our protection to them, and with their commitment comes ours and together we are a formidable force.
We have no limitations as to which level we can advance those working for the Light, it can be spiritual guidance or inspirational where scientific or other professional help is needed. There is so much more going on than you realize, and as you know by now we work quietly and efficiently without drawing attention to ourselves. When we want to be noticed such as the increasing evidence of our presence in your skies, it is also carefully planned so as to avoid confrontation as that is not our way.
We know exactly what is taking place and also what is planned, and little or nothing will take us by surprise as we will be ready for any outcome. Some matters are beyond our authority to intervene but we stand in readiness when we are called upon by the Lords of Karma, and the Councils that oversee the affairs of Man and Earth. We now see the opportunity arising that will signal great changes, and once the dark lose their positions of power their complete collapse will soon follow. From that point onwards we will be able to prevent the dark from mounting a final attempt to cause massive destruction, with the anger and frustration they will try to vent upon the people.
Time is ever speeding up, and where it seems to have taken an eternity to reach the present position it will soon rapidly move into the next phase. Knowing that we are with you should ease any concern you feel, as we shall ensure that matters do not get out of hand. We see you standing up for your rights and that is necessary if you are not to become completely subdued. However, we ask for both caution and perseverance so that your efforts are controlled and not too hasty. Remember that the dark are masters at creating chaos, and will seize upon any opportunity to use your actions against you.
As ever, keep the object of your endeavors in your sight, and do not be distracted from your intent to bring reason and good sense back into your society. You are being driven onwards by each action of the dark forces, and finding ways to respond that prevent them over powering you. You are more than equal to the task because you have the Light on your side. It will give strength when you need it, and ensure that you are empowered to follow through with your plans to unseat the dark leaders. Our allies have been working towards this goal for many years, and the fruits of their work are bringing the final acts into being.
There are still many souls who have not yet awoken to the truth to what is going on around them. However, the Light will continue to grow and it is tugging at their heartstrings, so that they can stand aside from what they see outwardly. When they become detached from their mind programming, they will better understand what is really taking place. Little is really what it seems, and is contrived to give the dark total domination over you. Their plan has faltered and their secrets are coming out, and although they blatantly try to pursue it they are failing to hold on to their power.
After all that has been said we can assure you that your future is safe in our hands. You cannot yet know how much more disastrous matters could have been without our help. Our presence is to ensure that Ascension takes place, and that this cycle is concluded as planned. We are caring for you and Mother Earth who have become weighted down by the abuse suffered. That will stop and our efforts will be directed towards restoring everything to its original pristine condition, when it was truly the Garden of Eden.
You now know that we are here for your well-being, and our increased presence in your skies is our way of assuring you that you are not alone in your fight for freedom and peace. You have learnt much about us from various sources, and this in spite of attempts to deny our existence. The calls for an official recognition of our craft and us is growing in intensity, and the pressure will force those who are reluctant to agree to such an admission to address this issue. By bringing the subject more into the open, it will allow free discussion without the usual ridicule that has accompanied it previously.
Truth is presently a rare commodity on Earth, but once we arrive a new attitude and approach will emerge to clear away the cobwebs of deceit and lies that have prevailed. The Light acting as a cleansing energy is sweeping away the pockets of darkness, and allowing the truth to enter. Follow your intuition when in doubt as you will be seeing and hearing of matters that will both shock and astonish you. It is difficult sometimes to admit that you have been tricked into believing that you had to give up your rights, to those who are revealed as working for the dark. They have broken your trust in their words and actions, but never again shall they hold this power over you.
I am SaLuSa of the Galactic Federation that is spiritually motivated by the love of all life. We carry out the Creator’s dictates where you and Earth are concerned, and we cannot fail in or task to lift you up again to levels where you really belong. Do not falter now your goal is in sight, and draw the intense love that goes with you that is continually sent to you from the higher realms. It is your strength and protection for all time.
Thank you SaLuSa.
Mike Quinsey.