Atmos  14-November-2007


Time is on your side as all proceeds satisfactorily, with our assurance that the Light is victorious. It cannot be any other way, as the dark cannot sustain itself. As you withdraw the energies that have fed them, so their ability to influence you is weakening. You can now see the game plan and to be forewarned is to be forearmed, and the deceit that abounds is no longer able to obscure the truth. The trust that you had in your leaders has long been broken, and now you look for those who can take their place. Already souls that have long awaited their opportunity to come forward, have stepped into the affray. Their Light is attracting growing support, and as each day passes it grows even stronger.


The days of the dark are numbered, and soon they and their minions will be removed from their positions of power. By their actions they are providing the evidence that mounts against them. Each time they fail to achieve their aims, so their plans become more outrageous as they try to cling to their objective of gaining world power. That is not to be and they refuse to admit that it is a lost cause, and they know that changes for the good are taking place. They seek to stall them, and try to prevent their goal to lift people up and enable them to see beyond the present chaos. The course is irrevocably set for your freedom and restoration of your rights. They will set the standard for the rest of the world, as religious and political differences are put aside.


In these present days, Man more than ever is accepting that he cannot be separated from the Oneness of the Human Race. In this realization lies your salvation, as there will be a great coming together as the barriers are broken down. You are finding that your aspirations are no different to any others, and all seek peace and contentment. It comes from knowing that allowance must be made for tradition and cultural differences, and freedom of choice is paramount.


For eons of time the dark have concentrated on the differences between races, and that built up a resistance to others on that basis. Now you have multi-racial societies and those barriers have been broken down. Inter-marriage has also played its part, and now it is only those with a bias against people other than of their own color, who refuse to change their views. Those who have grown in their spiritual understanding, easily accept the Oneness of Humanity. They see beyond the outer appearance and accept that all has come from the same Source of All That Is.


Your new and enlightened understanding of Man and his place in the Cosmos, is important to our coming as you will find we are humanlike in appearance. You will learn that like you we have also walked the spiritual path and in that we are no different. However, in time you will also meet evolved Beings that are less humanlike, but again have come from the Source as you have. We cannot come if it evokes fear amongst you, and your dark leaders are aware of this and will play upon it to set you against us. You must guard against it, although we firmly believe that so many have become enlightened to the truth of our peaceful existence, it will be to no avail.


On the contrary you will find that our association with you over eons of time, has been one of co-operation and assistance. Our work is not to be confused with the activities of the group you call Greys, who have been responsible for abductions and cattle mutilation. In reality they are not evil as you might term it, but are here by agreement with your Government. They largely keep themselves out of your sight, and work for the survival of their own race. The influence behind those of the dark, is off world and is prevented from interfering directly with Earth.


We often remind you of how special you are, and that also applies to Mother Earth who has carried you with her since this planet was prepared for your occupation. Not one of you is here by chance, and the affairs of life throughout the Universe are orderly and planned. Freewill operates within the plan for Man as it does elsewhere, but nothing can alter the greater plan orchestrated by the Creator. Life is a great opera where all play their part, and when the curtain comes down you will all take a bow. Your true reality is not on Earth at all it is in the realms of Light.


When the time shortly comes when we can directly address you, we shall enlighten you to many truths about yourself. You are children of the Cosmos, and Earth has been your temporary home to allow you to experience duality. Now that cycle is closing and it is only natural that you shall return to your true home. We know that many will be confused and find it difficult to comprehend. However, we shall gently introduce you to your history, and fully explain where your future lies. Life is infinite and a whole series of experiences that never cease. We can assure you that once you gain an understanding of the truth of your reality, you will gladly move into the higher realms and have no reason to look back.


As you move into the higher dimensions, you will take the positives out of your earthly experiences that have made you into a more evolved soul. You will have lifted your selves into dimensions of Light, that reflect the perfection of creation in every way. The struggles that are part of your every day existence upon Earth will disappear, and instead life will be idyllic and full of happiness and joy. Love will abound and this energy permeates all that is and holds it together.


I am Atmos of the Galactic Federation, and my home is Sirius and some of you have been allowed to visit it. Usually that is because you are also one of our Brothers or Sisters, but in the future as ascended Beings such visits will be open to all of you. As an evolved Being you will be allowed to travel wherever you desire, as it is known you will respect and acknowledge the sanctity and divinity of other souls. Take pride in your birthright to walk amongst us, We Are All One and thus it shall remain. 


Thank you Atmos.

Mike Quinsey.