St. Germain 12-November-2007

We consistently tell you that you have great power of thought, and that you are great Beings. We do so because we wish to emphasize these facts about you, and to be fully aware of them. Much of the progress you are making is down to your ability to mold your own future within the framework we have given you. We refer to the end times known by many as the time of Ascension that is tied in with the Winter Solstice of 2012.

It is important for your understanding, that everyone realizes that they have the power to manifest their vision of the future. It then becomes a collective energy that connects with those of a like vibration, as a massive thought form. At present there is sufficient energy of Light to ensure that it is victorious, and it is causing opposition to it to by the dark to fall away. Not completely, but sufficient to allow the changes you seek to come into being.

Bear in mind that we greatly influence those who are aligned with the Light, but in no measure do we force it upon people. We help direct your efforts into suitable channels, so that the plan for Man unfolds as intended by the higher forces of Light. We stand alongside each soul that supports and assists the goals that are laid out before you, and together we wield the power of the Light for the good of all. Also know that many of you have entered this time specifically to work with the Light, and it is a key factor in your life plan.

Behind everything that we do is Love and Light, beaming out from those on high who are great Beings who hold the Universe in their hands. Earth is a special planet that houses the souls who have undertaken to clear the dark energies that have caused havoc upon it, as a wonderful service to all other life forms. Dear Ones, this is why you are so much greater than you can possibly imagine. You have plumbed the depths of darkness, yet arisen again to find your Light within. Now with all of your experience you can lift yourselves up to even higher levels, allowing for the coming and completion of this cycle through Ascension.

Because you are so successful, you are striding ahead and preparing the stage for the final thrust of the Light. You will take a great leap forward as the dark are removed from their power base, and no longer able to interfere with the end times. A magical time approaches when a celebration will travel across the Earth, as you realize that you have been released from the influence of the dark. How joyful that time will be when your freedom is fully returned, and you will be able to forge ahead and create a new Earth.

More people than ever are finding the ability to detach themselves from the negative energies. In consequence, the dark are finding it

impossible to exercise total control over you. Their attempts to rescue their plan for global domination have not yet ceased, but as

they cast caution to the wind so their intent becomes more obvious. This is their undoing as no longer will the majority be fooled, and

there is unavoidable confrontation as a result. Threats will abound and action taken to try and destabilize the groups that are rising up

against them, but it will be to no avail.

You are winning a battle that will change the direction of this Universe, one that is watched by so many civilizations who know that the outcome is also important to them. You are the last bastion of the dark energies and it is imperative that the Light comes out supreme. We would say the battle has already been won by the Light, although you cannot yet see that outcome upon Earth. The dark have the same measure of freewill as you do, and they represent the unknown factor that dictates the present course of Humanity. However, you have found out how to oppose them without raising a finger, and the Light you direct towards them is breaking down their power base.

Every single person that has recognized their divinity and has brought their Light to the fore, has contributed to the changes that you now see manifesting. This has allowed even more Light Beings from the higher realms to assist you as you attract more Light to yourselves. It is a time for individual change, and most advantageous for moving into the Light, to such a degree that you can leave the dark behind. Living in the Light is your protection, and your calmness and peace is the proof of your success. You are unassailable if you so wish, providing you keep your aura of Light around you and do not open it up to lesser influences.

You are Masterís who are awakening to your understanding of life and its purpose. You are re-claiming your status as fully developed Beings of Light, and before this cycle closes shall have returned to that level. Believe what you hear about your greatness, as you have come into duality from much higher levels where you lived in the splendour and wonders of perfect creation. You also understood the truth about yourself, and that shall again be restored. There is much excitement in the heavens, as it is apparent that you are so near to achieving success in directing your lives onto a new path.

It is the energy of love that abounds all around you, and fills the Universe with the building blocks of all that exists. The Creator is that Source of Life, and continues to create from the desire to experience through you. All is therefore a part of the Creator and has infinite life as it is continually breathed in and out. Your life is sacred, yet you can choose to change your path by creating your own reality. That is the Creatorís gift to you, and why your choice is honored so that you can experience as you wish.

I am St. Germain, and can tell you that this present period is one of many that will conclude this year with many opportunities to receive more Light. Portals are opening, and the Light Grid of Earth is increasing in power and size. It is speeding up the process of Ascension, and also the changes of a physical nature that will effect the composition of all matter. It is moving into the higher vibrations and becoming more of the Light. Many of you are already experiencing such changes, and recognize them for what they are. They will continue for the remainder of this cycle, until you are once more a God in your own right in readiness to take your place in the dimensions of Light.

Thank you St. Germain.

Mike Quinsey.