Diane  5-November-2007


The glory days are coming when peace shall descend upon Earth, and a great upsurge of co-operation will take place to sweep away the differences that have existed for eons of time. It will come through the recognition and understanding of your Oneness of purpose, knowing that all contribute to the upliftment of each other. It will be seen that regardless of your cultural or religious differences, that you are ultimately all on the same journey. Many factors have been slowly bringing you together, and people are becoming reluctant to accept more divisions or restrictions upon their movements.


Intermarriage and migration have been breaking down social taboos, that have maintained the differences between people of different origins. Language barriers are the last to be overcome, and with the coming of First Contact the technology will be distributed to overcome that problem. There is a small device that translates the spoken word, one that can easily accompany you wherever you go. Eventually you will reach a stage when even that is no longer required, as telepathic communication will become the accepted way.


There was an earlier time when telepathy was widely used, but with the descent into the lower vibrations that ability was virtually lost. Many different languages developed, and groups became isolated from each other because of it. It has served a purpose allowing uninterrupted growth with little outside influence. Now it is time to move on yet again, and become a civilisation that acts and thinks in unison with each other. The doors of opportunity will open wide to a deeper understanding of the end times. It will offer a last chance to everyone who has yet to make up their minds as to their future. Freedom of choice is paramount as ever, and the options will be made quite clear.


There is not a single soul who can be considered unworthy to ascend, but unless you are prepared to lift your vibrations into the Light you cannot enter the levels that will carry you forward. The Laws of Attraction work in perfection, so that beyond the Earth it is a limiting factor as to where you can go. This is why there is two distinct realities emerging that will carry people onwards after this cycle of duality ends. No one will be without understanding of these times before the final choice has to be made.


The awakening process is something you attract to yourself, even if you are not consciously aware of it. It has worked this way all through your life, and it is why you always seem to gravitate towards those people and situations that harmonise with you. It does not mean that you will always like it, as you are creating your own circumstances all of the time. This has been the message all along, so that you can become aware of your power to create your own reality. It occurs on an individual level or as a complete civilisation, and the resultant effect determines the level of Human consciousness. Because of the Lightworkers it is growing, and has reached a stage where its power is irreversible and is fast approaching critical mass.


Dear Ones, you are in the time of change which is causing the chaos and loss of direction. It is part of the cleansing away of the old regime that is breaking up. It no longer serves the higher purpose of those who aspire to evolve into the Light, and it must therefore be removed. Look beyond the daily happenings, and see that matters are gradually falling into place that herald the start of a new Humanity based on peace and love for each other. The dark have had their day and almost finished as their influence wanes. The Light permeates every corner of the world, and you will notice that unrest is not confined to the West. The energy being created is the bedrock for the changes you seek, as out of all the activity will come the results you pray for.


We of the Galactic Federation as always see the whole picture very clearly. More importantly for you we are authorised to prevent certain activities of the dark from succeeding. We monitor all that is happening upon Earth, and indeed all that is planned by the dark forces. Their hands are tied so that no longer can they use might and power to control you. Their ability to cause death and destruction has been curtailed until such time as they are finally removed. They look to impose total control over you on a global scale, but that will not be allowed. Have no fear, as we are a presence to be reckoned with, even if you do not hear a great deal about our activities.


Fear is still the greatest enemy of the Light, and you would do well to keep that in mind as the dark try to extend their draconian powers. It calls for brave men and woman to stand up for the truth, and galvanise opposition against them. The power of the people is critical in such times, and know that however many laws are created they cannot take your rights away from you. We see the Light ever increasing and that is the assurance of victory for both of us. Also remember that you are here on Earth at this time, because you desired to participate in the end times. It will be a fitting end to duality and a unique event because it is your opportunity to leave it permanently behind.


There is a time coming very soon when we will have openly landed upon Earth. You will have been prepared for that great reunion which we eagerly await, one that shall finally put an end to the old ways of living. You will be quickly transformed into the first stages of a Galactic society, until all undesirable aspects of old Earth are cleared away or transformed. This will all be in preparation for your final upliftment into the higher dimensions. The joy and happiness will know no bounds, and a freedom experienced that has not existed upon Earth since the great spiritual heights of Atlantis and Lemuria.


I am Diane from Sirius, and pleased to assure you of the wonderful future that lies ahead of you. We are you, and who better to make that link with your future selves we know what you desire and will ensure that the Plan for Man is fulfilled. You are to move fully into the Love and Light, and Ascension is the manner in which it shall be done. You have unlimited love to share with all life, and it shall no longer be hidden or curtailed by the dark influences. Let your Love flow freely at all times, and be the Gods that you already are.


Thank you Diane.

Mike Quinsey.