SaLuSa  14-May-2010


Eventually time will wait for no man because certain targets have to be reached to prepare you for Ascension. The cleansing of Earth is vital and necessary to clear your karmic responsibilities to Mother Earth, and we do not really desire to compress too much into the last few months that remain, before the end of 2012.  We can do it, but we want you to play an important part in these end times. As you take back your power your energies should be directed towards establishing a new society, that is governed by rules of Law that are both fair and honestly applied. There is much that exists that is not in accordance with such aims, and it is your influence and demands that can change it. Speak up Dear Ones and your voices will be heard, and there will be favourable changes.


We dearly wish to see you sail through the final days of duality, and for quite some time now you have been given every guidance to see that you do. If you experience difficulties particularly where other people are concerned, please bear in mind that in the time that is left major karmic promises are being played out. These take place with your permission and cooperation, and indeed anyone who is touched by what happens. With a more informed understanding of what it means, you should be prepared for the outcome and able to take it in your stride. If you feel you have been cast as the victim, remember that you agreed to take that role. See it as an opportunity to express yourself as a soul that is leaving behind the old system, where blame is usually apportioned. The lessons for everyone should be apparent, but all are equally involved. When you have acted out your part and the play is over, allow the final curtain to come down on it.


This lifetime for you is a defining point, to determine whether or not you can progress sufficiently to take the quantum leap forward that is being offered to you. Intent is the first step, and from thereon you should be able to find your own pathway. Your life will change track onto one that carries you into the Light, and you will begin to open up to your true Self. Each of you can rise up, but you will need to set your sights upon what you want, and how you see it manifesting for you.  Simply put, you stay within your Light at all times and allow yourself to flow with events. Hopefully you will ride along on the crest of a wave, and sweep aside all that no longer serves your purpose. Change you must, if you wish to follow through and establish a firm path to Ascension.


It has taken a long time to reach this point in your evolution, so take it with both hands. Such an opportunity will not come your way until the end of the next solar cycle, and that is over 26,000 years. It is true that any individual can ascend at any time if they reach certain high levels of vibration. However, at the end of a cycle it is always planned to allow for a mass opportunity. As now, it is achieved by uplifting the vibrations so that each soul is helped to rise up. Never lose sight of the fact that you are privileged to be on the Earth at such a special time. If you could experience the joy and absolute peace of our dimension, you would not hesitate to grasp your opportunity now. Some souls have of course pre-planned to sample the incoming Light, but do not yet feel ready to go any further.


Neither you nor the Earth resides in your natural level of vibration. You are far greater than you believe, and are Beings of Light that have temporarily lowered it for experiences in duality. You can have delightful and exquisite experiences in the 3rd. dimension, but what if they were your natural state of being. Knowing the truth, would you really turn down the chance to move into the blissful realms where only Love and Light exist? I doubt it, yet many wait to be convinced, and as much proof as possible will be placed before them. It is still your choice whatever way you look at it.


Meanwhile we play the waiting game, knowing that momentous changes are in the offing. At last matters are accelerating and we see events coming along quite speedily. It will be both exciting and shocking in some ways as the truth is revealed, and you realise how manipulated and controlled you have been. Not only that, there have been so many crimes committed against Humanity, your history will have to be largely re-written. It is perhaps the scale of deceit and deliberate plans to set you against each other that will shock you. Many wars have been deliberately caused and situations set up to deplete the population, and keep you from acquiring knowledge that would release you from the control of the Illuminati. The so-called Third World has been kept at the poverty level and not allowed real opportunities to benefit from being educated. It has also had its natural resources worked by other countries, without receiving due recompense.


It is the feeling of separateness instead of Oneness that is missing, and until you really live as each otherís keeper you will not move forward. However, having said that those who are spiritually aware cannot be held back for that reason. It is because this situation exists that there has to be a dividing of the ways, allowing for every soul to follow their chosen path. God is not concerned as to how you choose to experience, having given you total freedom to do as you wish. Life is infinite, and you have all the time you want to make your way back to the Light. No two paths are identical, and that is the beauty of the experiences that you will carry forward with you. How much greater you will all be when you rise up to such high levels, that you can share them together. There is certainly no need for each soul to experience everything themselves, and by sharing you move even quicker into the higher dimensions where you become a Being of Light.


I am SaLuSa from Sirius, and like my companions have been through the lower dimensions, and therefore have an appreciation of what you are going through right now. It brings out our love for you as exceptionally brave souls to have taken on duality. That you would be prepared to suffer and lose your real identity to do so, is a sign of how spiritually mature you really are and your love for God. You know that it does not matter whatever happens, you will always return to the Source of All That Is.


Thank you SaLuSa.

Mike Quinsey.