SaLuSa  19-May-2008


In a period of time when so much is happening upon Earth, we emphasise the need to be vigilant and see beyond the immediate effects. As we have informed you for so long, changes on the Earth are both inevitable and necessary to once again restore it to a pristine condition. Over the last century the land and seas have been badly polluted, and without being reversed it would lead to a complete breakdown of the food chain, and the continuity of life. Already some species of animals have disappeared, and many more are under threat. In recent times it has become more serious, with the dangerous fall out from nuclear weapons.


The deteriorating conditions on Earth are such, that without our coming and use of advanced technology to reduce its effect, your planet would not be in readiness for Ascension. Also left to her own devices, Mother Earth would need to be far more volatile to reverse them. We as always keep an eye on what is happening, but can only get to full grips with the problems by openly coming to you. For many years we have warned successive Governments of the dangers of nuclear fall out and radiation, but little notice has been taken. As a source of energy it is unnecessary with so many other means now at your disposal. Free energy that is clean and in unlimited supply can at a stroke solve your problems, but is withheld to allow the oil companies to continue profiting at your expense.


Our advice is intended to be helpful and we do not condemn your way of progress. That has been your choice in accordance with your freedom to experience whatever you desire. The problem is that you have not been allowed to move on, and benefit from the many new technologies given to you over quite a number of years. Now it must change so that you can quickly halt the slide into chaos, which the dark use as an opportunity to further their own agenda. The negative energies that abound upon Earth are creating problems all around, and in these conditions Man will be unable to restore law and order, and find the world peace that has been absent for hundreds of years.


With our coming and plan for the restoration of Earth, the changes will quickly alleviate the present conditions. The first series of actions will address the needs of the poorest countries, and in general terms we look to ensure that the homeless and hungry and lifted out of their misery. In the long term we shall set up institutions that will handle political and financial concerns in a correct manner. The result will be Governments that truly and honestly represent their people, and banking systems that operate a fair policy. We have informed you for some time that the benefits of NESARA have incorporated into our plans, and they will ensure that poverty and debt become a thing of the past.


You can take full credit for the turnaround in your fortunes, as it was not so long ago that you looked unlikely to pass beyond the Millennium. The mass consciousness upon Earth has grown remarkably fast, by absorbing the Light that streams to you from many sources beyond it. It has been responsible for bringing hope and a new dawn where the dark forces no longer have any influence. Their power is already diminishing and their cherished dream of world control is fading away. They refuse to acknowledgement defeat, and still try to stay in power by any means whatsoever. That you have had two consecutive false presidential elections is in itself proof of their instability. The truth of all their actions and crimes against Humanity will ultimately be revealed, and those responsible will not escape justice. There are far greater powers than those on Earth, and they will have to make their way back to the Light from a very lowly position.


The Laws of Karma are exact and applicable to everyone, and your deeds cannot be hidden away. It is you who answer for them and in the Light only the truth can be given, there is no place for lies or placing blame elsewhere. Godís love exceeds all bounds and is given to all equally, and no soul is denied the opportunity to return to the Light. There is no such thing as eternal damnation, and that is the belief of Man who lacks the truth and spiritual understanding. Love pervades everything, and is the force that brings you infinite life and you are immortal. Your time on Earth that now draws to a close has been your freewill choice, and what you have learnt from the experiences will carry you further along the road to a Higher Consciousness.


Those of you who volunteered to come to Earth, came from the higher dimensions and desired the experience of separation from God. Your challenge was to rise up again and find your true Godself, whilst gaining experience of duality. It will add another facet to your understanding that will serve you well in the future. You have made many attempts to rise up out of the dark, and for periods of time have had some success. However, this cycle will be the first one that will see its completion with a victory over the dark forces. Hitherto, they have pulled Man down, and destruction and chaos has destroyed earlier civilisations.


This time you are assured that the cycle of duality is ending with your success, and never again will you have to endure the challenges that have assailed you. You may return to the lower dimensions by choice as they exist elsewhere, but not for Karmic reasons. Pat yourself on the back, because you have risen up in spite of the most severe testing and found your Light within. The truth of your journey will be part of ours and the Masters enlightenment of the masses, as your history can in no way reveal it all to you. Much of it has been concealed and deliberately hidden from you to keep you in the dark. All credit to you for overcoming the odds and now emerging as true Lighted Beings, you are truly the Christed Ones.


I am SaluSa from Sirius and pleased to have these opportunities to enlighten you. We salute your patience and understanding of these last days on Earth, and we are so near to you and will soon be standing alongside you.


Thank you SaLuSa

Mike Quinsey.