SaLuSa  28-March-2008


Change is the word for this period of time, and most important are those that affect you personally. If you have opened your awareness, and have the intent to follow the path to full consciousness you will succeed. The time for decision making grows shorter, but the emerging consciousness in itself helps raise others up. There has never been quite such a period when Heaven has allowed so much contact with you. I talk not only of the Galactic Federation, but also of the numerous channels that have been opened to share spiritual wisdom with you.


For those who seek guidance there is now so much help available, and it only remains for you to be discerning as to what you accept. You have the capability to take information into your consciousness, and assimilate it so that it takes its correct place in your understanding. All of the time you continually adjust your thinking according to your spiritual interpretation of what is presented to you. When you realise that you have the power within you to create your own path, you are well on the way to success. Do not get bogged down in the finer detail, and always be ready to move your point of focus. Ascension is the goal for millions of souls, and is your guarantee that you will leave behind duality and the need to stay on the wheel of rebirth.


The truth is so much different to what is perceived by the majority of the people. Indeed many have little interest in life except for material advancement. It takes time to realise that success is not acquiring wealth, and it is not necessarily going to make you any happier. I know it takes away many worries as to your well-being, but complete happiness comes from within. The outer appearance is subject to change, whereas your spiritual progress is permanent and you will carry your understanding with you. It matters not if you stray from the path, as you will inevitably find yourself moving back onto it.


You have come a long way since the start of this cycle, but all of your life experiences have to a smaller or greater degree aided your spiritual evolution. Life is not a random experience, but carefully planned to give you the best opportunity to advance on your path to a higher understanding. In this present time many are in their last incarnation, and it is therefore a most important one where final karmic experiences are worked out. As a consequence instant karma is now more likely to occur, and if you link events in your life you may well see this pattern. There is no time left to keep presenting the same lessons to you over and over again, and you will do well to learn from your mistakes.


Humankind has constant help to get through this very important period in your lives. We come in many guises not least of all when we walk amongst you, and you can pass us by without you realising we are not of Earth. Our craft can be cloaked so as to be invisible to your eyes, as we ourselves can also become unseen when we walk the halls of power. We know exactly what is planned and that is our advantage over the dark forces. We do of course give out information, but not in such detail that it would prejudice our activities or that of our allies. Hence we cannot tell you too much that is specific although we know you are uplifted by firm indications as for example the timing for First Contact. Furthermore, circumstances change that mean we are always making adjustment to our plans.


A most important player in these events is Mother Earth, who cannot hold back too much longer before important earth changes are carried out. Inasmuch that you are on a path to restoring yourselves for life in the higher vibrations, so the Earth also desires to do the same. You are inextricably linked together, and have been for eons of time. You will rise up as one consciousness, and Earth will continue to be your home. The Golden Age will fulfil your desire to lift up, and return you to levels that are more consistent and appropriate to your new status as an ascended Being.


As the truth reveals itself of how you have been used and manipulated for the benefit of the few, you will realise that the dark have denied you an earlier opportunity to move into a new and comfortable phase of living. You have been held back and that situation must be remedied, and we of the Galactic Federation are equipped to do it. Since you are rapidly becoming aware of what enormous and beneficial changes await you, it has become part of your vision to see them manifest. That helps speed it up, as you are creating a massive thoughtform of energy that makes its coming absolutely certain.


The Earth has much beauty and was your Garden of Eden when it was prepared for Manís coming. It will again return to its pristine condition, but in the higher dimensions and not the present one. However, you shall see the changes leading to a clearing of all that is unacceptable for the future of Mankind. Indeed, much is of such a low vibration that it has no place in yours or Mother Earthís upliftment. Wonderful times are as you say, just around the corner and patience is required as the death throes of the dark are played out. They too are bound by the edicts of Heaven, and their path has also been manifested through their own actions and thoughts.


No one can buy or force their way into Heaven, and it is earnt through spiritual endeavour and correct application. It is not exactly a reward, but Ascension is the result of lifting yourself up and comes through the Law of Attraction. If you are not prepared, then you cannot leave your present level of being. It is simple and fair and open to every soul regardless. Even now you gravitate towards those that are at a similar stage of evolution. The great cleansing and sorting out will ensure that all of those that ascend are of like vibrations, and will naturally find harmony and balance with each other.


I am SaLuSa from Sirius, and bless you for your fortitude and determination to manifest your vision of a new world. One where truth and honesty are the bywords and trust is given without question. Where love abounds between all souls and is given freely and generously, as you recognise the Oneness that exists. We will all intermix together as the true Cosmic brothers and sisters that we are, united in the Creatorís Love for All That Is.


Thank you SaLuSa.

Mike Quinsey.