Atmos  24-March-2008


What you do counts for little unless it is spiritually motivated. Intent as ever is the moving force that determines whether your actions contribute to your evolutionary progress. When you can see everyone as an aspect of yourself and treat them accordingly, you are elevating your consciousness to levels that lift you beyond the influences of duality. You are leaving behind the lower vibrations as they no longer serve your purpose, and again becoming that great spiritual Being that you always were. Once you have fully recognised your own spirituality, you will be ready for the final stages of Ascension.


Many of you are finding this year most opportune to advance, as you see that life itself is caught up in massive changes. All around you events will speed up, and it will be clear that a major upheaval is taking place. At first the outcome will not be clear, and chaotic happenings would seem to indicate a complete collapse of all that has become familiar. However, out of the gloom shall glow a light that brings a new opportunity for Man to move on. The means to this end will miraculously reveal themselves, and an end to the old paradigm will allow the new to manifest. All will eventually fulfil the plan that brings a most glorious peace, and will light up the path to the higher realms of sheer beauty and happiness.


Much of what is coming has been prophesied, but nothing will have quite prepared you for the magnificent times ahead. Progress will be unbridled and the most marvellous achievements will take place in little or no time. The pace of change will be exhilarating, and you will quickly take to the new innovations. Change there must be to lift you onto a path that is leading to the next stage towards Ascension. Ample guidance will come your way as great Beings come to Earth to play their part in a great upliftment. You have never been alone on your journey, and soon you shall be re-joined by those who have walked alongside you. In the past you have come together on the Earth, and names that appear in your history will come alive in front of you.


Take no heed of the fear mongers who are under the influence of the dark forces. They have not yet responded to their Light, but through their experiences will eventually find their way out of the labyrinth of darkness. You have all trodden the same pathways, but some have learnt their lessons much quicker. You choose the speed at which you evolve, and there is no disgrace in lagging behind. It would be of no gain to you if somehow you could be forced into the Light, as it is a series of steps and necessary to take them one at the time. However, all souls that are here now will be subconsciously opened up to the Light, and it is experience that is never wasted.


The lesson of life is in the understanding of love, and it has its roots in all human relationships. Not every union or partnership is true love, but it is the nearest parallel you will find on Earth. Karma sometimes draws people together in conditions that fulfil the need for certain type of experiences. Do not blame yourself for failure, but try to learn the lesson that it gives you. In many relationships there is little happiness or love, but it is still providing situations and challenges that will move you on. Remember, that everyone involved in your karmic experiences agreed to be part of them, some to clear their karma and others to bring Light and understanding.


Without the dark you would not appreciate the Light, and when your time in duality is completed you will be a far greater soul than when you first started. Fortunately your memories are shielded from the dark times, and once you ascend those memories will not follow with you. What is important is how far you have advanced into the Light, and the extent of your love and understanding. Loving Self is essential, and when you are able to do so without being egotistical you will be able to see self in others without reproach or guilt. Often what you find uncomfortable in another, is a reflection of some disharmony within you. Think on this, and perhaps you will see aspects of yourself as others see you.


We of the Galactic Federation make no judgement where your civilisation is concerned, as we come for the release and restoration of Mother Earth, and to help all souls prepare for the next part of their journey. We are well experienced in guiding civilisations through the Ascension process, and are prepared for any last minute changes we may have to make. We are however confident that the important changes we anticipate will soon commence. The focus is on the U.S. leadership, as it is here that many changes will be formulated, and carry out to the rest of the world.


We would ask if you really wanted to stay in the present world, subject to the ever-increasing controls of the dark? Without change it would lead to complete and utter desolation, and ultimately the death of the Earth. You know in your hearts that it is not your destiny, and in fact the final days of this cycle were decided eons of time ago. The Light has broken through the darkness and has brought a new wave of hope and expectation, as people sense the changes taking place now.


We are allowed to influence those Dear Ones working for the Light, and we guide them so that their actions help fulfil the plan for your release. Our allies are in all industries and military establishments, and they are preparing the ground for our victory. Our work is not so obvious as the actions of the dark, who throw caution aside to shore up their weakening position. They make little secret of their methods, yet fool you by creating the conditions that have made them necessary. This has been their tactic for a long time, but now you do not accept what they tell you without questioning their motives. Their subterfuge no longer works.


I am Atmos from Sirius, and your awakening has opened your eyes to what is happening around you. The past will be revealed to haunt the dark forces, and will be their undoing. There is no place to hide and their days are numbered, and their crimes known to us. Justice will prevail, and no one will escape retribution through denial. Love is the most powerful force in the Universe, the All That Is, and it is our motivation that accompanies our every action. 


Thank you Atmos

Mike Quinsey