Ker-On  21-March-2008


Dear Ones, for many of you today the Spring Equinox is looked upon as being something special. It draws out love and compassion at the thought of a world teacher known as Jesus, who suffered at the hands of those who opposed his teachings. He taught love, gentleness, caring and modesty in all things, and his disciples carried his message far and wide. It was the most influential message of its time, and put down the roots of a new understanding. He came as a Man and his mission was to spread the word of God, and not to create a religion. His words were meant for everyone to hear and they have touched people all around the world.


Jesus was not the first to give Man powerful messages of Love, but his energy was such that it became grounded wherever he went. His disciples and adherents spread it further afield, and today it has successfully created the conditions and opportunity for upliftment. The great awakening has been happening for at least the last century, but today even higher energies abound upon Earth, and there has never been such a great time to speed up the Ascension process. The Creator’s Plan was made eons of time ago and you now stand in readiness to step up out of the cycle of duality.


All Seers have foreseen the future and although their interpretations have differed as to the detail, the fact remains that great changes were noted together with the ending of the cycle. Those that saw only death and destruction were aware of the possibility of such a happening, but time has changed the end-times scenario to one that is less volatile. Man has gone beyond the original expectations, and through his awakening consciousness has established a network of Light all around the Earth. It has halted the march towards total destruction, and on more than one occasion you have faced the ultimate fate of nearly destroying the Earth. You have saved yourselves by recognising the truth of your being, and seeing your higher potential to bring Love and Light to it.


Knowing you have infinite life has brought hope and determination to fully manifest the Light upon Earth. It has rapidly reached levels that have started to halt the slide into oblivion. Indeed, you have taken charge of your lives, and the power of the dark has been weakened so that it can no longer rule you. The uprising against the dark is gaining momentum, and there will come a time very soon when they will have to concede their power and authority to others. No longer will you be lied to and used as slaves to the whims and fancies of those who rule now. They know their kingdom of darkness is breaking up, and no longer do they carry sufficient influence to control your lives. Matters are becoming quite dramatic, as the moneylenders are again having their tables overturned. You are seeing the end of your present financial system, as it cannot serve in the Light of the changes that are approaching.


Inevitably you will experience inconvenience, and some will take the brunt of what is taking place as the walls cannot come tumbling down without someone getting hurt. Be assured that we along with our allies have tried to direct the negative energies in such a way as to lessen their impact. However, Man has to create his own pathway out of the mire that he has got himself into, and there are lessons to be learnt. We cannot do it for you but shall join forces with you at an appropriate time. This shall be when we are allowed to speed up events, to put the plan for major changes firmly in place. The call for peace in a world racked by war, and subject to the design of those who would curtail your freedom even further, has been heard loud and clear. It gives us greater impetus and we stand fully prepared to lead you out of poverty and disease. You are to lift up and the remaining years will be a joy to experience, and we shall ensure you have all that you need.


It is in your interest to ride out these times without adding to the chaos. Some of you bear ideas of aggression against those who have imprisoned you for so long, but it is something to be guarded against as it is not the way forward. Love is your powerful weapon that is now sweeping the Earth, and any negative actions restrict its flow. You are in volatile times but the real battle is not fought upon Earth. It is in your hearts and minds, and every care must be taken to remain in your place of everlasting love. It is your suit of armour and cannot be pierced by the dark energies. Let the attempts of the dark forces to unsettle you pass you by, and bless them on their way. Their time is coming to an abrupt end, but they will fight until the futility of it dawns upon them.


There is amongst the ruins of bygone ages, an everlasting energy that has survived all attempts to extinguish it. It is the love that has grown until it has taken its place at the front of the campaign to restore your freedom and rights. It has attracted many wonderful Beings who have become empowered by its energy, and they have stepped forward as your Knights in Shining Armour. They always knew that their lives had a divine purpose, and when called have answered it and stepped into the affray. They are protected by us, but know that if there are casualties it is all in their plan and they are to be applauded for their sacrifice.


Today there is a special potent energy rolling around Earth, and it brings introspection and much feeling as to how you can bring out the changes so strongly desired. There will be prayers and petitions directed towards God, and it is true that very single word is heard, as is every thought. They are answered by returning to you a love capable of manifesting the means to fulfil your desires. Prayer is never wasted, but do not necessarily expect the answers to come as you have requested. God is cradling every soul in his arms, and what is done is for the good of all.


I am Ker-On from Venus and I feel the energy of love that you have, and it is particularly powerful today. Use it wisely and vow to live in your highest concept of it, sharing with all as far as possible. The energies upon Earth will continue to expand until you reach critical mass, and then all shall change forever. On behalf of the Galactic Federation I wish you a joyous day filled with happiness and love.


Thank you Ker-On

Mike Quinsey.