St. Germain  19-March-2008


What a wonderful time you are in when although all seems to be collapsing, the new is emerging around you. It is the point at which your old reality can no longer hold fast, despite the attempts of the dark forces to manifest their agenda through their old links. The magnitude of what you are doing on Earth is beyond the grasp of most people, as they see only the outer manifestation of what is happening. You are completing the tapestry of life that Man commenced eons of time ago, in the struggle to return to the Light.


Now you see that the path of darkness only leads to the disintegration of your society and the loss of your freedom and sovereignty, to be replaced with more controls and restrictions. Without your intervention in bringing the Light to bear upon them the negative energies would have engulfed you, and Humanity would have fallen into the yawning abyss of total chaos. However, the dramatic changes that you are witnessing are necessary to cut your links to the old paradigm, and the plan of the dark forces will fail. You may not comprehend how the Phoenix can rise once again refreshed and renewed, in the midst of the chaos but it is doing so with a great input of Light. The Masterís along with a multitude of evolved Beings are attending to your needs, and the Creatorís Plan for you will manifest as part of your journey to Ascension.


Never fear that the result of your efforts will go unrewarded. Every particle of Light is attracted and added to the energy for change, and it is continually growing. It has reached a point of having become well established around the Earth, and is creating a new grid from which the new Earth will form. You are part of the process as you uplift your own energies and bring the Light down and into the Earth. It is a mighty undertaking with the blessing of God, as you expand your consciousness and bring yourselves into alignment with the higher energies. Mother Earth does her part too and in unity you will go forward to the higher realms.


Their will be further hardship arising from the changes, but see it as a passing phase so essential to the outcome. The cleansing must be total, and absolutely nothing of the old will remain unless it can take its place in the new vibration. Your 3rd. dimensional experiences are coming to an end in this particular cycle, and those of you who have become enlightened and raised your consciousness will leave it behind. You will have become so much greater for your experiences, and although it commenced way in your distant past, it is a mere blink of the eye in your overall evolution.


You have not only had to see the dark forces at work, but also acknowledge their ways by understanding that they stand apart from the Light. Their role is to challenge it which they have repeatedly done, yet for all of their devious plans and endeavours to overcome it they have failed. The reality is that they were never going to be able to extinguish the Light, but when you were at your lowest point in this cycle it was difficult to find. We have to admit to having happily carried out the Creatorís plan that ensured your upliftment out of the dark. We are always one step ahead and would never allow your capitulation to them. Yet they have at times as in the present seemed to be in commanding positions. That is a false illusion that they create around themselves, and at any time they are only allowed to go so far before their actions are curtailed. The dark comes and goes, but the Light lasts forever and continually grows exponentially.


For some time you have been urged to see yourselves in your true Light, and accept that you have the power to create your own reality. We know that so many of you have responded that you hold the future in your own hands. Your visions of peace and happiness are bringing your release from the misery and chaos, imposed upon you by the dark and their minions. Instead of accepting what they have planned for your entrapment and confusion, you have seen beyond it and have reversed the situation. Now, you are breaking up their hold upon you and the Light is probing every dark corner and bringing out the truth. You no longer have to live the lies and deliberate misconceptions created by the dark, and their power is waning as they face the inevitable collapse of their structure that was meant to imprison Man.


It takes brave souls to announce their beliefs in the Light at such a time, and highlight the shortcomings and misdemeanours of the dark. You become targets for their supporters who endeavour to confuse and hide the truth. However, there are so many of you that have now banded together to confront the dark, and reveal the truth of what they have planned for Manís total control. The truth travels well and opens up the hearts and minds of those who have slumbered, even as their freedom is being taken from them. It is never too late to become enlightened, but little of the truth is to be found in the media that is subject to stringent controls. You have to thank your Internet for the freedom to express your views and opinions, but even that is infiltrated by those who support the dark agenda and care is necessary.


No longer can you be kept in the dark as the Light streams to Earth. It is lifting you up very rapidly, and you are becoming equipped to weather the storm of changes. You can see beyond the physical world you presently live in, and sense the higher vibrations that speak of the peace you have been seeking. It is there and waiting to fully descend upon Earth, and each of you can do your bit to ensure its manifestation. Concentrate on all that is pure and wholesome, and do not allow the dark energies to infiltrate your mind. They cannot do you any harm unless you take them to yourselves. Often it is your ego that holds sway, and although it has a place in your life, it must not be the directing influence.


You all have the potential to be great Beings once again, and you can reach up and reclaim your link with your Higher Self. First is the acceptance that you are not a mere physical Being subject to whatever life can throw at you, and you are able to withdraw from the outer life by focussing on your inner Light. This is in no manner an invitation to isolate yourselves, but to stand tall and firm in your Light regardless of what is happening around you. By doing so, you will be serving yourself and all your fellow Lightworkers.  


I am St.Germain remaining as ever at the helm of your Lightship, and I have always shown you the way forward. I am here, there and everywhere at the same time and I can be with you when you call my name. Soon I shall be more than just a familiar name, although I have borne many others in my time. I will be in the vanguard that will again walk the Earth, and we shall joyously be together for the completion of your journey. We shall walk in unbridled love and celebrate a hard earnt victory that has seen you experience a multitude of lifetimes. You have been the leader and also the pauper, you have climbed mountains and fallen into the abyss, yet you have still risen up and now the ultimate accolade awaits you, as you fully return to the Light in all of your glory. You are at the start of a new journey, and you will enter realms of Light that are truly dazzling and beyond your present comprehension. These are your true home, and duality has simply been a learning process that has schooled you in the art of living in your Light regardless of what assails you.


I thank you all for the greatness I see in you, and your desire to lift up and return to the Light. I kneel before you as I recognise your Loving intent to rise up and bring others with you. I bless you all as I see your Light no matter how dim it may be. One day all will shine out as a wonderful compliment to your strength in adversity and your dedication to God. Indeed you will be the Gods that you already are as a fully conscious Being of Unconditional Love.


Thank you St.Germain

Mike Quinsey