SaLuSa  17-March-2008


Matters on Earth have not yet peaked, but many situations are reaching the point of no return. You can expect to see developments that will have a positive effect on the destiny of Mankind. At first they may seem to add to the confusion and disarray, but as they progress you will find opportunities arising to start the whole process of change for the better. Timing as always is extremely important, and we abide by the plan that is regularly updated. We are committed to ensuring that as your financial structure falls apart, that the new program and prosperity funds are introduced. This will be our method of bringing the changes in until First Contact, which will then enable us sweep aside the obstructions that are placed in our path.


We are pleased at the support we are getting from you, the extent of which we would not have anticipated in the latter part of the last century. There has been a great opening up to our coming, as it is realised that you cannot overcome the dark forces without help. It gives us an opportunity to show our commitment to you according to the Creator’s Plan. Few of you would deny that you must change the leadership of the major countries of the world. Their people cry out for a new direction that will end the oppression and lack of freedom. Those who have no spiritual motivation or understanding of their true needs, feel no desire to cut their links to the past. The only way forward is through major changes achieved through peaceful means, and this is where we shall excel.


Never has there been such an uprising against the dark as you are now experiencing worldwide, and we “hear” your pleas for help. Be assured that they are being answered, if not always in the manner you wish. Our allies work tirelessly towards your release, and each day their dedication to success is coming nearer to fruition. Remember that as you think so you are creating the energy that will bring its manifestation. It is therefore important that you keep your focus where it can do the most good. The days of repressive action against the people are numbered, and upon our arrival we shall bring peace as quickly as possible. There are many spiritual Beings ready to take the reins of leadership, but in the past their voices have been muted. This has little to do with organised religion, but they are those who have an uplifted consciousness and love for their fellowman regardless of their colour or creed.


Kindness and consideration for all life is a sign of spiritual maturity. In spite of the difficult conditions you live in, many of you are able to maintain a level of understanding and acceptance of those around you. You see not the outer physical representation, but the inner soul striving to express itself in the best possible way. Extending that compassion to the Dark Ones is a further step along the path of spiritual growth. It is so necessary if you are to continue your upliftment into the Light. All come to Earth to provide the lessons that are necessary for their evolution. You have been exceedingly brave and adventurous to undertake such experiences, and once learnt they will not be presented to you again. Life is a school that ultimately leads to your Ascension and return to the realms of pure Love and Light.


In the midst of the present changes it is difficult to keep both feet on the ground, but you must try not to be distracted from your goal. It will become easier when love becomes the byword for all of your actions. When we arrive you will find that it motivates our actions, and why we never criticise or chastise you in any way. We are your destiny and your lives will become much easier once we have come together. The breath of change will sweep through the passages of darkness, and your whole society will benefit. Even those you view as misfits will find a place where they can express themselves. Many of your criminal fraternity have only existed because of the negative energies on Earth. Even they will gravitate towards a new understanding, and begin to change their old ways in response to the Light.


The Light is capable of breaking down any form of resistance, but it will not be forced upon those who cannot take it into their being. It is a gentle persuasion that almost unnoticeably changes attitudes and understanding. Simply look back at your own life and undoubtedly you will find you have changed for the better. However, the times you are in are exceptional in many ways and your evolution has been speeded up to prepare you for Ascension. God desires that as many as possible are given the opportunity to lift up out of duality. This process will happen regardless of any opposition, and the dark forces have tried to do just that. Now it is time to claim back your rights, and they will be restored very soon.


We of the Galactic Federation are carrying out the plan of the Creator, and our responsibilities stretch far and wide. As a Universal Force we keep the peace between civilisations, and you have been protected for eons of time against outside interference. The exception has been where you have invited others to Earth by your thoughts and actions. Like attracts like, and the Law of Attraction must be allowed to operate. We have answered your call for Light, Love and guidance, and the dark forces on Earth have attracted the attention of negative Extraterrestrials. The nature of all of this will be revealed when we have been openly allowed to contact you.


In the heightened situations that are developing upon Earth, you shall as it were, read between the lines and clearly see where your salvation is coming from. This is a year that is already speeding by, and looking back you will see that it has been one of the most important for triggering change. Always look for the positive signs even when it seems chaotic, as in the midst of what is taking place the new will emerge. Our presence is your assurance of success, and soon you shall see much more of us. We refrain from personal contact and that can wait until more suitable times. When we do arrive we shall move amongst you quite freely, but not before we have acquainted you all with details of our mission and explained our immutable link to you.


I am SaLuSa from Sirius and most honoured to address you, and it gives me such pleasure to offer advice and a helping hand in your times of need. Until we can come together, we send our Love and Light to protect and guide you. 


Thank you SaLuSa

Mike Quinsey.