Atmos  10-March-2008


Time marches on at an ever increasing rate, and it will continue to do so. Events that are important to your final years upon Earth also speed up, and are approaching a period of much activity. We see behind the scenes and nothing will stop the plan for your transition into a new level of experience. The time is ripe for a significant move that will alter the balance of power in favour of those supporting the Light. Within a period of approximately 3 months we expect to see announcements, revealing a shift at levels of authority that will have a pronounced effect in the political arena. Our allies are working towards reclaiming some of the power that has been in the hands of the dark for a long time. At present we find no need to use more forceful actions, and we see that slow but positive changes are more likely to succeed.


The dark forces are extremely concerned about their inability to launch more plans for your incarceration, and are aware that the net is closing in on them. Martial Law is the only weapon left that will return full power to them, but they are being denied the opportunity to create the circumstances to bring that about. The Light does not resort to any measures that may harm people or interfere with their freewill. However, we can play the same game as the dark, with the benefit of knowing exactly what they plan. On the other hand, they indulge in all manner of controls to try and find out what the opposition is planning. Their surveillance and ability to listen in to all of your conversations is using advanced technology, and there are few places where you are safe from their prying. Their problem is that masses of information are useless to them unless they can process it quickly, and they are sinking in a mire of often unimportant and miniscule details.


People power can be seen to thwart the plans of the Illuminati all over the world. There is a mood of defiance, and in some countries whole masses of people are confronting their leaders demanding changes. Regrettably violence is sometimes used by both sides, but the outcome often resolves the issues. Man has always turned to force to get his own way, and it saddens us to see your history full of such accounts. That is not of course our way, and we have long passed beyond such methods and work for peace by negotiation. All civilisations eventually realise the futility of wars, and lessons are only learnt at the cost of millions of lives and all that follows.


We of the Galactic Federation comprise of peaceful nations, yet all have at sometime experienced the horrors of war. Once this approach is set aside, it is surprising how quickly people come together and unite for lasting peace. Where Earth is concerned it is rising up and leaving the old ways behind, but that is not easy as too many people are in the business of profiting from wars. Your arms trade is clearly a major player, and even governments export their weaponry and have no scruples about supplying it to the “enemy”. Without our help, you would be unable to remove this monster, but not only shall we quieten the sound of war, we will also ensure that its capability is closed down. Part of our plans include the conversion of many industries to more peaceful pursuits.


The change from your old pattern of thinking will take time, but we will ensure that our plan is known to you and its benefits clearly understood. We come to release you from the hold of the dark forces, that have deliberately stifled your knowledge and access to new ideas and inventions. You should by now have overcome your energy problems, and advanced into new methods of medical treatment without reliance on drugs, and also established a fair method of distributing your wealth. As you know, we will address all of these problems as we cleanse the Earth and prepare you for your spiritual upliftment.


You have a saying, that Heaven helps those who help themselves, and it contains a truth that refers to your will and intent to change things for the good of all Mankind. It is your freewill, and if you desire to lift yourselves out of your present predicaments, we are allowed to aid you providing you make the first move. You have clearly signalled that it is time for change, and after millennia of experiencing wars you have turned towards the Light. Bringing it to Earth has weakened the power of the dark forces, and there is no turning back. Like a snowball gathering pace the momentum is unstoppable, and it approaches a time when a quantum leap forward is inevitable.


All is set for an exciting year when at last you will clearly see a major change of direction. It is building up to a crescendo and it will start an era of rapid changes in fulfilment of the Plan for Man. Ascension will take place, and you are in the midst of a separation of the two paths open to Man. Soon it will all become clear, but not until there are major changes in the governments of the world. Those in power will not relinquish it very willingly, but we come with the authority of the Creator expressed through the Councils of Higher Beings that oversee the Universe. There will be no physical force used by us, but should there be attempts to use it against us we will permanently disable any weapons pointed in our direction.


We can assure you of a resounding victory over those who oppose the changes that are so essential to your upliftment. These end times are destined to bring the success that has eluded you in earlier cycles. This time you have responded to the Light sufficiently to justify our intervention, and the assistance of the Angelic Realms who have in reality always been with you. It is you who have made this possible, and a happy and joyous ending comes with your elevation into the higher dimensions. You have earnt it through sheer hard work, and allowed your experiences to show you the one and only pathway to the Light. It is your awareness of your true selves, and your everlasting connection to the Source of All That Is.


You are working towards putting Unconditional Love into practice, and the Earth is your melting pot where you meet all types of challenges. Dear Ones I am Atmos from Sirius and we know you well, and can tell you that many of you are moving into a state of bliss and have found the key to living in the Light. You are well on your way to Ascension and we will help clear the final pathway. We come in love to bring you happiness and fulfilment.


Thank you Atmos.

Mike Quinsey.