SaLuSa  30-June-2008


Not everyone is well informed as to what is happening in the world, yet so many sense that something strange is taking place. In the midst of chaotic happenings that would normally bring on bouts of depression, they find a strong sense of release from the negative energies. It is the ever-increasing levels of consciousness that have come to their rescue, that are making it easier to stay centred. They allow information to pass through their mind, instead of being held there by the emotions. It is a sure sign that you are lifting up your mass consciousness, and in consequence there is nothing that can set that advancement back. Effectively you have won the battle with the dark, and nothing they can do will retrieve that situation. It remains to keep your cool when the final shots are fired, and not give in to the fear created to bring you back under their control.


Having been told on so many occasions that victory is yours, you now see some tangible evidence of it. Our allies are approaching the final confrontation with the dark from many angles, and the trap has been sprung which they have unknowingly entered and their fate is sealed. We still cannot give you actual details, as that would be giving away the surprise element that we have “up our sleeve”. It has been quite a task to do our work in relative secrecy, and at the same time be bound to obey the rules that have been divinely decreed. Ours is a peaceful mission and we approach every aspect of it with love for all the souls involved. We come to restore and build and not to destroy, and even in the process of cleansing our actions are ones of transformation, so that everything can be used again. Our ways are efficient, and positive, and we shall complete our tasks at great speed.


You have an expression about matters “going to the wire” and that is what you are facing at present. Our whole objective is to conclude our tasks as fast as possible, and our mission cannot be held up as there is an ultimate date by which greater authority will be granted to us. We have always set out to maintain the balance between the dark and Light, and as a result have intervened in the past on many occasions. You have been almost totally unaware of our actions, and we have cautiously led you to this great time of completion. The cycle must end within a certain time frame, and we will ensure it is so. Man has to acknowledge his part in bringing about the manner in which the end times are played out. It is for your understanding of how freewill affects your lives as both individuals and also collectively.


Many have embarked upon another path that will totally release them from the darkness of duality. It is important that you realise how powerful you are going to be, and use your limitless powers of creation befitting of the Gods you are. Your collective consciousness has in the past held God responsible for your luck or misfortune, but now your eyes are opening to the part you have played in creating your reality. You are beginning to understand that each and every one of you is responsible for what you experience. You must therefore look to the future as one where your motivation is love, and all thoughts and actions are aligned with it.


We serve all civilisations with reverence of their common source, and do so in recognition of their God given Love and Light. We seek nothing in return for our services, and our pleasure is in the giving of ourselves to others whom we recognise as fellow souls on their chosen paths. It is our delight when a civilisation has reached that point of evolution that they can become members of our Galactic Federation. Yours has already done so, and you will take your place within our organisation when this cycle is completed. With your experience of duality, you will offer a special service to other aspiring nations. You will travel the highways and byways of Space, as Cosmic entities with the authority to administer to them regardless of which Universe they are in. Their outer appearances may be very different to what you have been used to, but you will see the Light of those Beings and know their potential is as yours.


What is evolution but a coming together of all souls as they converge upon the Godhead? A myriad of paths in the never-ending kaleidoscope of beauty and colour, and of multiple shapes and form. You have only just begun to realise how life abounds everywhere, and your limitation has been your mindset in its lower consciousness. Your senses are not normally tuned to see much outside of yourselves, but that is changing rapidly and you can expect to gradually become psychic and sensitive to higher vibrations. You will begin to see life forms in the ethers, in your gardens and pools. Creation is far more extensive than you would believe, and what was hidden from your gaze will now become apparent.


Try to spend time with nature, and open your heart centre and invite the various elementals to reveal themselves to you. For so long Man has ignored them, and forgotten the service they perform for him. They will be quite surprised to pick up your thoughts trying to link with them. In quietness and in meditative thought you can lift your vibration to see the “unseen”. Those who work in harmony with nature are nearer to them, and will tell you tales of such experiences. You have been as in a prison on Earth, and your powers of recognition and feeling dulled by the lower vibrations that have been created. Break out of them and allow your imagination a free reign, to bring into being the reality of life that is only just outside of your present reach.


After First Contact has been made, some of you will be invited on board our Mother Ships to see first hand some of the animals that travel with us. They will look familiar in many ways, but your main surprise will be that they can communicate with you. Your domestic animals have such abilities, and know more about you than you know about them. Often in the breeds such as dogs and horses their senses are more developed than yours. They make very good companions, and respond to love and caring with an undying loyalty.


I am SaLuSa from Sirius, and will tell you that when you visit our ships, you will find a place already prepared to make you feel at home. You will adapt to our advanced technologies, as over recent years you have taken giant steps forward in that direction. We all send you our love and blessings.  


Thank you SaLuSa

Mike Quinsey.