Ag-agria  28-July-2008


In one day of your time so much is going on, and they are becoming far more eventful than at any other period. Decisions being made are determining the manner in which the end-times unfold, and the dark have their own options, but will inevitably walk into a trap from which there is no escape. Their ambitions are bigger than their ability to successfully carry them out, but there is now a measure of panic in their eagerness to hold on. Arrogance is their Achilles heel as they believe they can get away with everything. They have no idea of how much you the people are awakening, but we see a rapidly blossoming civilisation whose Light is touching so many others. The truth is becoming known because it has returned to Earth.


The great truth of your purpose for being here is being uncovered, and the changes experienced understood as a means to the end of duality as you have experienced it. Not the end of life or the Earth as some cults are claiming, but the cleansing that must precede your emergence into the New Age. Your long history of war and confrontation is coming to an end, to be replaced by love, peace and happiness. Unity will be the key to a new passion to bring in the energy of co-operation in recognition of the Oneness of all life. With the ecological damage that has already occurred, there has to be a concerted effort to reverse the process. This means also finding ways of overcoming your use of polluting fossil fuels, and other types of energy that are unclean. World co-operation has to be uniform in agreeing the best way forward, and putting profit before common sense will not be acceptable.


We are not without understanding of the individual problems that exist from one country to another. However, when their needs are balanced against those of the people, it will be clearly seen that they are the priority. What you are doing now on a small scale we will make into worldwide changes, but obviously they cannot commence until we are able to be with you all. That means changes in the leadership of the world, and policies that address your present problems. The headlong fall into the effects of the collapsing financial world of commerce, must be countered by having a new format in readiness to replace it. This is where what you have called NESARA is going to provide the answers, and our allies are ready to activate its benefits. The changes to your monetary system will restore and re-vitalise a system that is failing, into one that brings back prosperity.


The suddenness of events that are taking place all over the world should tell you that matters are speeding up faster than ever before. Remedies for your ills are becoming vital, as the size of the problem is too big for your Governments to overcome. Of course, the dark forces revel in the chaos they are creating and use it as a smoke screen for their real agenda. We of the Galactic Federation are your unseen allies, as we still cannot visit you openly. However, it in no way lessens our ability to monitor everything that is happening, or influence the outcome. We ask for so much faith from you until we can publicly announce our presence, and detail our plans for your recovery. Changes of necessity cause upheaval, but we are aware of how it is affecting you and where possible do all we can to alleviate it.


As the messengers from Heaven charged with bringing you safely through the changes in readiness for Ascension, we have fully prepared ourselves to quickly convey to the whole world our action plan for you. The last obstacles that stand in our way are about to be removed, and then we can send our initial group of representatives to Earth. Much of what we do is from a distance and we work from our craft placed around your Earth. It is from these vantage points that we can safely continue our observations and monitoring of all that is happening. We also control the area of space around your planet, and have already removed or made inoperative star war weapons.  You have little or no idea as to the extent of the black operations that have been attempted. We guard you and Mother Earth, as for the purpose of Ascension her part in it is most vital to your success. In spite of the extensive damage to her, restoration will be totally successful in all respects.


We are not the only entities interested and involved in the Earthís future, and a myriad of other life forms abound upon it that are involved in its cleansing. There is much that is invisible to your eyes, but as you raise your vibrations you will acquire the ability to see the nature elementals in your homes and gardens. What you are noticing more frequently are the life forms in and around you in your skies. Your views of life are changing and they are opening up your consciousness, which is essential to your understanding of the complexity of it. There is so much dependency between the different forms, and soon you will acknowledge your part by working with them.


All creation is perfect and works in total unison, and is only distorted in the lower dimensions such as yours. It is your chosen experience to work with such conditions as brought about through duality. Nothing is permanent within it and the lower the vibrations become, the quicker it begins to break apart. All souls seek knowledge, and it is this drive that forever urges you onwards and upwards. Now that the awakening process has commenced, so much that was previously hidden from you is being revealed. These are times when you must be open to new ideas, and allow for changes to your beliefs so that each day you live your highest version of the Truth.


I am Ag-agria from Sirius, and ask you to focus on all that is positive, as there is much talk about physical Earth changes, but they will not be as devastating or far reaching as some believe. Bear in mind that we are holding the balance of power in our hands, and technologically we are in total control. However, some changes are needed and must go ahead, but we can lessen their effects upon you. Be aware that at such an important time upon Earth, you will all find yourselves exactly where you are meant to be. Your life plans determine your experiences, and for some of you that includes being in those areas subject to physical change. Accept if you can that everything happens for a purpose, even if you are unaware as to what it is. Even so it is bound in the Creatorís Love and you are protected against permanent damage. Your soul is indestructible and part of God, and you will always have infinite life.


Thank you Ag-agria.

Mike Quinsey.