SaLuSa 25-July-2008


Is there ever a day when you do not give thought to the coming changes. You anticipate a sudden change of direction, that will fulfil your desires to create a new paradigm and leave the old behind. It has been coming for many years, as your spiritual advancement has not been matched by the physical expressions around you. You have outgrown the old ways of Manís aggressive and competitive nature, and peace and co-operation are preferred. Unity and oneness of purpose are now surfacing, instead of the continual divisions and separation that have been a feature of your earlier history.


Duality has been played out to the full, and it is now time to move on to new pastures that reflect your growing commitment to peace. You know what is beyond your present dimension of experience, and intuitively feel the changes that are taking place that will lead you to them. Furthermore, you are instrumental in shaping the manner in which they manifest, and how they are experienced by you. Man has ruled by force for so long that it is not easy to dismantle the trappings of war, and trust will need to be re-established. For too long your leaders have given out many platitudes suggesting they seek peace, whilst arming for war. Peace cannot be achieved by threats or aggressive confrontations, and only with full co-operation and truthful intent.


The people of Earth have been sadly let down as their leaders ignore their repeated demands for a new path. One that dispenses with the old approaches and double standards, that have been a feature of your past dealings. Your pleas have been ignored, as their agenda is to continue in the opposite direction to world control and the subjugation of Mankind. You can now read between the lines, and are not so easily fooled by their rhetoric or lies. You rightly feel that your destiny is in your hands and not theirs, because you collectively wield the power to make your desires come true. Your thoughts are shaping your immediate future, and gathering together in their energetic form that must manifest the changes in motion.


Although the outworking of your future is in your own hands, you are aided and abetted by legions of helpers from the higher dimensions. Their presence is your assurance that you will see the outworking of your desires, and no force on Earth will prevent it. The end-times have already been written in the Hall of Records and your success and victory over the dark is well documented. It remains only to manifest what you have set in motion, and see the changes taking place before your very eyes. The ripples of change are reverberating through all societies and groups, and that which is of the old is being pulled apart. Some of your oldest institutions such as your banks and religions, are feeling the powerful changes and experiencing them right now.


Upheaval will be a source of much frustration and inconvenience, but look beyond what you experience in the course of it, knowing it is a necessary cleansing. Consider how else you will you achieve your desires but through discarding that which no longer serves your purpose. For too long your dark forces have maintained their hold on you, and held back your progress to suit their own plan for your internment and total obedience to their draconian laws. They have only allowed progress when it has boosted their goal of global control, when many inventions that would have greatly improved your quality of life have been hidden away. There is a gap in your history that should have seen you fully take your place in the New Age, but it has been denied you. However, in short time the technology that would have overcome your present day problems will be released by us. It will all be part of First Contact that shall be announced at the earliest opportunity.


Most of what we have told you is already known, but we like to give you an assurance that regardless of what happens around you, the new is waiting in the wings for the signal to go ahead. The Galactic Federation is charged with ensuring that the Earth is swept clean, and is befitting for the new Man that is emerging from the darkness of duality. We are to ensure that you are fully prepared and equipped, for the far-reaching changes that are a prerequisite for your emergence as ascended Beings. You have already been lifting yourselves up, and leaving the old vibrations behind that are confined to your 3D experiences. You have been doing your part in readiness, and now all that remains is our arrival in your midst at the first opportunity.


You know by now that we cannot force ourselves upon you, and whilst many of you welcome our coming we must first ensure that the groundwork has been completed. If we came before such a time we would likely to be involved in a Space War, whereas we will silence the weapons of war and remove their threat beforehand. We come in peace and have no ambition or will to engage your earthly forces. Our mission is one that carries with it Love and Light, and a spiritual impetus that reveals our true colours. We are patient and work through our Earth allies, who are steadily setting up the final entrapment of the last cabal. It will be a bloodless coup, although attempts will be made to depict it otherwise.


We are your brothers and sisters linked through your DNA that goes back well into your past. We have travelled alongside you and ensured that wayward visitors from other planets, have not encroached upon your Earth. We have had full awareness of the plan for Man and his evolution, and played our part in bringing you thus far. We are your guardians and protectors, but soon we shall meet as equals and celebrate the freedom that shall have been restored to you. No more shall you be the pawns in the game of life played by the dark forces, their time is up and we shall ensure their removal. They will shout and bellow and utter their fearsome threats to hold onto power, but we assure you it is already being curtailed.


I am SaLuSa from Sirius, keeping you abreast of what is happening upon Earth. It is such an important time the likes of which you have not experienced before. Your future is shortly to be fully revealed and the path to Ascension opened up for you. Joy and happiness is descending upon you, and all of your worries and concerns will soon be overcome. Remember that you are great and powerful souls emerging from the darkness of eons of time.


Thank you SaLuSa.

Mike Quinsey.