Atmos  21-July-2008


I come again to continue my thoughts about Ascension, as critical times are ahead as the Light and dark meet in the final hours of this cycle of duality. Never before has the Light been able rise up in such a majestic way, that it towers over the dark. It has been accomplished through the awakening consciousness of Mankind. A powerful energy of Light has been grounded upon the Earth, that it is destined to carry you forward to your ultimate and undeniable victory over the dark forces. We are here to help pave the way for you, so that in the last days you are fully prepared for Ascension. There has never been any doubt, that together we would establish the Light upon Earth.


Now we await the inevitable outcome that shall release you from the lower energies, that have held you back for millennia of time. Already many of you are able to protect yourselves from their effects and confidently walk in safety. Not only that, you have helped establish a connection of Light between each other, that is speeding up the process of change. All proceeds as planned, and the momentum you have created will ensure that major events that will change your lives come quickly into manifestation.


On the outside everything seems to be hurtling towards destruction, yet arising behind it is the new structure of society that must start to come into place before we can arrive and openly greet you. Our allies have laid down the foundations of that which is to come, and it shall neatly and efficiently slot into place at the right time. There is still much work to be done and we have planned the use of our resources accordingly. It is not that they are inadequate, far from it but once we start there are to be no hold ups. It will take time to establish the new order all over the world, but once the model is seen to be working in the U.S., others will gladly follow. Change is never greeted with open arms, but when the advantages are seen there will no difficulty in getting them accepted. What we have to offer is the answer to the mounting problems that beset you.


We look on with sadness as the dark plan their last big gamble to retain control, yet it is bound to fail. On many occasions they have had opportunities to gracefully withdraw, but they have arrogantly pushed ahead with no regard for the death and destruction that their actions have caused. The sanctity of life seems to have had no meaning to them, and they have looked upon you as expendable, indeed their plans have deliberately sought to reduce the population upon Earth. The depth of their malevolence has no limits, as the dark energies behind them have urged them ever onwards. However it must be said that what you have been experiencing is but a reflection of what Man has created over millennia of time. Your journey through duality has been one of experiencing the result of using your freewill, and learning that you must accept responsibility for your creations. Therefore clearing your Karma has brought about the realisation of the Law of Attraction, and how it has resulted in the necessity of you serving repeated lives upon Earth.


Ascension is your pathway out of duality, but it has to be earnt and will not just be placed in your lap. It is your individual responsibility to prepare yourself, and seek all ways that can raise the Light within you. As you are fond of saying, you have to be in the Earth, but not of it, so try to find ways of becoming centred within self, and hold your energies close to you. Be non-judgemental and compassionate for those who have not found their path, and remember you are all brothers and sisters bound together by the Love and Light of God. Many times you have all fell by the wayside, but you have not been damned because of it. Always a helping hand is held out to lift you back into the Light, so if you feel alone or neglected please ask for help and it will be given.


The members of the Galactic Federation are ascended Beings, and membership is based upon that requirement. A place already exists for you dear souls of Earth who complete your journey on to Ascension. With your experience you will be a valuable addition to our forces. There are other civilisations developing elsewhere that would benefit from what you have learnt. You may well find that because of your attachment to Earth, you will volunteer to guide those who will still go on to experience in the lower dimensions elsewhere. The choice is yours as freewill is still your gift from God even in the higher dimensions. The difference is that you are so embodied in the Light; there is no place for the dark energies because they cannot exist within them. Having reached such a level, doing the Will of God in no way restricts or limits your experiences. It is exactly the opposite as Cosmos opens up to you revealing a richness of opportunities that are never ending.


Whilst on the Earth, it is almost impossible to touch base with the beauty and joy of existing in the realms of pure Light. However, by comparison even at the relatively low level found in your regions of Nirvana, it leaves an indelible impression for those of you who have visited them. It is the pervading energy that totally envelops you that is ecstatic and uplifting, and brings a feeling of peace that you never wish to release or move from. Think only of what lies in store for many of you and set your sights on Ascension, and the earthly matters that assail your senses will recede into the background.


We have endeavoured to tell you as much as is prudent, given that the dark forces are out to prevent the completion of our task to release you from their control. They of course avidly follow our communications, and know that we are filling your skies with our craft. Although we are no threat to you and have conducted ourselves in an exemplary manner, many times our craft have been chased and attempts made to shoot us down. Such action is however quite futile, and we have many options that enable us to avoid confrontation. Our peaceful intentions are therefore clear to see, and they have gone a long way to achieving your acceptance of us.


I am Atmos from Sirius, and bring with me messages of congratulations for the fantastic progress you have made. You stand on the verge of the greatest achievement you have ever experienced throughout the cycle of duality. 


Thank you Atmos.

Mike Quinsey.