Atmos  18-July-2008


A day in your life seems to go so much quicker than ever before, yet the illusion of time still allows you to carry out your normal daily tasks. It is becoming more apparent to you that time is not constant, and meditation is an example of altered states of consciousness you experience. Not many of you have controlled out of the body experiences, but if you do the time factor is totally different. You have found that you can seemingly achieve so much, yet so little time has passed when you relate it to how long you have been away.


Our experiences in Space are very similar, particularly when we move backward and forward in time. There is also a different factor involved with intergalactic travel, where we move at speeds faster than light. Time such as you know it is changing very rapidly, and once you move out of duality into the higher realms it will have little relevance. We use craft of different types according to what our destination is, and those you mainly see in your skies are small scout ships for that specific use. Sometimes you see our cigar shaped Mothercraft that carry them, and they range from a few hundred feet to thousands of miles long. The latter are kept well outside of your Earth’s atmosphere, and form part of the fleet that is waiting for First Contact.


Linear time for you rules your lives, but for your experience is necessary. On occasions some of you have been invited aboard our craft, and you have found that a long period with us is but a short time as you measure it. It is the manner in which your consciousness alters that creates the different impressions. We know that as you continue to uplift your consciousness, your experience of time will change with it. As a result some of you are finding that apparent memory loss is occurring, and it is because you are no longer bound by linear time. Your mind can so to say be in more than one place at once, and it can be confusing when you are used to doing just one thing at the time.


Just imagine when you regain your creative power, which will be part of your Ascension process, and also when you can travel by pure thought which is instantaneous. Will time even be of any consequence or even necessary? At present you have a nice routine with your sleep and waking pattern. The Sun rises and sets, and your physical body responds accordingly as it needs regular recharging every 24 hours. However, your new crystalline body that is beginning to replace your present one, will eventually have no such needs. Indeed, even now you will find that progressively you require less sleep. Because you will be able to literally renew your body from the energy that is around you, the normal extent of your solid food intake also becomes unnecessary. These are changes that some of you are already noting, and the habit of setting regular meal times will be replaced by simply eating when you need sustenance.


All of the things I have mentioned are part of the Ascension process, and are preparing you for the final upliftment. It is quite natural and it is not a matter of “giving up” anything at all, as when your body is ready the subtle changes will occur and you will feel much better for it. Perfect health is something no one experiences on Earth, as you are subjected to energies and conditions that “attack” your psyche and your physical body reacts to it. Factors such as the effect of your food intake, and your lack of emotional control such as anger all damage the normal function of your bodies. I refer not just to your physical body but also your etheric body, that carries your energies and where an imbalance can lead to illness. All these problems will lessen as you cleanse yourself and lift up your consciousness. You are beginning to understand the nature of the power you are developing, and how your thoughts are reflected in your body. Like attracts like, and if you can concentrate on those that bring harmony and balance to it, healing will take place.


As many teaching sources have informed you, your emotions are a big factor in your lives. It is an area that requires your attention if you aspire to be part of Ascension. Duality is continually trying you out, and we do not make light of the difficult situations you can face. All challenges are a part of your evolution and allow for rapid advancement. You are in a truly wonderful period of opportunity that if you can apply yourself, will ensure that you leave this level for once and for all. Earth has its moments of utter joy and happiness, but usually these are fleeting experiences. In the higher dimensions it is always blissful, as the energies are pure and untainted by the lower energies you are in now. The truth is that they cannot exist there, and constant harmony and balance is in everything around you. You will find beauty unparalleled upon Earth, and not sullied by the dirt and grime you are used to seeing.


Dear Ones, you are so near to the final phases of Ascension that will cleanse the Earth. We of the Galactic Federation are charged with carrying out those tasks, and our craft are fully ready and equipped to move at a minutes notice. First however, the initial steps must be taken mainly by you to oust the last cabal that stands in the way of change. That task is progressing very well, and we have little doubt that success is very near. A few more weeks or even months are not important, as the stage must be set for our arrival in the manner we have requested. Certain changes have to be in place, so that as a population you have discerned our purpose and how we fit in. Financial problems are about to peak, and it is in this vital area that the new system must fully replace the old. There has to be a base from which we can work, and money matters are up front because of the unfair and unequal distribution of wealth. Political systems are also a priority, as it is vital that your representatives are honest and dedicated to the good of the people. A new Constitution must reflect the original concepts that made you the leaders of your destiny, and not those who have taken away your freedom.


I am Atmos from Sirius, and we are one of the prominent star nations who have a major role to play in your future. We are where you are destined to go, and soon we shall meet as old friends and start a new venture in the vast Cosmos. We come with great admiration for your tenacity and dedication to your intent to bring back peace and harmony through Love and Light. Be assured that every ounce of effort you put in is worthwhile, and will lead to the victory you well deserve. We salute you and bow to your godselves.     


Thank you Atmos.

Mike Quinsey.