Diane  14-July-2008


I am Diane from Sirius, and it is my pleasure to come to you again, at a time when the expectations are high and there is a feeling in the air of dramatic changes. Indeed there are many afoot, and our part is to ensure they take place. At no stage in this solar cycle have you been left at the mercy of the dark forces, and we have always followed your progress. When necessary we enter the affray, and always hold the balance for you. We can clearly see the end-times approaching, and have the advantage of knowing that they will end with your total success.


Whatever your view regarding the end-times, always remember that the ultimate aim is to raise your consciousness. Whilst doing this it will remove the emphasis from the outer events, which may become more disconcerting for a while. The more difficult times become, the more you need to concentrate on your own development towards full consciousness. Many paths lead to spiritual fulfilment, and the opportunity to ascend is one that comes through great co-ordination by the highest Beings of the Lighted Realms. Ascension will proceed regardless of the developments upon Earth as you are but a minor player in them, yet most important to the whole. The Earth will together with all those souls that have lifted up, become part of the Golden Age of beauty, peace and harmony.


Day by day it is dawning upon people that the old ways of Man are ending. So much no longer serves your purpose, and the quiet revolution is gathering pace and your voices will be heard. Not only that, their powerful energy will ensure that your wishes are fulfilled. It may appear that time is short, but the planning of the Elders is exact, and completion of this cycle will proceed accordingly. Do not hold fear at all, as you are about to witness the end of the dark influences. Everything has its place and a role to play in bringing it about. Many Lightworkers are awakening to their tasks, having entered this period specifically for that purpose.


Search your soul and you will find your reason for being here now, and know that you are all important in the context of the whole. You came knowing you would be here for the changes, and now it is your time to move into action. Follow your intuitive promptings and you will ensure that you are in the right place at the right time. Each of you who have entered upon the path of Ascension, can help others understand what is happening in their lives. Soon everyone will have heard about it, and your help will be essential to bring the truth to as many as possible.


Our actions are speeding up and we work closer than ever with our allies. Their efforts are being rewarded and they are on the verge of a momentous victory. Once the dark forces are seen to be on the run, more people will stand up to them and their days will be numbered. Our approach is still one that uses your legal system to oust the last cabal, and they will find they cannot stop our progress. We knew it would be arduous to follow a path that was strictly legal, but we are now so close to victory. So much awaits you as soon as we have cleared this final hurdle. Suddenly despair will be replaced by hope, and misery turned into joy and happiness. The future will suddenly be rosy and a great wave of Light will sweep across the Earth.


Not only carry your vision of a New Age with you, but project it outwards and create harmony and balance wherever you go. Expand your auric energies to envelop all those Dear Ones within your immediate area, and send them out Love and Light. Your mere presence will then lift others and have a calming effect. It is certainly needed, as the changes can now be seen to be bringing about the collapse of the old paradigm. What cannot be seen are the overriding energies that are taking their place, and allowing the new to manifest. It is all there waiting the opportune moment to suddenly burst upon the scene.


The opposition between the dark and Light will soon be settled, and a halt brought to the destructive forces that have been unleashed. Their power is being taken from them through prevention rather than confrontation, as we approach such matters with peaceful intentions. The Galactic Federation has much experience in dealing with such matters, and our technological superiority will ensure that any threat to you is contained. The Earth is to complete this cycle restored to its pristine condition, and we are fully prepared to carry it out as soon as the danger to you is removed.


Your whole history is linked with contact by extraterrestrial visitors, and what has been happening in recent times is nonetheless extraordinary. The difference now is that you have a growing awareness, and acceptance of our presence. Most importantly, there is a greater belief in our peaceful contact and intentions towards you. Abductions are not related to our activities, but the Greys who are involved, were given permission to contact Earth because of the nature of their needs. Those of you who have been selected and taken to their craft, are souls from their own civilisation who have agreed to assist them. It is in a bid to save them from extinction, and find a means to continue their evolution. There are others interested in Man, but contact is very limited.


There are Universal Laws that all must obey where another civilisation is concerned, and outright interference is not allowed. It is different if you attract a like “vibration” to Earth as happened in the Sumerian period, when the Annunaki arrived in that country. Those events are chronicled as recorded on their tablets, and you can also find reference in your Old Testament. They were the old God’s of War and destruction, who set Man against Man in their desire to control, however they have long departed the Earth.


We have also been attracted to you because of the higher vibration that has developed upon Earth. It is bringing back the Light and it continues to increase, ensuring that the path to Ascension will be fully manifested. God is the power behind your evolution, and carries out the Creator’s decree where you are concerned. Your future and return to the higher realms is therefore assured, and you shall go forward accompanied by great Love and Light.    


Thank you Diane

Mike Quinsey.