Ag-agria  11-July-2008


Each day it must be becoming apparent that your reality is in a quickening stage of change, as you are witnessing the break up of it. It can no longer hold its place in the rising vibrations, and more importantly in your consciousness. You are awakening to the need for change on a scale previously unprecedented, as the vision you hold for the future is manifesting in the midst of the daily chaos. The institutions that have propped up your governments are in disarray, and the whole structure is proving inadequate to accommodate the incoming changes. There is of course much resistance to them and not just from those trying to maintain a different agenda. There is also some within the public domain where large numbers are still uninformed as to what is happening, or aware of the cyclic nature of everything.


It is most important that those who have knowledge of the manner in which changes are occurring, help others to understand the necessity for them. People are ready to open up to new ideas, and subconsciously are aware that Mankind cannot continue to make further progress under the old systems. In fact, there is an rapidly growing awareness that Man has been denied the means to move out of the last century, and benefit from many advanced discoveries that would have totally uplifted the quality of life. From a spiritual point of view, it is also realised that the ways of Man are lacking consideration for the welfare of others, as materialism has created a selfish outlook. Self is put first, second and third, without thought for the immutable bond that links all life together.


The changes that are coming will remedy the problems that beset you, and fairness and equality will ensure that all have sufficient to live without the feeling of need. It will also allow more free expression in the caring of others, and cultural differences will no longer be an issue. Religious beliefs will be tempered by the knowledge that you are All One, and that your Source is the Creator of All That Is. The religious differences that have previously plagued you and prevented close friendships, will disappear in the face of a new wave of spirituality that reveals the truth about your past. It will also paint the picture of exciting times ahead, where your consciousness takes leaps and bounds into the realms of Cosmic understanding. You will come together with a common purpose dedicated to creating a new world of harmony and peace.


The experiences that you are having now are not necessarily pleasant, and life is hectic and very demanding. However, they are necessary for your realisation and acceptance of the Karma that Man has set in motion since entering duality. Everything that you have experienced, or is yet to come is the result of energies that have become grounded upon Earth for eons of time. Therefore, your experience would not be complete unless you saw out these final days. If you can take it in your stride and see it for what it is as a creation that you have empowered, it will have served its purpose. You are not the victim of circumstances beyond your control, as you are here for the very reason that you have chosen to be present at such a memorable time.


It will not be much longer before the changes will become apparent, and there are major events about to occur that will be the first signal of the opening of a new pathway for Man. Once you see that you can lift out of the morass created by the dark energies, your vision of a new Earth will become quickly energised and manifested. Everything is speeding up, and there will inevitably be a collision course between the Light and dark by the end of this year. It will not result in catastrophe as many anticipate, but instead denude the dark of their power to cause further disruption and delays. There is a time and place for everything in an orderly Universe, and Earth is part of a greater plan that will see it ascend. It is by decree of the Creator, and dare anyone try to stand in the way.


The Forces of Heaven have been massed and organised for your salvation, and also to enable you to take your place in the higher realms that are your destiny. People must be awakened to what is about to happen, and be allowed to make their choice as to which path they desire to follow. As you fully know by now, if you choose not to ascend your life will still proceed as part of your continued experiences. In this respect there need be no sadness or regret as all must fulfil their lives as they see fit, and guidance from higher sources will be given to help them make their decision.


Try to see the end-times as something to be greeted with joy, and realise that all of the physical upheaval is necessary prelude to clearing away all that is no longer necessary for your evolution. The old and the new come together at this time, and as the phoenix emerges from the ashes of the old a great Light will settle upon Earth. There are two points that are really important for you to keep in mind at this time. One is that you have infinite life and whatever happens to you, your God spark  the real you will always exist. Secondly, that in this lifetime the civilisation known as Hu-Man is to experience the end of duality. Ascension is the next step providing you are prepared to make the effort to prepare for it.


From the higher realms every possible means is being taken to enlighten people as to what lies ahead. Messengers both on and off Earth have conveyed spiritual messages to you as part of your awakening. Many are the Masters that are well known to you such as St. Germain and Jesus. These great Beings of Light have moved into your vibration to bring truth, and it is not simply for those who call themselves Christians, but all denominations. The truth belongs to all alike and is not the prerogative of any one religion over and above another. The teachers who walked the Earth came with Love in their Hearts, and expressed it in the truth of their teachings. They came not to divide but to unite Man and bring you peace and freedom, yet it was Man who divided the people into many different sects.


I am Ag-agria from Sirius, and soon the Galactic Federation will be arriving on Earth to administer to all people regardless of their beliefs. Our allegiance is to the Creator, and we serve as directed to bring Love and Light to all life forms.


Thank you Ag-agria.

Mike Quinsey.