St. Germain  02.07.05.


Going through this period of time, calls for a lot of faith from those who are not directly involved in Light working. The vast majority of people are only on the fringe of groups that are carrying out their ordained work, and have little idea as to what is taking place. It is not that there is any secrecy in it, but sometimes the details are best left in the hands of those who are directly involved. There are hundreds of small groups and indeed often single persons travelling at times some distance, even to another part of the world. Some are not even necessarily aware of the importance of their trips. But all have a consignment as part of work they agreed to carry out, before they came to Earth. Some Lightworkers simply connect up with existing energies, where their own is required to enhance what already exists. Others are more aware, and have been directed in their work to carry out particular functions that will cleanse areas. They also ground their own energies in that location, and these become part of the Earthís grid pattern. Others on a slightly different mission invoke the elementals, and help them to bring life back into areas where the energy has become dissipated. What is being learnt from these activities is that everything has a consciousness. If you have that understanding, and more importantly absolute confidence in your own ability to contact with it, you can literally help to work miracles. In some areas of severe water pollution, it has been cleared by such a method. Man is becoming more aware of his relationship with the life forms in what are largely the unseen world, and also his ability to work with it.



In the immediate future more of you will be drawn to such work, and once the cleansing of the Earth has really got underway, much help will be needed. After First Contact is made and your visitorís technology used to hasten the cleansing, you will nevertheless be required as a follow up to charge the new energies. It is one thing to carry out cleansing, but in so doing there is much turmoil caused and it will need to be brought back into harmony. Working in conjunction with Mother Gaia, will mean a lessening of the severity of the effect of her own efforts to restore herself to a pristine condition. Even so, there is some work that is beyond humankindís ability to handle it, but it will be carried out with the minimum of surface destruction. In one way and another, your concrete edifices and paving will have to be removed so as to allow the Earth to freely breathe again. In their place there will be beautiful structures of natural materials that will enhance the areas they are in. Nature will be encouraged to claim back its lands, and your original landscapes restored. You will be encouraged to play a large part in this work, and you will find that you have creative abilities hitherto unused.



There are many aspects of your present way of life that will disappear, and be replaced by more natural means. There will be an interim period although it will not last very long, when you will go through very rapid changes upon Earth. It will be progressive as the new technologies are introduced to you, and you will use them and quickly advance in your knowledge.



There will be so many things all happening at once, but you will have time to catch your breath. There will be sheer enjoyment in taking part in the changes, and because it is perfectly planned, you will not feel any stress or tension. Can you believe that you will be happy in your work; well I tell you that you will for certain. After being released from all of the trauma and problems of the past, it will be so satisfying to do something you have chosen. Wonderful to find satisfaction from your efforts, and not to have to worry about regulating your time, or where your next check is coming from. With the changes, there will be steps taken to remove your present necessity to work for a living. Of course there is work still to be done, and many will operate equipment or machinery, but it will be quite different from that which you have been used to before. Automation will be taken to new levels, and very little manual work will be necessary. You will be provided with what you need to live comfortably, and no one will be homeless or without the essential needs for their daily life.



Dear Ones, what I tell you is not make-believe, it is the gifts of First Contact and NESARA that are to transform your world. They will restore that which has been taken from you, and add that which should have lifted you into the New Age long before now. The greatest gift will be the restoration of your Freedom, and from this all else will spring. Think positive and live the future now, as you will be its creators. Leave behind those who would prefer a different reality, then all will be happy at a level that is satisfying, but no more shall those of the lower vibration force their will upon others.



Before very long we shall no longer talk of these things, we shall BE these things and a new wonderfully uplifting energy shall carry us all forward. Already many feel the higher energies, and they know that they are bringing immense Light to Earth. Enjoy this time, it is quite unique and shall unfold very soon.



I am St. Germain and I bring you encouragement through a glimpse of the future. Meantime, your Love and Compassion will be tested to the limit, but I ask that you become the Masters that you are, and be generous and merciful in your admonition of others who have served the dark. They are also your Brothers and Sisters, and need your Love more than ever before. I will be with you and support you at every step. My Love for you is Eternal.



Thank you St.Germain


Mike Quinsey