Ker-On  29-February-2008


Nothing can quite prepare you for the coming changes that will totally transform your life. They will address those problems that have been holding you back, and have kept you in an era that you should have moved past many years ago. Now these times are being brought to an end, and the level of your rising consciousness is a strong factor in that connection. Had you not desired changes our role would have been somewhat different, as they cannot be forced upon you. For many years you have realised that Man has stagnated, and must move on if his dreams are to be fulfilled.


What would have looked to be impossible in the latter part of the last century now looms large and is the cause of much confusion and contention. It is the sweeping away of the influence of those who do not wish you to move forward. They still hold power, but can no longer fool you into a false sense of security, by taking draconian measures to prevent the very conditions they have brought about quite intentionally. They have broken your trust so many times that you now question their actions, which have resulted in the creation of a police state. They have taken every opportunity to increase the threat of terror, to the point of creating their own scenario that has been conveniently blamed onto others.


The game is up, and those who have deliberately misled you will soon answer for their actions. Absolutely nothing can be hidden from us, and we can support our allegations with undeniable evidence as to what has taken place. If necessary, we can take you into the secret clandestine meetings where the attacks on the WTC were planned. No one involved has anywhere to hide, and you may be sure that they will be revealed for the attacks on their own people. Our way is not to seek revenge, but it is our duty to put the record straight so that your history is correctly recorded. In the past countries have manipulated your history to show themselves in a better light, and it is quite different to what you have been led to believe.


There will be much cleansing taking place in many different ways, and it is not just confined to the physical damage that has seriously damaged your Earth. Your minds have been polluted by being fed so much misinformation, and not least of all where your religious teachings are concerned. Once the truth of your spiritual evolution is clarified, the erroneous teachings can be discarded and it will clear the way for a coming together that you could not have imagined. Hatred and separatism have prevented you finding the common ground that will yet put your feet on the path to unity of purpose.


Life can be fun, easy and fulfilling except that you are regularly confronted with the problems that are self created through lack of understanding. We have emphasised many times that you are One, and it is a good basis from which to work towards breaking down the barriers. Most people have the same conscious longing for peace, and desire to live out their lives without the fear that has been placed in their minds. Fortunately, many now see how they have been deliberately misused and controlled to boost the power of the dark.


Your media that is largely Illuminati controlled has long played upon your fears, and their focus has been on violence and death. They have contributed to the news black out that has kept you from learning about those who offer a different way forward. Ron Paul is one such person who has been denied the coverage he deserved with his new and enlightened approach to the future. The Illuminati know that he speaks a truth that appeals to you, and that his vision for the future fulfils needs that they otherwise ignore. These true and godly people are amongst you, and their day will come very soon. They have sparked a train of thought, that has brought with it the realisation that there is an alternative to the life style you have been experiencing. The energy for change has been given a powerful boost, and it will continue its rapid growth.


Decisions being made now by the Galactic Federation are determining how quickly we can come out to openly greet you. The scene is set for a momentous step forward, and the fall of those promoting the dark agenda is almost at an end. They cannot go beyond these end times, and the remaining years are to be used to restore you and the Earth. You will understand that any attempt to prevent the Light fully returning, are doomed to failure. It continually descends upon you and has entered the grid system that surrounds your planet. As it does so, it also penetrates the earth and it is cleansing away the negativity that has built up over millennia of time. Consequently it results in physical changes and some surface damage is unavoidable. As far as possible we direct the energies away from areas where there is a concentration of people, and minimise the effect upon you.


That you are in a state of immense change is to put it lightly, as your Sun is a prime mover as it beams powerful energies to Earth. These are not intended to be disruptive, but in transmuting existing energies there is bound to be repercussions. Also being experienced is the powerful effect of the Photon Belt, which is an essential part in bringing about the changes. Destruction is an unavoidable and unintentional side effect, as the old must be removed. Otherwise you would not be prepared for Ascension, which is the whole purpose of what is taking place in your solar system.


I am Ker-On from Venus, and can tell you all that is happening is under our control and that of Great Beings who oversee your evolution. It is coordinated to make your transition as smooth as possible. Do not fear change and know that any loss of life due to physical changes is not permanent, as life is infinite and you simply move to another level of experience. The spectre of death worries so many people, and that is because it has been clouded by superstition and fear. It is a most natural change that you have experienced hundreds of times, and deep inside you know that it is no more traumatic than falling to sleep and waking up again. Ascension is not preceded by your death, and your physical upliftment is the unique feature of this grand process. All that is taking place is being done with great love and understanding, and this will become readily apparent when we can present ourselves to you. 


Thank you Ker-On.

Mike Quinsey.