Atmos  22-February-2008


With all of the changes becoming apparent, you are being called upon to let go of the old. Allow it to fade away and do not worry as to what will replace it. Letting go is not easy when you find that the fabric of society is tearing itself apart. However, as you have been informed from many sources, it is a time to witness a grand cleansing that will release the old energies. These would otherwise hold you back, and you must make way for the new. Some are dismayed at what is happening, but do not see what the changes are waiting to bring in. Chaos seems imminent and unavoidable, but this time instead of helping the dark forces who use it for their own ends, it will eventually be seen as allowing beneficial and necessary changes.


Letting go applies all round so that the old paradigm can be broken down, and its energies that hold it together can be released. Never fear that chaos will reign indefinitely, as the new waits in the wings ready to make its grand entrance. The planning that has gone into setting out a new pathway for you is backed by the Higher Forces, and it will be the revelation of all that leads you onto Ascension.


Many teachers have prepared the way for thousands of years, and you have never been without guidance. Whenever you have found the truth and begun to understand the reality you live in, you have always been led to those who can carry you forward. Everyone has the same opportunity to make headway and it is not hidden, although many search high and low without success. As always we advise you to go within and take notice of your own intuitive thoughts. There will come a point when you will open your awareness and find the truth, and you should follow your own promptings.


Of course there are many sources sending out their messages, but another’s truth is not always going to be yours. You must remember that you are not necessarily at the same stage of development or understanding. All grow through experience and their paths can lead in many different directions. Take what feels right for you, and hold it until you have reason to change again. Whilst it is preferable to be strong in your beliefs, try not to be so set in them that you do not allow for a greater understanding.


You have so much experience to call upon from your many travels on Earth, and it lies within your subconsciousness to be called upon when you need it. What you encounter around you are souls who bring their attachment to old experiences with them from other lives, and revert to those old ways because the energies are still linked with them. It can go back to earlier civilisations, and you could view it as “unfinished business”. It happens with all of you and it partly moulds your present life. Look at the different styles of dress and self-adornment, and you will see where souls have expressed memories of a previous life. That is an outer clue, and extends to feeling a fond connection with places and even countries that you lived in before.


Look further and find the different societies that mimic those of old, and still create a similar one to before. These are links that everyone experiences, but they are hard to recognise as they are connected with your spiritual beliefs. Yet again, people will try to re-establish that which lies deep inside them, and has given them comfort before. It even comes down to your profession in life, and even your hobbies and other interests. In other words you never totally lose your links with the past, and your previous lives are ongoing through your present one. However, I again come back to “letting go” as you cannot cling onto the old forever, and must be prepared to move on.


This period of time you are in will suddenly become clear of the confusion and sense of destruction. You will begin to see the potential for a new Earth emerging, and your place with it. First those who no longer serve the people have to be removed, and their position is becoming untenable. You have created many paths that can lead to immense changes, and it is simply a matter of where and when it all commences. The mood of the people is itself a great weapon for change, and it slowly awakens others to the wonderful opportunity that is opening up to you. We would welcome your full participation in such matters, as it is more preferable for you to be at the heart of what happens.


However, we do not “pass the buck” as you might say and we are there with you, and do much unseen work to create a pathway to enable your results to come that much easier. We contain the power of the dark forces to achieve their aims, and their progress has stagnated much to their annoyance. In their desperation to make some headway, they propose the most audacious and ambitious projects. They are prepared to jeopardise the lives of the whole of mankind with their madness and ill conceived plans. Be assured however that we are authorised to prevent any escalation of their heinous plans that would lead to wide scale death and destruction. We tell you this not to frighten you but to assure you that regardless of what you hear is afoot, we are ready to respond and block such moves.


I am Atmos from Sirius, and tell you that we of the Galactic Federation will not allow ourselves to be misrepresented as aggressors, and neither will we allow other extraterrestrials to be similarly shown. Our protection of you and your planet allows for intervention if any unauthorised attempt is made to approach Earth, let alone stage a real or simulated attack upon you. The space around you is patrolled and monitored by us, and nothing can bypass our system. Therefore rest easy and know that whatever you are told, we are in charge of your destiny, and not the Illuminati and their minions.


Behind all that is happening are wonderful Beings of Light and Love, and they direct the plan of God that is now reaching its final stages for your Ascension. The times of darkness are fast receding into the past, and the Light is permeating all that is as it lifts up your vibrations. The dark have no place on the new Earth, and have created their own future elsewhere. Sit back if you can, and enjoy the prospect of great changes occurring before your very eyes, knowing you are surrounded in the energies of love that will forever remain.


Thank you Atmos.

Mike Quinsey.